A Diamond Is Only Rough, Till You Cut & Polish It

They told him he’d fail. Turns out they were wrong!

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Ankit had the vision to create a handmade conflict-free jewelry and has led the evolution of the lab-created diamond industry ever since.
Meet Founder, Ankit Nadoda

Meet Founder, Ankit Nadoda

At Diamondrensu, we are led by a visionary whose journey is as brilliant as
the gems he works with. Meet Ankit Nadoda, born in 1988, a luminary in the
world of fine jewelry. Ankit's story is not just about creating beautiful handmade
pieces; it's about crafting a legacy of ethical elegance and innovation.

Ankit's foray into the world of diamonds began with humble beginnings as a
diamond cutting and polishing employee. This early experience in the industry
not only honed his skills but also ignited a burning passion for jewelry
design. In 2017, fueled by this passion and a vision for change, Ankit founded

What truly sets Ankit apart is his deep commitment to giving back to society
and his devotion to ethical practices in the handmade jewelry industry. His work is
driven by a desire to do more than just create stunning jewelry; he aims to
make a positive impact on the world. This philosophy was recognized when
Diamondrensu was awarded the title of Best Ethical Fine Jewellery eTailer -
South Asia (2023) by Lux Life, London.

Vision & Goals

Vision & Goals

Our vision is to redefine the jewelry industry with sustainability and
ethics at its core. We aim to be at the forefront of creating conflict-free,
environmentally friendly jewelry, ensuring every piece we craft not only
radiates beauty but also embodies responsible luxury.

Our goal is to inspire change - making exquisite, ethical jewelry the norm, not
the exception. By pioneering in the use of lab-grown diamonds and moissanite,
we're committed to a future where elegance and earth-consciousness go hand in hand.

Save Environment

Ankit’s dedication to ethical sourcing is evident in his choice to work
exclusively with lab-grown diamonds and moissanite. His objective is clear: to
provide conflict-free, environmentally friendly diamonds. Under Ankit’s
leadership, Diamondrensu is not just a brand; it's a beacon of responsible
luxury and conscientious craftsmanship.

Ankit’s dedication to ethical sourcing is evident in his choice to workexclusively with lab-grown diamonds and moissanite. His objective is clear: toprovide conflict-free, environmentally friendly ... Read more
The Founder
The Founder

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