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1 Carat Brilliant Cut Diamonds and Rings

1 Carat Brilliant Cut Diamonds and Rings

A diamond with a brilliant cut sparkles more than anything. This cut, which gets its name from being the sparkliest one available, is very common for engagement rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. A brilliant-cut diamond will instantly make someone feel glitzy and unique, and we think everyone should enjoy the pure joy of owning one.

What is a Brilliant Cut Diamond?

A diamond with a brilliant cut is one that has been cut in a specific way and has numerous facets, giving it an appearance of exceptional brilliance. A diamond with a brilliant cut has a cone-like shape, with brilliant lights flashing inside the diamond's top. The brilliance of this diamond, in the eyes of modern ring buyers, is consistent with their conception of beauty.

1 CT Princess Cut Lab Grown Diamond for Custom Engagement Ring

1 CT Princess Cut Lab Grown Diamond for Custom Engagement Ring

Over the years, skilled diamond cutters have toiled arduously to produce the brilliant cut diamond readily available today. The various styles have developed stage by stage as the diamond cuts evolved into the multifaceted round brilliant cut diamond we see today.

Brilliant Cut Diamond Fundamentals

Speaking of today, you could call almost any old diamond that has been cut or polished with numerous facets to produce, well, brilliance, a "brilliant cut." However, nothing is ever really that easy. Because most people who use the term are actually referring to a fairly recent standard that was developed in 1919 by none other than Marcel Tolkowsky.

A round diamond with this extremely meticulous, extremely precise cutting has 58 facets (or 57 if there is no culet), with 25 on the pavilion (below the girdle) and 33 on the crown (above the girdle), all of which radiate out from a central point to the girdle edge. And each of these tiny facets needs to be placed precisely in order to produce the sparkle that we are all looking for.

History of Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Let's look back before we explore the diamonds of today. really old. to the 14th century, for example, when diamonds were first faceted. But they weren't as sparkly back then. Before the 15th century, when people discovered that diamonds could be used to cut themselves (and are the only thing that can cut a diamond), people were essentially just polishing up the already-existing surfaces.

The journey to reveal the diamond's ultimate inner beauty thus began. Table cuts, rose cuts, and eventually, old mine cuts appeared in the 18th century. Although they were cut and finished by hand to sparkle in candlelight rather than to the highly machined standards of today, these were actually the forerunners of the modern brilliant.

At Which Price is 1 Carat Brilliant Cut Diamond Available?

The cost of diamonds is complicated. Numerous factors determine what their true worth is. At least, that is what they frequently tell you. Though it doesn't have to be that complicated, it is true.

We are not being coy. It simply depends on a variety of variables. Fortunately for you, we are experts in diamonds, so we won't stop there.

As traditional as engagement rings can get, 1 carat diamonds are. In fact, 1-carat diamonds are probably the highest you can go, given that the average engagement ring over the past few years has cost just under $6,000 in total.

Our pick for the best value in a diamond is the marked cell of a 1 carat diamond that costs $6,000 and has a G color and SI1 clarity. It offers a decent white diamond hue that complements both white and yellow gold and is essentially as good as the eye can see.

1 CT Round Brilliant Cut Lab Created Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

1 CT Round Brilliant Cut Lab Created Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Running a wider search of diamonds weighing 0.90-0.99ct that are still cut very good to excellent but may contain fluorescence would be the more affordable alternative to a 1 carat diamond. You can find a diamond with a very similar appearance through this search for about $4,350! Additionally, if you want a yellow gold setting, you can lower the price to $4,000 for an H color diamond.

Can I Select a 1 Carat Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring?

Modified brilliant cut diamonds are more popular than other diamonds, which is one recommendation for customers. They must consider the size, cut, and shape of their brilliant cut diamond ring, but they can also be improved with different metal shapes. The phrase "hearts and arrows," which perfectly captures the diamond purchasing experience, should be familiar to buyers. Although it's not always the case, brilliant cut diamonds should ideally have excellent symmetry.

If the hearts and arrows are perfectly symmetrical, the diamond is excellent. Remember that others who are not in line are flawed and shouldn't come with a high price. The best way to see the hearts and arrows from a Firescope viewer may be using a solitaire diamond ring or a square diamond with a brilliant cut ring. When deciding whether to purchase a 1.5-carat brilliant cut diamond, the cut is also a crucial consideration. Your hand's size, sparkle, shape, and size are all equally significant factors.

Follow our professional advice to choose a gorgeous 1 carat brilliant cut diamond ring at the best price:

Cut: Selecting only diamonds with an Excellent cut will maximize the fire and brilliance of your diamond. The most important aspect of a diamond's beauty and value is its cut.

Color: Choose a diamond in the nearly colorless G-I range because it will appear nearly colorless to the naked eye, just like diamonds in the D-F range (and cost far less).

Clarity: The best value for what can be seen with the unaided eye is found in diamonds with VS1 and VS2 clarity grades. In these grades, the majority of blemishes and inclusions won't be noticeable.

Shape: Choose a diamond shape that you find both attractive and appealing to the eye. Make sure the environment you desire is supportive and physically safe for the Shape.

What Are Some Well-liked Methods of Purchasing Brilliant cut Diamonds? Other Ring Options, Different Metal Options?

The round shape of the brilliant cut diamond makes it ideal for an engagement ring that can be worn every day, making it one of the most popular choices for purchases of diamonds. There are no corners or edges that are particularly sharp or vulnerable to breaking or chipping.

Due to their popularity, they can be found in all of the available metal options, including well-liked metals like platinum, yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold. If you're looking for a brilliant cut diamond, make sure to maximize the dimensions for your ideal cut and select the less expensive option. 

Emerald, ruby, sapphire, and the diamond itself are additional options. Evaluating a round diamond's clarity is subjective, just like judging its color. It is possible to consult clarity grades before making a purchase. When it comes to clarity, it is best to take note of each client's preferences and standards.

While some people prefer it to be flawless, others are fine with inclusions if they cannot see them. When buying diamonds, there are many factors to take into account because different diamonds have characteristics that are not obvious to the untrained eye. Allow the professionals to choose the ideal diamonds on your behalf if you are having trouble doing so.

The Best Settings for a Brilliant Cut Diamond

A brilliant cut diamond is incredibly versatile, which is one of the main reasons why it is so popular in addition to its brilliant sparkle. It can be worn in virtually any situation and with virtually any type of jewelry. A single solitaire Brilliant diamond necklace will add a delicate, elegant sparkle, and brilliant diamond solitaire earrings offer a timeless, everyday appearance.

Lab Grown Diamond Stud Earrings | 0.25 CT to 1.35 CT EF/VS Lab Created Diamond Stud Earrings, Screw Back Studs

Lab Grown Diamond Stud Earrings | 0.25 CT to 1.35 Lab Created Diamond Stud Earrings

When it comes to an engagement ring, the solitaire setting, which also looks stunning if you have a larger stone, makes the high-quality, Brilliant diamond the center of attention. A halo setting will make a brilliant cut diamond even more abundant and striking if the sparkle it already has isn't enough for you.


When it comes to an engagement ring, the solitaire setting, which also looks stunning if you have a larger stone, makes the high-quality, Brilliant diamond the center of attention. A halo setting will make a brilliant cut diamond even more abundant and striking if the sparkle it already has isn't enough for you.

This cut of a diamond can effectively conceal flaws due to its shape and number of facets, so a lower-quality diamond that may be within budget will still look brilliant and full of fire. However, we advise selecting a brilliant cut diamond with a color grade of at least I and a clarity grade of SI or higher.

A brilliant cut diamond can be worn in a variety of settings and styles, and because it doesn't have any sharp edges (if you choose the round brilliant cut), it's simple to wear every day without worrying about getting it knocked and chipped.

However, given how well-liked and in demand this cut is, the fact that it is one of the more expensive cuts shouldn't come as a surprise. For example, a stone with a larger carat weight will be much more expensive than one with an Emerald or Princess cut. However, if you prefer the sparkle to the size, you won't be dissatisfied!

Discover which cut you prefer by reading our guides on Asscher cut diamonds, Princess cut diamonds, and Radiant cut diamonds for more information on the various types of diamond cuts.

Additionally, look through our entire selection of lab-grown diamond rings, which were created with sustainability, welfare, and ethics in mind. Additionally, feel free to contact us here as we are always available to assist you with your purchase and work hard with our clients to find the perfect diamond for their budget.

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