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Moissanite Rings vs Diamond Rings: Things you need to consider before buying

Moissanite Rings vs Diamond Rings: Things you need to consider before buying

There's a lot to think about when it comes to engagement ring stones. We'll look at a few primary considerations in the Moissanite vs. diamond size, beauty, durability, and price debate. Lastly, the gem that you choose is the best option for your engagement ring.

Learn more about Moissanite, moissanite carat vs. diamond carat, and why so many people choose a moissanite engagement ring over a more expensive diamond.

Moissanite Vs. Diamond: Which is more beautiful?

Moissanite vs. Diamond: Characteristics Chart

The most pressing topic in the Moissanite vs. diamond debate is which is more beautiful. Moissanite is undeniably a persuasive diamond clone. Jewelry experts need a "moissanite tester" — a device that measures electrical conductivity — and a loupe for a close visual examination to tell the difference between diamonds and Moissanite. However, consumers may notice minor differences in their attractiveness.

Moissanite Vs. Diamond: Hardness

Moissanite has a Mohs hardness of 9.25, while a diamond has a Mohs hardness of 10 — the highest on the scale. The Mohs scale is used to determine the hardness or durability of a gemstone. The scale goes from 1 to 10, with one being the softest and ten being the hardest. One of the most glaring differences between moissanite carat size vs diamond is the Mohs scale.

Diamonds, as the hardest known mineral, are highly durable and resilient. They're ideal for daily wear and engagement rings because they can withstand scratches and other damage that can degrade softer stones' appearance.

The Mohs scale is shown below to give you a sense of mineral hardness. Diamonds are harder than some extremely durable minerals, such as steel and tungsten carbide, as shown in the graph.

Does this imply that Moissanite scratched? That's not the case. Moissanites are more durable than diamonds, despite being lower on the scale at 9 to 9.5. Only minerals equal to or higher on the scale, such as diamonds and other Moissanite, scratch moissanite.

Moissanite Vs Diamond: Size Chart

While Moissanite, like diamonds, is sold by the carat, not all carats are produced equal. Moissanite is approximately 15% lighter than diamond. A 1 carat Moissanite would therefore be larger than a 1-carat diamond. As a result, diamond substitutes such as Moissanite are usually sold by the measurements rather than the carat weight. Do you want to see how large a 1-carat diamond looks in various shapes? Check out our Moissanite Diamond Size Chart to know more about moissanite carat vs diamond carat.

Moissanite vs. Diamond: Characteristics Chart

Apart from learning the difference between moissanite carat size vs. diamond, here are a few features to differentiate Moissanite from a diamond.

Moissanite and diamond can appear very similar from afar, particularly when each stone is set in an engagement ring or other piece of jewelry. When examining Moissanite and diamonds up close, there are a few ways to distinguish between the two:

Fire and brilliance

In moissanite to diamond size, you'll notice both brilliance (white flashes) and fire when looking at a gem (colored flashes). Moissanite exhibits both qualities but has a higher degree of fire than diamond. As a result, Moissanite has more colored light flashes than diamond.


The color of "classic" Moissanite is yellowish or brownish, and it is frequently compared to diamonds in the J to M color range. This collection complements yellow gold or rose gold settings, as well as vintage styles.

On the other hand, Moissanite may change color depending on the lighting and may not always appear colorless. Although you could get ``Near Colorless" from the G to I range and the "Colorless" D through F range in Moissanite. This provides moissanite buyers with a wide range of options for emulating their favorite diamond looks and styles.

As some stones may appear yellow or yellow-green than others, Color-sensitive people may prefer Moissanite to diamond or white sapphire.


Moissanites do not have the significant clarity flaws that diamonds do because they are grown in laboratories. As a result, Moissanite will always be eye-clean, whereas diamonds may have visible flaws.

Finding an eye-clean diamond in the desired size can be difficult for those on a tight budget. It entails a thorough examination of a large number of diamonds. This may take a long time and may necessitate professional assistance.

So choose Dimaondrensu Moissanite and enjoy it for a lifetime.

Budget and Size for Moissanite Vs. Diamond

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, price is almost always a significant consideration. When comparing the price, moissanite size compared to diamond, Moissanite comes out on top.

Compare the sizes of Moissanite available for the following budgets to diamonds of various color grades.

Budget for Moissanite Vs. Diamond

Moissanite, as you can see, saves a lot of money. You can get a stone the size of a one-carat diamond for less than $1,000, whereas you'd pay at least $3,000 for a diamond of this size, with noticeable color and clarity compromises. If you spent that much money on Moissanite, it would be enormous, measuring over 1 cm in diameter!

Even at smaller budgets of $500, the size difference between Moissanite and diamond is significant. Moissanite is 8% larger than a diamond with faint color or 20% larger than a D-E-F diamond.

Best Moissanite Engagement Rings

Here are some Moissanite Engagement Rings for your inspiration:

Solitaire Rings

Halo Rings

Vintage Rings

Do Moissanites Still Have Carats?

We're not going to deceive you, but this is a simple yes/no question. Allow us to explain! Although all stones have a carat weight, they are sold in a variety of ways. Moissanites are priced according to their calibrated size rather than their weight. Diamonds, on the other hand, are sold by their carat weight. Isn't it straightforward?

What Is the Difference Between Moissanite mm to Carat Sizing?

Different gemstones have different weight translations, and cuts with the same diameter measurements can weigh differently. A 7.5mm cushion moissanite is a wonderful example; it has a 2-carat cushion-cut diamond's rough weight. A 7.5mm round moissanite, on the other hand, is equivalent to a 1.50 carat round cut diamond.

To add in more confusion, due to the weight density difference, a lab-grown 7.5mm round cut blue sapphire would weigh closer to a 1.75ct. The weight of each gemstone and moissanite carat size varies. Isn't that insane?

At Diamondrensu, we bring in full quality and dedicated work to excellence. We only sell high-quality gemstones and expertly handcrafted jewelry to our clients. Our "3x Review process" ensures that only triple-inspected gemstones and jewelry are accepted and shipped out. Yes, we are passionate about excellence.

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