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Top 5 Best Selling Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite Engagement Rings

Diamondrensu is known for bringing in innovations in the world of jewelry. People around the globe rely on us when it comes to flawless and unique bridal sets. We also make gorgeous engagement rings and pieces of jewelry meant for casual wear. The section below would introduce you to the five best selling affordable moissanite engagement rings available on Diamondrensu’s official website.

Crushed Ice 4.76 CT Radiant Classic Petite Pave Crown Moissanite Wedding Ring

radiant cut moissanite engagement ring

Many might not find this Diamondrensu piece to be affordable. However, if you know how much a 4.76-carat mined diamond may cost, this piece featuring moissanite of the highest quality will surely seem affordable to you. The biggest highlight of this ring is its hidden halo and pave set. Having this one piece on your finger would be enough to make a statement. In other words, if you buy this radiant cut moissanite engagement ring for your future spouse, she will not need to wear too many pieces of jewelry to look special.

3.74 TCW Radiant Cut Gray Moissanite Intricate Vintage Halo Engagement Ring

radiant cut gray moissanite ring - diamondrensu

If you want your fiancé’s ring to be the talk of the town, buy this Diamondrensu piece for your beloved. The ring comes with a radiant, grey moissanite fitted into a nicely crafted metal band. The band is a pave set not too thick but is extremely sturdy thanks to the craftsmanship showcased by the artists at Diamondrensu. This 3.74 TCW Radiant Cut grey moissanite engagement ring is special also because of the halo setting of the ring.

2.41 TW Emerald Step Cut Elegant Moissanite Three Stones Engagement Ring

emerald cut three stone moissanite ring

This emerald cut moissanite ring will captivate the attention of anyone around the person wearing it. Very few moissanite pieces can reflect light as elaborately as this one. Besides having the emerald cut stone at its center it has beautiful 2 more emerald cut placed beside the center stone, moissanite diamonds arranged along its sides making it a unique three stone engagement ring. The center stone has a carat weight of 1.20 CT, while each side stone comes with a carat weight of 0.60 CT.

Amazing Radiant Brilliant Cathedral Solitaire Moissanite Engagement Ring

radiant cut moissanite solitaire ring

If you want the most special woman in your life to fall in love with you again, buy this radiant cut moissanite engagement ring for her. The glowing sparkle of the ring will melt her heart thanks to the radiant cut moissanite the ring features. The 2.25-carat moissanite is surely one of the best you can get for this price.

2.05 Carat Singular Bezel Set Oval Solitaire Moissanite Engagement Ring

oval moissanite engagement ring

If your would-be spouse loves simplicity, this one is the best engagement ring you can buy for her. It’s a solitaire ring featuring oval-shaped moissanite of 1.94 carats. The stone is surrounded by a thin bezel wall, which highlights the stone even further. You can get the metal work done in rose, yellow, or white metal. The oval moissanite engagement ring comes with a moderately thick band, which enables ultimate comfort and style.

Final Words

Diamondrensu has several other options available for custom engagement rings. Other than that, you can also purchase moissanite loose stones with us.

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