Diamondrensu has grown to become a globally trusted and respected player in the moissanite industry over the last decade. Our expertise lies in our ability to produce a consistent supply of quality polished moissanite in more than 51+ shapes, 8+ colors and in all sizes.,




Integrity, transparency, accountability and credibility are the values we cherish and adhere to in all aspects of dealings with our employees, clients and associates.



To strengthen our position as the world’s most trusted supplier of premium, high quality, eco - friendly and meticulously/perfectly manufactured moissanite.



To commit wholeheartedly to the pursuit of excellence while being mindful of the environmental and societal impact of our business.


"Moissanite is Diamond's best alternative not only it is pocket-friendly but also eco-friendly, as no mining is done and the sourcing of moissanite is done in ethical way without any bad practices"

The moissanite that are cut and polished by Diamondrensu are 100% handcrafted by experienced gem cutter that cut and polish the natural diamonds. Every moissanite is precisely made keeping Cut, Polish and Symmetery in mind which helps moissanite to resemble the diamond at most. Diamondrensu cut and polish more than 53000 carat of rough annually and growing.

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