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Taylor Swift's Heart Ring

Taylor Swift's Heart Ring

Everyone has that one friend who would go above and beyond for their happiness, and Blake Lively is Taylor Swift's person. In addition to their height, the blonde duo also have a close affinity with fashion. The singer-songwriter asked Lively to direct the music video for her single 'I Bet You Think About Me.' Not only did Blake pull all the stops to make the music video look like an Oscar-winning movie, but she also chose Taylor Swift's ring that broke the internet.

For her directorial debut, Blake Lively decided to immerse herself in the project. From directing the entire video to handling its visual aspects, Lively stepped into the shoes with the vigor of a veteran director. Like Alfred Hitchcock for the movie Stage Fright and the Star Wars director George Lucas, the Gossip Girl star also handpicked jewelry to be featured in the music video.

Blake Lively incorporated the jewelry piece so immaculately that it sparkled brightly on its own without stealing Taylor's thunder. In the wedding video's wedding scene, the video opens with the cast dressed in white and Taylor dressed in red and wearing a unique 8-carat heart-shaped ring covered with 2.5 carats of round brilliant-cut diamonds placed on a yellow gold metal. The A Simple Favor actress personally placed an order for Taylor Swift's red ring from Retrouvaí's Heirloom collection.

The red heart-shaped ring did not only adorn Taylor's hand; Blake also could not resist its beauty. While Taylor Swift fans were busy gushing over the song, video, and the ring, Lively posted a photo on her Instagram account wearing the same ring. If you, too, want to show off the 2.5-carat rock, check out Diamondrensu's jewelry selection!

Taylor Swift's Heart Ring

How to CommissionTaylor Swift's Ring

This world has seven wonders, and Taylor's ring is on its way to becoming the eighth one. It is a one-of-a-kind item that steals your heart from the second you set your sights on it. While it can be tricky to get your hands on the same thing (logistically and with budgetary constraints), you can commission your own! Customizing jewelry is an exciting endeavor. It gives you the creative freedom to add personal and unique touches to the piece.

Purchasing personalized jewelry allows you to celebrate milestones in your way; it lets you wear accessories that reflect you and your lifestyle. Whether for yourself or a special one, customized rings are gifts that keep giving. Commissioned bands are the way to go if you enjoy steering away from the norm and thinking outside the box.

This guide will ease your worries if this is your first time dabbling in customizations. While there are a thousand different ways of designing jewelry, you can use these factors as a starting point to decorate your own Taylor Swift ring without compromising its quality.

Switch the Number of Prongs

Prongs are a ring's anchors. They support the stone, keeping it intact and secure on the metal. However, a band's prong setting determines its overall shape. For instance, a six-prong ring makes the item look rounder than four prongs, which gives the band a more defined quadrilateral shape. Since Taylor Swift red ring is heart-shaped, it is neither entirely round nor square. Therefore, five prongs would be the ideal number to firmly support it without changing its design.

1.03 CT Fancy Intense Pink Heart Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

1.03 CT Fancy Intense Pink Heart Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Side Stones Make a Difference

The inclusion of side stones depends on your taste and preference. If you enjoy minimalistic designs, then you can customize the ring as it is, like Taylor Swift ring, and change the number of prongs per your wish. On the other hand, if you enjoy extravagant styles, you can add a side stone or two to make the ring look flashier. However, sometimes, side stones also determine the band's size. For instance, some jewelers add small stones as an illusion trick to make the ring look bigger than its original size.

Play Around with the Center Stone

One of the most significant perks of customizing jewelry is reshaping the center stone. The center or the primary stone is the ring's main attraction; it is what you notice first. While Taylor Swift ring is heart-shaped, you can reshape the rock if you want the color, not the design. You can maintain the band's bright red color by changing the stone's shape from a heart to an oval or a square.

Monogram Your Ring

If you want to give your ring a personal spin, engraving it is your solution. Engraving your band helps you immortalize the inscription. Nothing represents love and affection more than a thoughtful and personal gesture, such as carving a particular date, name, initial, or memory on jewelry. It is a nod to your relationships and bonds. There are various ways to monogram your ring, from adding key dates to quotes.

Special Date

Dates are always special; they are more than just numbers. Dates represent significant milestones, such as birthdays, engagements, and weddings. You can engrave an important date on your ring to commemorate it and proudly proclaim its place in your heart.

Name and Initials

A true Taylor Swift would know the significance of engraving names and initials. Not only does engraved jewelry look stunning, but it also speaks volumes of mutual love and commitment. Swift has always emphasized the importance of personal gestures. From the red ring Taylor Swift to her song Call It What You Want, where she confesses to wearing a locket of her loved one's initials, wearing initial bands makes your bond extra special. You do not necessarily have to add your significant other's name; you can also engrave your kid's initials or best friend's name!

Fancy Pink Color Lab Grown Diamond, 1.12 CT Heart Shape VS Clarity Diamond for Engagement Ring, Anniversary Gift or Wedding Ring

Fancy Pink Color Lab Grown Diamond, 1.12 CT Heart Shape VS Clarity Diamond For Engagement Ring

Factors to Consider When Buying Taylor Swift's Ring

Various factors come into account when shopping for rings, such as your budget, lifestyle, preferences, design, stone, and style. However, the most crucial factors to remember are the 4Cs. A band's 4Cs determine its quality. Diamonds are an investment, so purchasing one that ticks all the boxes is vital. So, when browsing for Taylor Swift red ring, study its color, cut, carat, and clarity.


The presence or absence of a diamond's color determines its color grading. A perfect diamond is colorless like water; it does not contain hues, shades, or tinges. The absence of color is directly proportional to a diamond's value. Therefore, the more colorless a diamond is, the higher its value is. According to a diamond's grading scheme, its color is classified into different categories from D to Z.

Usually, a diamond's color composition is not visible to the naked eye and thus requires microscopic devices. However, minute distinctions make major differences in the rock's quality and cost. Colorless diamonds are scarce, making them more expensive than diamonds with even the slightest visible hue. Since light passes through perfect diamonds, their brilliance and sparkle are off the charts.


Contrary to the popular notion, a diamond's cut does not represent its shape. Instead, it stands for its symmetry and polish. The cut of a diamond is not its shape but determines its shape. The stone's sparkle, shine, and dimensions combine to form its cut. A diamond's brilliance, fire, and brightness depend on the cut, making it a crucial factor to consider when purchasing rings. A proper-cut diamond increases its brightness, enhances its appearance, and improves its fire. On the other hand, an average cut diamond is comparatively duller.


When Eleanor Shellstrop asked newly engaged Tahani Al-Jamil in A Good Place about her engagement ring's weight, she meant the ring's carats. As one of the most critical indicators of a diamond's quality, the carats refer to its size and weight. A one-carat diamond weighs 200 milligrams, so the red ring Taylor Swift would weigh 500 milligrams.

A stone's carat weight decides its price. The larger the stone, the higher its cost. However, while playing a crucial role in its price, a diamond's carat is not the only factor that determines it. Its cut, clarity, and color are equally vital. A unique trivia to note is that a diamond is cut in a way that maintains its original carat weight.


The final member of the 4Cs family is clarity. A diamond's clarity makes or breaks its value and refers to its inclusions. Inclusions are little white, dark, or black visible inside a diamond. When minerals or gases get stuck inside a stone under immense heat and pressure, they form tiny imperfections known as inclusions. A diamond's clarity has six types of inclusions:

  • Flawless (F) or Internally Flawless (IF): Flawless diamonds contain slight blemishes that one cannot see under the naked eye or 10x magnification.
  • Very, Very Slightly Included (VVSI): VVSI diamonds are classified as VVS1 or VVS2 and have minor inclusions that are barely noticeable even under 10x magnification.
  • Very Slightly Included (VSI): As the name suggests, VS1 or VS2 diamonds contain slight inclusions.
  • Slight Inclusions (SI): Diamonds with slight inclusions are noticeable under 10x magnifications and, sometimes, visible to the untrained eye.
  • Included (I): Included diamonds (categorized as I1, I2, and I3) are immediately noticed by the naked eye and 10x magnification.

Wrapping Up

Taylor Swift ring is one-of-a-kind. It represents her new era, fashion style, and the bond she shares with Blake Lively, who commissioned it for her. If you, too, want to treat yourself to a gorgeous heart-shaped ring or give one to your loved one, Diamondrensu's collection has the perfect jewelry!

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