Jewelry Care


There is a very common misconception that moissanite and platinum are the hardest materials out there and that makes them virtually indestructible. While moissanite is one of the hardest material on, under the right circumstances, a moissanite can be broken, chipped, or scratched. moissanite can take a fair amount of abuse, but the part of the ring that is most vulnerable to heavy wear and tear is the metal itself, particularly small prongs.  Platinum and gold are both very durable metals that can withstand wear every day, but wearing a ring too hard can be easier than one might think! They are made to be tough, but pretty much any activity where you are using your hands roughly, during sports, chores, using tools, gardening, carrying hard/heavy objects, hard grip, and of course getting it caught on something, can lead to heavy wear. 

The first step in preventative maintenance is to make sure the ring fits your finger perfectly. When there is too much extra space and the ring is spinning and moving, extra pressure is added to the shank, or band of the ring, making it easier to bend out of shape during the discussed types of activities. When the metal gets misshapen the tiny beads holding the pave set moissanite can become loose causing the moissanite to fall out.  We can always help make sure your ring is the proper size!

Another way to prevent damage is to wear the ring consciously and cautiously. Try to always be aware of the ring on your finger and how it is coming into contact with surfaces around you. Even activities like gripping a treadmill, dishes, laundry, carrying something very heavy, etc can bend a platinum or gold shank. Also, be aware of other jewelry coming into contact with your ring. When wearing rings next to each other, including a wedding band, how the rings sit next to each other should always be taken into account. Prongs sticking out from a band that are rubbing against prongs on the other ring will quickly cause damage, so they should always be able to sit properly next to each other. Your reputable jeweler can help guide you toward the right type of band or other rings that will not conflict with your piece. 

Other than being conscious of how you wear your ring, taking it off when in safe locations, where you have a designated spot for taking it off, can prevent heavy wear. Two of the most common instances in question are the shower and sleeping with a ring on. Showering is usually fine as long as you are careful when running your finger through hair and sponges. Excessive exposure to cleaning agents, hand sanitizer, lotions, etc, can make a finish on white gold wear a little faster, but it should not damage your ring at all. We usually say that wearing a ring to bed is a big no-no. Fabric is perhaps a pave settings’ worst nightmare. Fibers rubbing and catching on small prongs, even while you are asleep can cause the prongs to wear down more quickly, or even get caught and pull a prong away from a stone. Keep a jewelry box near your nightstand where you always know it is safe and convenient. 

Here at Diamondrensu, we are known for making super delicate rings completely by hand, including the fact that each stone on the ring is hand set. This makes the nature of our pave settings a little stronger than a standard machine casted rings because each prong is examined and finished individually. That being said, our rings are often thinner than what is available elsewhere, so extra care must be taken to ensure they retain their integrity and shape as outlined above!

As far as keeping your ring clean, that is simple!  Almost all jewelers use a soft-bristled toothbrush and a dish soap or mild cleaning detergent to scrub all around the ring inside and out and underneath in order to remove heavy build up. If this is done regularly, it will keep it consistently sparkly and easier to clean very quickly. This is really all that is necessary to maintain a clean ring! The next step is to steam clean a ring using a pressure steamer. Many jewelers will give it a quick steam for you, but keep in mind that they will almost always tell you that taking a ring into their possession for even a few minutes is not their responsibility should a small stone fall out due to high pressure steam. It is not the steam that will cause this, it is previous damage done to a small prong that means that small stone was already loose. If VERY cautious, an espresso machine steam wand is the equivalent of a high pressure steam cleaner, so you can keep your ring super clean AND enjoy a hot beverage! 

There is nothing that makes us cringe more than when a client walks in with their once beautiful engagement ring that has lost its luster and no longer shines. The reason for this is dirt and the solution is just as easy. Moissanite love dust, fingerprints, dirt and water and by nature have properties that make them sticky and prone to attracting surface grime. These rare gems can get dirty rather quickly and if not cared for properly can have a very negative impact on your once special ring. When a moissanite ring is contaminated it loses it sparkle/brilliance because it becomes clouded with debris and light that was freely traveling in and out of the moissanite to create its sparkle, is now inhibited.  After a while without cleaning, your center moissanite can appear as if it is low quality because of dirt buildup.  Keep in mind this does not actually change the quality of the stone; the cut, color and clarity is inherent in the moissanite and any surface buildup just changes the appearance temporarily. Most of the dirt builds up on the surface of the stone, but more detrimental and unbeknownst to the wearer, is on the underside of the ring. Here are a few tips to keeping you rings shining like the first day you go it:

-Do not shower with your ring, apply lotions, or wash hands frequently. Creams and soaps will create a film on your moissanite and hard water can also leave water spots on the moissanite from frequent washing. This also goes for applying makeup with your fingers while your ring is on, cooking, etc... since all of these activities can cause

-Do not engage in physical activities like going to the gym with your ring on.  Not only will it get

-Touch the ring as minimally as possible. Our hands have natural oils in them and carry dirt that moissanite are attracted to. When you touch the ring often it will leave a build up on the surface.  If you do need to take it on and off hold it gently from the band area as to not leave any fingerprints on top of the center-stone.

Since it is very difficult to keep your ring clean at all times, cleaning at home is very simple! Here are some ways to clean your ring and make it look brand new at home:

-Jewelry cleaning solution is easy to obtain online. It does not have to be a fancy brand. Let the ring soak in the solution for about 2-3 minutes. Leaving it in longer can hurt the metal and may eat away at it with frequent use. After letting it soak, Gently brush the underside of the ring with a very soft brush or toothbrush. Make sure it clean well beneath the stone because there is a lot of build up there. Carefully brush the top of the ring along with the sides as well. Pat it dry with a microfiber cloth and you are good to go! If you have a coffee maker that creates steam you can also leave the ring near the steam to loosen the dirt further.

When in doubt, always ask! One of us here at Diamondrensu can always give you tips on how to clean and maintain your ring so that it lasts a lifetime, so don’t hesitate to call or email!