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Jennifer Lopez Engagement and Wedding Rings Jewelry

Jennifer Lopez Engagement and Wedding Rings Jewelry

Who Is Jenniffer Lopez?

Jennifer Lopez is a singer, dancer, and actor. After beginning her career as a Fly Girl dancer on In Living Color, she catapulted to prominence as the lead in the 1997 movie Selena. She has eight studio albums to her credit and has previously served as a judge on American Idol. In 2014, she became the first woman to get the Billboard Icon Award.

Anyone would woe her with expensive presents and favors because she is a well-known singer and actress in Hollywood. She began her career as a dancer and later proved her worth in this difficult industry.

On the professional front, she is capable of singing, dancing, acting, and producing. But there's a lot to talk about when it comes to her personal life. She has been engaged five times, which means the Jlo engagements rings were in total five!

Jennifer Lopez's exquisite jewelry collection is on par with Elizabeth Taylor's, especially when it comes to engagement rings. The 53-year-old has worn a number of styles over the years (around a half-dozen), but the stones chosen for her by her now-husband Ben Affleck are by far the most talked about.

Jennifer Lopez has amassed an impressive collection of diamond engagement rings from her lovers and spouses. Of course, Jennifer Lopez keeps every engagement rings given to her by her husband during the marriage proposal. However, looking at Jennifer Lopez's top six engagement ring collections reveals how much she appreciates the radiance and elegance of diamond rings.

From 1997 through 2022, we take a look back at all the Jennifer Lopez engagement rings.

1. Jennifer Lopez's Engagement Ring From Ojani Noa

This was JLo's first time walking down the aisle. In 1997, she married Ojani Noa, a restaurateur at the time of their marriage. He gave her a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring worth $20,000 as a gift.

Jennifer Lopez Engagement Ring From Ojani Noa

They divorced after a year of marriage, but the ring she received from him will always be significant to her.

2. Jennifer Lopez Engagement Ring From Criss Judd

Cris Judd, Jen's long-time backup dancer, proposed to her in 2001 with an emerald-cut white diamond engagement ring set in a pavé band. The couple separated in 2002 after meeting on the filming of her 'Love Don't Cost A Thing' music video.

Jennifer Lopez Engagement Ring From Criss Judd

Criss Judd proposed to Jennifer Lopez in 2001, with a $100,000 engagement ring. At the time, this was the most costly diamond engagement ring. Jennifer Lopez's engagement ring features a genuine emerald cut diamond on the center band, with additional round-shape diamonds set on the shank accent around the surface. Criss Judd's engagement ring is made of rose gold and is 18kt in purity. Thus, Criss Judd's engagement ring cost $100,000 to Jennifer.

Because diamond fluorescence is not accessible, which affects the glitter of devotion, Criss Judd's engagement ring for JLO had a magnificent appearance. JLO ring was ranked as the finest love symbolism due to its trendy diamond polishing procedure.

3. Jennifer Lopez's Engagement Ring From Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez's new engagement ring from Ben Affleck has done the inconceivable and surpassed the original!

Jenny from the Block was photographed wearing a ring on that oh-so-special finger after "Bennifer" revived the affair in 2021. After a flurry of rumors, she took to her website to confirm that the two were engaged for the second time.

"If you love someone, let them leave," as the saying goes. If they return, it was fate." This appears to be the case with this couple. The power couple reigned Hollywood in the early 2000s before calling it quits in 2004. The pair have found their way back together, a little older and wiser.

Nine months after they made their rekindled affair public, Affleck proposed with a stunning bespoke engagement diamond! He proposed to the singer while she was relaxing in a bubble bath, how romantic.

The happy pair finally tied the knot in a brief low-key ceremony in Las Vegas. In August, they will hold a larger three-day wedding celebration at Affleck's Georgian ranch.

Jennifer Lopez Engagement Ring From Ben Affleck

Yes, that is a green diamond, and it is quite enormous! That is evident simply by glancing at this adorable commercial image. It's difficult to see all of the small details, but it appears like the central diamond is surrounded by white diamond side stones and is held in place by yellow gold prongs.

The side stones appear to be trapezoid in form, while the center diamond is a cushion cut, according to this closer look.

Jennifer Lopez's engagement ring features a unique green cushion-cut diamond as the center stone.

Cushion-cut engagement rings are a traditional form that is making a comeback as more people discover what a terrific combination of beautiful style, spectacular brilliance, and great value they offer.

In terms of hue, green diamonds are the second rarest of all! It is only second to red. Ben obviously went all out for their second engagement! Ilan Portugali of Beverly Hills Diamonds personally sourced the gem.

Green diamonds are particularly uncommon because they must first meet all of the standards for a gem-quality rare diamond, and then they must be brilliant green! Because green diamonds obtain their unique hue through Uranium exposure, this is an extremely rare achievement.

4. Jennifer Lopez's Engagement Ring from Marc Anthony

Marc was an ex-boyfriend of hers who she reconciled with after breaking up with Ben! They were married in 2004 and divorced in 2014. Marc proposed to her with a Harry Winston diamond weighing 8.5 carats.

Jennifer Lopez Engagement Ring from Marc Anthony

The diamond ring was believed to cost $4 million. Isn't that a commendable proposal?

5. Jennifer Lopez's Engagement Ring From Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez proposed to Jennifer Lopez in 2019, and the relationship will conclude in 2021.

Jennifer Lopez Engagement Ring From Alex Rodriguez

Alex and Jennifer have been dating since 2017, and he proposed in 2017 with a 15-carat emerald-cut diamond engagement ring. The ring is expected to cost between $1 million and $3 million.

We believe the stone is of the greatest quality, with a color grade of D colorless and a clarity grade of internally flawless, in this stunning 20ct emerald cut diamond ring set in platinum. Based on this assumption, we estimate Lopez's ring to be worth roughly £3.8M ($5M USD).

Jen's Alex engagement ring is quite similar to an emerald-cut diamond engagement ring in our collection. The solitaire ring shown above features a beautiful emerald step cut lab grown diamond as the ring's heart. The central emerald cut is kept in place by four simple prongs. Furthermore, the ring looks stunning in the cathedral setting. The cathedral set adds more stability to the ring's head and enhances its beauty.

6. Jennifer Lopez Engagement Ring From Ben Affleck 2nd Time

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are back together after an 18-year break! The couple announced their engagement last week, and her stunning new five-stone green diamond engagement ring design has us speechless. Learn about Jennifer Lopez's most iconic jewelry and how you can replicate her look with your own engagement ring.

Affleck proposed a bespoke engagement ring that is nothing short of amazing nine months after they made their rekindled romance public.

The Jennifer Lopez engagement ring with five-stone is estimated to contain an 8ct fancy vivid yellowish-green diamond. The lovely yellow-green diamond is surrounded by two elongated baguette diamonds, which are framed by a matching set of trapezoid diamonds.

Jennifer Lopez Engagement Ring From Ben Affleck 2nd Time

Our valuation places this one-of-a-kind design in the seven-figure category, with an estimated price of $3.5 million (£2.7 million).

Green diamonds are extremely rare. The Aurora, the world's largest purely vivid green diamond, weighs 5.03ct. It was auctioned off for $16.8 million.

We hope that green is her lucky color this time, that JLo meets her soul mate in Ben, and that they have a wonderful marriage.

Final Thought

You know you can't make a world-famous celebrity feel ordinary when you're dating her. The same can be said for Jennifer Lopez's fiancés and husbands, who never missed an opportunity to make her feel special.

The Jennifer Lopez engagement ring costs and beautiful designs stated above say volumes about the amount of affection and attention she received from her fiancés.

Although her marriages and relationships did not survive long, she has had 6 official engagement rings to date, we cannot overlook the effort put in by her then-boyfriends to make her feel like the most beautiful lady in the world. If you're planning your own engagement, try for your fiancé!

So, the Emerald cut lab-grown diamond engagement ring is the ideal gift for her. The lab-made diamond solitaire engagement ring is the first and main choice of the newlyweds as well as every jewelry enthusiast.

One of the most renowned and trusted online sources to buy quality loose diamonds is Diamondrensu. If you love Lopez’s ring design but are looking for a more affordable option, consider swapping the ultra-rare green diamond for a green sapphire or emerald. 

Customers can also place customized and customized orders with us. If you are unable to locate the perfect design for customized jewelry. Please provide us with the reference photographs. We are delighted to create a lovely personalized item based on your ideas.

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