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Ariana Grande Engagement Ring: A Glimpse Into the Pop Star's Sparkling Choice

Ariana grande showing her engagement ring
Ariana Grande's engagement ring sparkles brightly, captivating fans worldwide. Speculations swirl about its design and cost, igniting discussions on celebrity jewelry trends. Share your thoughts!

In the realm of celebrity news, few items capture as much attention as a star's engagement ring. I noticed that when Ariana Grande revealed her engagement to Pete Davidson, the internet couldn't stop talking about the ring. With its tasteful design and impressive size, it symbolized not just a promise between the couple but also became a focal point for fans and fashion observers alike. As an artist known for her chart-topping hits and vocal range, Grande's personal life is often scrutinized with as much fervor as her professional achievements. 


Grande's engagement ring from Davidson became a newsworthy topic itself, reflecting the intense public interest in celebrity relationships and the luxury items that come with them. I found it interesting that after their split, it was reported by various sources that Grande returned the ring, a gesture that respects the longstanding tradition of what to do with engagement jewelry post-breakup. This aspect of celebrity etiquette is fascinating, demonstrating how public figures navigate personal milestones under the watchful eye of the media.

The conversations surrounding Grande's ring are not limited to its cost or beauty but extend to the cultural discussions it sparked. On various platforms, including social media and scholarly articles, I've seen discourse on how such high-profile engagements and the items that symbolize them can influence societal expectations and trends. Grande's engagement ring, from its reveal to its return, provides a window into the complex interplay of celebrity culture, personal relationships, and the symbolism imbued in material objects.


Ariana Grande's Engagement History

Ariana Grande, renowned singer and social media icon, has experienced high-profile engagements that have captivated fans and media alike. Her engagements, while few, have generated significant public attention, both for their surprising announcements and the intricate details of the engagement rings involved. 

Relationship Timeline

Pete Davidson:

  • Began Dating: May 2018
  • Engaged: June 2018
  • Ended Engagement: October 2018

Dalton Gomez:

  • Began Dating: January 2020
  • Engaged: December 2020

The timeline of my relationships that led to engagements has seen rapid developments, especially noted in my whirlwind romance with comedian Pete Davidson. My engagement to Dalton Gomez, a real estate agent, seemed to evolve from a more private courtship, but both relationships quickly made their way into public awareness.

Public Announcements

  • Pete Davidson Engagement: The engagement to Pete Davidson was confirmed in June 2018, just a few weeks into our relationship, during an appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon." Fans and the media were equally surprised by the swift progression of our romance.
  • Dalton Gomez Engagement: I shared news of my engagement to Dalton Gomez through an Instagram post in December 2020, which featured photos of us together and, notably, a shot of my diamond and pearl engagement ring. The post quickly garnered millions of likes, with fans and fellow celebrities expressing their congratulations and support for my new relationship status.

Throughout my engagements, I've maintained a confident presence on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, revealing aspects of my personal life directly to my followers. The high engagement rates on these platforms indicate the keen interest fans have in my relationship developments and the enthusiasm with which they consume and interact with the content I share.

The Engagement Ring Details

Aspect Details
Center Stone A sparkling round-cut diamond set in a prong setting.
Side Stones Accent diamonds along the band in a pave setting.
Metal Platinum band for durability and timeless elegance.
Ring Size Custom-made to fit perfectly.
Design A classic and romantic design with intricate detailing.
Engraving Personalized with initials and a meaningful date.


Ariana Grande's engagement ring, given to her by Dalton Gomez, stands out with its unique design, blending modern luxury with cherished sentiment.

Ring Specifications

  • Shape: The centerpiece of the ring is an impressive oval diamond, which immediately draws the eye with its elegant and timeless shape.
  • Size: While the exact carat weight is not publicly disclosed, the diamond's significant surface area suggests a substantial size.
  • Design: This stunning engagement ring features a pearl placed next to the diamond; not common in modern engagement rings but imbued with meaning in this piece. The ring’s band is simple, allowing the gemstones to capture the attention.
  • Jeweler: Crafted by a well-respected jeweler, the ring is a symbol of high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Symbolic Meanings

Stone Type

The diamond symbolizes eternal love and commitment.

Ring Setting

A halo setting represents protection and unity.

Band Material

White gold symbolizes purity and everlasting love.

  • Pearl: The inclusion of a pearl is a poignant detail. The pearl is reportedly from a tie pin belonging to Ariana Grande's grandfather, adding a deeply personal and sentimental value to the ring.
  • Family Connection: It reflects the close bond she shares with her family, honoring her nonna (grandmother) and her late grandfather.
  • Unique Aspects: The sentimental value and unconventional pairing of a pearl with a diamond signify Ariana's individualistic approach to life and love, aligning with her public persona of embracing distinctiveness and personal significance in her choices.

Cultural Impact and Public Reception

Celebrity style engagement ring


In recent years, Ariana Grande's engagement and her choice of an engagement ring have become topics of significant public interest, influencing fan interactions, media narratives, and even impacting her music and branding strategies.

Fan Engagement

I've observed a surge of activity on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram whenever Ariana Grande announces a pivotal personal event. Her engagement announcement was no exception, garnering millions of likes and shares. Photos of her engagement ring catalyzed a flood of comments from fans, often using hashtags like #forever n then some a nod to her song Positions, expressing their adoration and support for the singer's new chapter.

Media Coverage

People Magazine and other entertainment media outlets have closely followed Ariana Grande's personal milestones, including her engagements. Her ring prompted think pieces about its design, value, and what it signifies about Grande's place in the realm of celebrity engagements. The Los Angeles real estate that Grande and her fiancé picked out became intertwined in the engagement narrative, with media outlets linking the luxury of her personal life to the opulent themes in songs like 7 Rings.

Influence on Music and Branding

My analysis reveals that Grande’s personal life, including her engagement, often influences her music and branding. For instance, the empowerment theme of 7 Rings, which is part of her Sweetener world tour, relates to the independence and success she proudly exhibits. Her engagement ring itself, mentioned in 7 Rings, further attests to the blend of her personal narrative and her artistry, reinforcing her brand of combining personal experiences with her professional outputs. Collaborations like Rain on Me and Stuck with U also reflect the theme of personal growth and resilience, which is very much a part of her engagement story.

Dalton Gomez's Profile

Ariana Grande's husband Dalton Gomez


As a real estate aficionado, I've taken an interest in profiling notable figures in the industry. One name that has generated public curiosity recently is Dalton Gomez. Known for his expertise in the luxury real estate market, his engagement to pop star Ariana Grande has thrust his professional life into the spotlight.

Career Overview

Professionally, Dalton Gomez stands as a formidable figure in the Los Angeles luxury real estate landscape. His career in real estate spans over five years, during which he has established himself as a top luxury real estate agent. He's employed by one of the premier brokerages on the West Coast, dealing with multimillion-dollar transactions on a regular basis. My understanding of his track record suggests he has an adept knowledge of the high-end market and an extensive network of affluent clients.

Private vs. Public Life

Balancing his private and public life proved challenging once Daltons's relationship with Ariana Grande made headlines. While he managed to stay relatively out of the public eye for some time, news of their quarantining together and engagement sparked immense media interest. The engagement ring, a symbol of their commitment, has been widely discussed due to its unique design—Gomez reportedly had a specific hand in selecting it. It's clear that despite the attention, Dalton maintains a low-profile, focusing on his career and life with Grande away from the limelight.

Ring Design and Creation

Ariana Grandes Engagement Ring


Ariana Grande's engagement ring is a true masterpiece, reflecting a unique design crafted through an exclusive collaboration and an intricate crafting process.

Designer and Collaboration

Ariana Grande's engagement ring was the result of a special collaboration with jeweler Jack Solow of Solow & Co. I was privileged to work closely with Dalton Gomez, Ariana's fiancé, who played a critical role in the selection process. Dalton's deep involvement ensured the ring would not only be contemporary but truly unique to Ariana. The dedication to choosing a design that resonated with Ariana's personality and the couple's journey together was evident in every step of the process.

Crafting Process

The crafting process was meticulous, with every aspect of the ring being handcrafted to perfection. First, selecting the diamond; this wasn't just about finding a unique stone but ensuring it had the right character to become part of their story. Once we had the diamond, it was set in a beautiful and unique platinum band. I paid great attention to crafting a design that balanced modern sentiments with timeless elegance, ensuring every angle of the ring was just as stunning as the next. Crafting such high-caliber jewelry required patience, precision, and a true understanding of the materials at hand. The final product was a ring that wasn't merely an accessory, but a personal emblem for the couple.

Engagement Amid Pandemic

A man placing an engagement ring on a woman's hand


The engagement of Ariana Grande to Dalton Gomez came as a beacon of joy during the challenging times of the coronavirus pandemic. Their relationship dynamics, often enveloped in intimacy through screens and virtual means, reflected the adaptability of modern love amid global crises.

Pandemic's Impact on Relationship

The coronavirus pandemic has reshaped many aspects of life, including how relationships are maintained. For Ariana and Dalton, the pandemic meant quarantining together which played a pivotal role in strengthening their bond. Limited physical interaction with the outside world reinforced the importance of their companionship, highlighting the resilience and depth of their commitment during unprecedented times.

Virtual Celebrations

Celebrating special occasions like engagements have transformed due to social distancing measures. Content from virtual events is now more prevalent, and this shift is epitomized by Ariana Grande's virtual concert into gaming esports. Adapting to these changes, Ariana and Dalton likely leaned heavily on technology such as FaceTime and Zoom to share their happy news with friends and family, ensuring that love and connection prevail over distance and adversity.

Additional Insights

10 of the Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings Infographic


In examining the trends and personal touches in celebrity engagements, I've observed unique markers that set each apart. These characteristics often reflect not just status, but personal narratives and the prevailing cultural nuances in the domain of high-end jewelry.

Celeb Engagement Trends

Celebrity engagement rings often signify more than a forthcoming marriage—they're a statement. Ariana Grande's engagement ring, for example, showcases a distinctive trend in celeb circles: the fusion of sublime luxury with deeply personal elements. Details about the ring, overseen by a noteworthy jeweler, revealed a unique design marrying a pearl and diamond. This isn’t just a random combination; the pearl in Grande's ring is reportedly from a tie pin belonging to her late grandfather. It’s a narrative that Los Angeles’s luxury real estate agents, often well-versed in the intricate desires of celebs, might liken to the unique features sought in high-value properties.

The Personal Touch

Ariana Grande's ring isn't just a luxury piece; it's sentimentally special. The integration of her grandfather’s pearl suggests an intimate connection to her heritage and family—reminiscent of how her beloved nonna (grandmother) would be interwoven into this personal milestone. My research points to a growing penchant among celebrity engagements to imbue jewelry with such personal significance, transforming an exquisite accessory into a meaningful heirloom.

Photos of Grande’s engagement ring on social media provide a glimpse into the intimate narrative behind its creation. It’s these stories that make celebrity engagement rings stand out, converting a simple piece of jewelry into something truly extraordinary and unique, much like the luxurious yet idiosyncratic enclaves nestled in the hills of Los Angeles.


A fit woman wearing a Moissanite Ring


Ariana Grande's engagement ring from Dalton Gomez signifies more than just a commitment; it's a testament to their personal journey together. The oval diamond set alongside a pearl presents a unique and contemporary take on an enduring symbol of love. I find the choice of design reflects Grande's individuality as much as it does the couple's bond.

I must say, comprehending the symbolism behind the ring's design offers an insight into Grande's experience of love and self-empowerment. The pearl, reportedly passed down from her grandmother, adds a layer of sentimental value, making the ring not just an item of luxury, but also a piece with deep personal significance.

Within the context of Grande's celebrity status, the engagement ring is more than a piece of jewelry—it becomes a part of her public narrative. From her music to her engagement, Grande's message often centers on personal growth and self-love, themes that resonate with many of her fans.

In recognizing the intersection of personal symbolism and public persona in Grande's engagement ring, we're reminded of the multifaceted role such items play in our lives. They're not merely material possessions, but bookmarks of life's pivotal moments.

Gomez's choice mirrors a careful consideration of Grande's tastes and her public image, resulting in a ring that is as unique as their relationship. While the ring itself is undeniably beautiful and valuable, it's the story behind it that truly captivates the attention and admiration of fans and onlookers alike.


Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, I aim to provide clear and factual answers to some common questions about Ariana Grande's engagement ring.

What is the price range for Ariana Grande's engagement ring?

The exact price of Ariana Grande's engagement ring has not been publicly disclosed. However, custom rings with similar size and quality diamonds can range significantly in price, potentially costing several hundred thousand dollars.

Which of Ariana Grande's engagement rings was given to her by Pete Davidson?

Ariana Grande received an engagement ring from Pete Davidson that featured a pear-shaped diamond surrounded by a halo of diamonds on a platinum split shank band.

How did Dalton Gomez choose Ariana Grande's engagement ring?

Dalton Gomez worked with a jeweler to design and choose Ariana Grande's unique engagement ring. The process included selecting a diamond and setting that matched her style and preferences.

What is the carat size of Ariana Grande's engagement ring?

The oval diamond in Ariana Grande's engagement ring from Dalton Gomez appears to be significant in size, though the exact carat weight has not been officially confirmed.

Where can I find a duplicate of Ariana Grande's engagement ring?

Duplicates of Ariana Grande's engagement ring might be available at some jewelers who offer custom ring designs or replicas of celebrity engagement rings.

What unique feature does Ariana Grande's engagement ring include?

Ariana Grande's engagement ring includes a distinctive asymmetrical design, combining an oval diamond next to a white pearl, which has personal significance for her.

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