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Benefits of Buying a Custom Moissanite Engagement Ring

custom moissanite engagement ring - diamondrensu

Do you want to gift your partner a beautiful, traditional, or vintage engagement ring but have a tight budget? Moissanite is perfect as it looks similar to a diamond with its high reflective power but is more affordable. The bespoke custom designs are crafted to perfection for a beautiful designer engagement ring.

By customizing the ring  gives you the edge to decide on the cut, design, and metal used for making the ring. The antique and Victorian vintage style engagement rings cut from Moissanite is intricately cut and designed. The classic moissanite cut is a great alternative to the solitaire engagement ring.

Design a Ring of Choice with Custom Cutting and Pattern

The Moissanite engagement rings from Diamondrensu have quite trendy for their versatile range of cutting and designs. There is a range of Moissanite shape that can be cut for designing the ring including round, cushion, radiant, emerald, oval, pear, rose cut, etc. The oval engagement rings in Moissanite is uniquely cut with a hidden halo.

The Moissanite being cheaper gives you the choice to use a large stone and hence resembles a solitaire. Customize the style of the ring with intricate custom designs for a personalized look. The starburst shape is great if you are looking for something antique or traditional in style.

Choosing Moissanite over Expensive Gemstones and Diamonds

There are many reasons why people choose Moissanite over other gemstones apart from its being affordable. The brilliant cut of the gemstone for creating the engagement ring reflects light making the stone shine like a diamond. It is a guilt-free and eco-friendly material as it is sourced ethically and developed by machines.

The Moissanite Vintage style engagement rings are available in different colors and shapes. Moissanite material is worth the purchase because it is affordable, durable, and sustainable. The material is made in labs and hence it is ethical without any human abuse or unethical labor practices.

  • One of the primary reasons why people choose Moissanite over diamond is its high degree of customization. The Moissanite can be cut into many shapes and designed with intricate designs for the engagement ring.
  • A single cut Moissanite round or oval engagement rings looks like a solitaire but shines brighter. Moissanite is sparkly, shiny, and looks stunning.
  • It can be paired conveniently with different types of precious metals including gold, white gold, silver, platinum, etc. for a complete look.
  • The Moissanite as a material has better clarity with uniformity making it one of the top choices for engagement rings.

Custom Designing a Vintage or Traditional Engagement Ring

The authentic vintage rings are quite expensive and not something everybody can afford. Instead by customizing the ring design in a vintage style with Moissanite, makes it affordable with a choice of precious material and intricacy of design used.

Moissanite is an artificial gemstone that is low weight, mining free, and perfect for customizing the ring design. It is definitely worth the value and durable with resistance to damage. Moissanite is available in different colors and is even colorless giving a person hundreds of choices for the ring design


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