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Ashley Benson Engagement Ring: Unveiling the Details of Her Stunning Jewel

Ashley benson with her partner davis and a close up view of her ring.
Ashley Benson's engagement ring features a sizable pear-shaped diamond set on a delicate band, exuding elegance and grace. The stunning piece, a symbol of her love with Cara Delevingne, captures attention with its exquisite design and radiant sparkle, reflecting the couple's enduring bond.

Ashley Benson, known for her role in the television series "Pretty Little Liars," has recently marked a significant personal milestone. You might be intrigued to learn that she is now engaged to Brandon Davis, an heir to an oil fortune. Their engagement was made public through various social media revelations which spotlighted a noteworthy feature of this romantic progression: an impressive engagement ring, capturing the interest of fans and jewelry enthusiasts alike.

The ring presented to Benson by Davis is nothing short of a statement piece, reportedly garnering ample attention for its size and elegance. As you might appreciate details, the engagement ring features a large, oval-cut diamond set in a design that resonates with classic sophistication. This kind of ring serves as a testament to a growing trend among celebrities, where traditional and substantial diamond pieces signify their pivotal life moments.

Engagement rings often carry a story as precious as the gemstones they are adorned with, and Benson's ring is no exception. It symbolizes not only a commitment between the couple but also becomes a focal point of public fascination. As you observe the path of Benson's personal and professional life, the engagement and her ring can be seen as reflective of her stature and style.

Ashley Benson: Career Overview


You may recognize Ashley Benson from her breakout role in the hit television series "Pretty Little Liars". Her portrayal of Hanna Marin in this popular show catapulted her to fame and highlighted her acting talents. The series, which aired from 2010 to 2017, became a defining part of her career, earning her several Teen Choice Awards.

Before "Pretty Little Liars", Ashley Benson had already started building her career with appearances in various TV shows such as "The District" and "The O.C.” Her dedication to acting led her to pursue a range of roles, showcasing her versatility as an actress.

Following her success on television, Benson ventured onto the big screen. One of her notable film roles includes the 2012 crime film "Spring Breakers", where she starred alongside James Franco and Vanessa Hudgens. This role allowed her to expand her acting repertoire and reach a broader audience.

Throughout her career:

  • TV Shows:

    • The District
    • The O.C.
    • "Pretty Little Liars" (Hanna Marin)
  • Movies:

    • "Spring Breakers"

Ashley Benson's journey in the entertainment industry reflects her growth from television roles to significant film projects. As an actress, she continues to take on roles that challenge her and resonate with audiences. Your familiarity with her work may vary, but her impact in the realm of young Hollywood actresses is substantial.

Keep an eye on Ashley Benson as she takes on new projects and continues to leave her mark in the industry.

Ashley Benson and Brandon Davis

Ashley benson with her partner brandon davis.


As you explore the world of celebrity relationships, Ashley Benson's engagement to Brandon Davis stands out, marked by a stunning diamond ring and public displays of affection.

Relationship Timeline

Ashley Benson and Brandon Davis have woven a romantic narrative that recently transformed from dating to an engagement. Reported to be in a relationship for less than a year, their love story has quickly progressed to a lifelong commitment.

Public Appearances Together

The couple has been spotted together on a number of occasions, from casual dinner dates in Los Angeles to being seen courtside at a Lakers game. Their public appearances ranged from private moments caught by paparazzi to public outings where they did not shy away from sharing affection.

Engagement Announcement

The engagement was made Instagram official with reposted images and captions such as "love of my life" from Davis, thus confirming their decision to wed. Ashley Benson, at 33 years old, showcased her engagement ring, an impressive, oval-cut diamond, in various photos.

Media Spotlight and Public Opinion

Ever since their engagement, Benson and Davis have been in the media spotlight with outlets like E! News providing coverage. Public opinion has generated interest, with fans and followers sharing their thoughts and opinions across social media platforms.

Mutual Friends and Connections

The couple shares mutual friends within high-profile circles, including celebrities like Paris Hilton, Kourtney Kardashian, and Hailey Bieber. Their engagement has certainly been a topic of discussion among these friends, who are intricately linked to the oil and entertainment industries. Notable mutual connections include Mischa Barton and Brittny Gastineau, among others.

The Engagement Ring

Center Stone

Oval-cut diamond solitaire



Four-prong setting on a thin yellow gold band


Estimated Value

$600K to $800K (depending on diamond quality)


Ashley Benson's engagement ring is a jaw-dropper, featuring a sizable oval-cut diamond solitaire set in four prongs on a thin yellow gold band. Diamond experts estimate the ring's value to be between $600K to $800K, depending on the quality of the diamond.

Ashley Benson's engagement ring has become a symbol of her love with fiancé Brandon Davis, featuring an oval-cut diamond that showcases timeless elegance. Both its design and cultural resonance have attracted public attention.

Ring Characteristics

The centerpiece of Benson's engagement ring is an oval-cut diamond, pristinely crafted to exude a classic yet modern appeal. The ring is complemented by a gold band that provides a subtle warmth and sophistication to the overall design. Reports suggest the diamond may be around eight carats.

Steven Stone's Insight

Zack Stone, of the renowned jeweler Steven Stone, hasn't commented specifically on Benson's ring, but similar pieces by premium jewelers indicate a high level of precision and craftsmanship. When choosing an oval-cut diamond, factors such as symmetry, proportion, and polish are crucial for the stone's brilliance.

Cultural Significance and Comparisons

Oval-cut diamond rings like Benson’s have gained popularity as a symbol of love among celebrities. Comparable in stature to rings worn by supermodels, these rings often reflect personal narratives and relationship milestones. Notably, supermodel Cara Delevingne, a former partner of Benson, is also known for her trendsetting style.

Features in Popular Media

Ashley Benson and Brandon Davis holding hands and her twitter reaction


The engagement was shared on Instagram, where Benson's following includes a diverse audience that spans fans and celebrity circles alike. Media outlets like E! News have discussed the ring, showcasing its influence in popular culture and among celebrities.

Jewelry Trends Among Celebrities

Celebrities often pave the way for jewelry trends, choosing pieces that make a statement and resonate with fans. Diamond rings, particularly of significant carat weight and novel designs, are a staple among the rich and famous, signaling both status and personal narratives.

Celebrity Style Engagement Ring For Sale

Value and Legacy of the Ring

While the exact value of Benson's ring is not publicly disclosed, similar rings command high prices, especially when linked to a renowned jeweler and the prestige of a billion-dollar legacy like that of Brandon Davis, heir to billionaire oil tycoon Marvin Davis. The ring's legacy is intertwined with both the love story it represents and the lasting impression it leaves as an example of refined taste within celebrity circles.

Ashley Benson's Personal Life

Photo of ashley benson and her partner on the right side of the image with her photo on left side


Ashley Benson, a renowned actress, keeps her private life relatively low-key but has made headlines with her romantic associations and her active presence in philanthropy and social media. Here you'll discover her past relationships, lifestyle choices, and how she interacts with the world through activism and her online platform.

Previous Relationships

Ashley Benson has been in the public eye concerning her relationships. Most notably, you may recall her dating Cara Delevingne, a relationship that garnered significant attention. Following that, she was linked with G-Eazy, before her engagement to Brandon Davis became public.

Lifestyle and Interests

With a life that moves between Los Angeles and various travel destinations, like Italy, Ashley Benson expresses a penchant for fashion. Her interests are often shared through Instagram posts, showing off her latest styles or travel escapades. You can infer her love for travel and fashion through her carefully curated social media feed.

Social Media Presence

A photo of Instagram account of ashley benson.


On Instagram, Ashley Benson shares a glimpse of her life to over 20 million followers. Whether she's engaging in a FaceTime call with a friend or posting her latest outfit, she maintains an active connection with her audience. She uses her significant online presence not just for personal updates, but also for highlighting issues close to her heart.

Activism and Charitable Work

Beyond her on-screen presence, Ashley invests her time into charity and activism. While she does not always publicize her charitable efforts, you will find her supporting causes from animal welfare to health-related charities, showcasing her commitment to giving back and making a difference where she can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ashley Benson's engagement has garnered much attention, particularly focusing on her stunning engagement ring.

How much does Ashley Benson's engagement ring cost?

Experts estimate the cost of Ashley Benson's engagement ring at approximately $600,000.

What is the carat size of Ashley Benson's engagement ring?

Ashley Benson's engagement ring features a magnificent 12-carat oval-cut diamond.

Who is Ashley Benson currently engaged to?

Ashley Benson is currently engaged to Brandon Davis, an oil heir.

Can you provide details on Brandon Davis's association with Ashley Benson?

Brandon Davis and Ashley Benson announced their engagement after making their relationship official in February 2023.

How long was Ashley Benson in a relationship with Cara Delevingne?

Ashley Benson was in a relationship with Cara Delevingne for nearly two years, from mid-2018 to early 2020.

Has Ashley Benson been married before?

Ashley Benson has not been married before.

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