Diamondrensu has grown to become a globally trusted and respected player in the moissanite industry over the last decade. Our expertise lies in our ability to produce a consistent supply of quality polished moissanite in more than 51+ shapes, 8+ colors and in all sizes.



Integrity, transparency, accountability and credibility are the values we cherish and adhere to in all aspects of dealings with our employees, clients and associates.



To strengthen our position as the world’s most trusted supplier of premium, high quality, eco - friendly and meticulously/perfectly manufactured moissanite.



To commit wholeheartedly to the pursuit of excellence while being mindful of the environmental and societal impact of our business.

Stone Manufacturing

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Jewelry Manufacturing

Jewelry making is an art and Diamondrensu is blessed with the gifted craftsmen, who have the expertise to make one of the finest handmade jewelry.

Start With Sketch

When we have the customized order, we start the process with the sketch, this is the first and foremost step to the journey of making the jewelry.

3D CAD Designing

Convert the sketch into the graphical image with the proper measurements and 3D CAD gives us the exact idea of how the jewelry will look when completed.

Wax Model

Converting the CAD into the wax model, minor settings are done here. Wax has to be precise and healthy for the best quality of the casting.

Casting Tree

Once the wax model is ready a casting tree of several such wax models is made and then the casting is done. A quality check is done before setting the stones to avoid any defects in the jewelry here.

Setting and Polishing

Setting and polishing of the jewelry is the last step toward the journey of jewelry manufacturing. It takes several human hours to precisely polish and set the stones which will hold the stones a lifetime.