Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds

What is a Lab Grown Diamond?

Diamonds own the charts of beauty but alongside they torment the natural resources as well as your pockets. Developed after hundred years of compression of carbon derivatives whereas moissanite is still named to come from stars, these and many more differences make this question important to be answered, Moissanite vs Lab Grown Diamond vs Diamond?
Choosing a crystal derived from the hustle of clearing land and landforms only to achieve a crystal for your finger is something against natural perceptions. In contrast, lab-grown diamonds are the same as natural diamonds physically and chemically just grown in a lab, same as test-tube babies.

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Benefits of Lab Grown Diamonds

Eco Friendly

To mine 1 carat of natural diamond 200-250 tons of land is mined and approx 126 gallons of water is required, whereas lab grown diamonds are grown in a lab and require 18 gallons of water/carat.

Ethically Sourced

Thousands of workers are injured and exploited every year in the mining industry and that is the reason some diamonds are even called blood diamonds, whereas lab grown diamonds this ratio is zero.

Competitively Priced

Natural diamonds are grown by mother nature and are highly expensive, whereas lab grown diamonds are 30-40% less expensive than diamonds.

Fancy Color Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab Grown Diamonds are available in Yellow, Pink, Blue, and Green color. They are lab grown color diamonds when compared to natural diamonds These colors are similar but there is a huge difference in terms of price between them.

Diamondrensu holds a huge inventory of fancy color lab grown diamonds all diamonds are handcrafted by experienced craftsmen.

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Best Pair of Lab Diamond

Dimondrensu offers beautiful and charming lab created diamond pairs in a variety of cuts which includes Tapered Baguettes, Half Moon, Trapezoids, Cadillac, Triangles, and many more. These shapes are cut and polished in pairs and help to compliment the center diamond.

Diamondrensu craftsmen masters in cutting and polishing diamonds in pairs keeping the measurements and parameters accurate so it matches at most.

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Does Diamondrensu provide B2B supply?

Yes, Diamondrensu provides loose lab grown diamonds and jewelry to B2B customers. We take custom orders for cutting and polishing custom shapes in any size and color. Email us for more details at


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What is Lab Grown Diamond?

Lab Grown Diamond, which are also referred as lab created diamond, man made diamond, cultured or cultivated diamond.They consist of carbon atoms stur

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Difference Between Lab Grown Diamond and Diamond?

Visually lab grown diamond and natural diamond are exactly same. Natural diamond has very tiny amount of nitrogen and lab grown diamond have no nitor

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What are CVD and HPHT in Lab Grown Diamonds?

These are 2 types of growing lab-grown diamonds. CVD - Chemical Vapor Deposition, where a small seed of diamond is used in a chamber and then fill wi

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Is Lab Grown Diamond available in Fancy Colors?

Yes, Lab grown diamonds are available in fancy colors namely Yellow, Blue, Pink, and Green. They are available in a natural grown form and treated or

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Why are your prices comparatively less?

This is far by the most asked question and the simple answer is that we cut and polish our own diamonds in the diamond city of Surat, India where 90%

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Do you provide certificate of authenticity?

We do provide certificate of authenticity, by IGI or GIA, but it is a chargeable service unless quoted with the price shared or included in the jewel

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Do GIA / IGI grade Lab Grown Diamonds?

Both Gemological Institute of America ( GIA ) and International Gemological Institute ( IGI ), has been grading lab grown diamonds since long. In 201

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Custom and personalized orders?

Yes, we do accept customized and personalized orders. It can be a complete piece of jewelry or just a loose diamond. We can custom make any jewelry.

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Where can I place Custom Orders?

You can contact us via email at or call us at +91 90239-30923. You can also book virtual consultancy HERE

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What is the order process?

We have a very simple and easy order cycle and it is as below.1. Once the order is received, we will design the 3D CAD and it will be shared with you

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Do you provide CAD design?

Yes, on all custom orders we provide 3D CAD with all details and the measurement, which will help you to visualize the jewelry even before it is made.

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Do you provide Images/Video of diamond?

Yes, we will be sharing the images and video of the diamond before setting for the approval, also the certificate copy in case it's a certified diamo

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What is the processing time on custom orders?

Normally, it takes 2 weeks to make custom orders, but depending on the design you will be updated with the processing time before the order is accept

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Do you work with a specific budget?

Yes, we make all jewelry matching the budget of customers, we provide different options with different price ranges. for eg: 1.0ct stone can be USD 1

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Do you do Wholesale?

Yes, we do wholesale and we have a separate team who looks after all B2B inquiries. Please email us at

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Do you have separate pricing for B2B?

Yes, we do have different prices for wholesale and B2B, prices depend on individual design and quantity ordered.

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Do you offer wholesale for loose diamonds?

Yes, we do offer wholesale on loose diamonds, it can be a single certified diamond or loose melee, we have fair and standard B2B prices.

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Do you offer customization in B2B?

Yes, we take customized orders from business customers, it can be finished jewelry or loose diamonds, we can make any customized shape, size, and col

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Do you offer Drop-Shipping?

Yes, we do offer a drop shipping service.

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Can you provide just CAD or Wax service?

Yes, for business customers, we provide CAD service, where we will design the CAD for them and also can provide the wax piece or also cast them. Plea

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What are the payment methods?

You can pay by PayPal, Bread Payments - Buy Now Pay Later service, all major credit and debit cards like VISA, Mater Card, Amex, JCB, Diners Club, Ba

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Do you have payment plans?

Yes, you can pay us in 2-4 installments. 50% of the total amount has to be paid before we start with the project. Once the jewelry is completed and a

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What is a Bread Payment?

Bread Payment is a Buy Now Pay Later service, it is similar to Klarna and Affirm. You will get pre approved loan in a few steps and there is no cost

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What is your Return Policy? - Stock Items

We have 30 days return policy for full refund or exchange on all listed items. Please note that returned items must be in their original, unworn cond

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What is your Return Policy? - Custom Orders

The following items are considered Final Sale and returns are not accepted: Customized or Personalized and engraved jewelry. As they are specially ma

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How does exchange works?

You will need to send us the old item back within 30 days and email us at for the exchange item. We will make the exchange ite

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