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How to Care For Your Moissanite Ring

How to Care For Your Moissanite Ring

Considering that moissanite diamond is the second-hardest gemstone known to man, it is ideal for everyday wear as an engagement ring stone because it is very scratch resistant and durable. We recognise that, like the majority of brides, you like your stunning ring and wish you could wear it often. Your moissanite diamond will require specific maintenance throughout your lifetime to keep it looking as brilliant as the day you received it, while it is not completely indestructible like all precious gemstones. Fortunately, it is incredibly simple to keep your moissanite engagement rings dazzling, and we are here to assist you in doing so for many years to come.

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A well-liked substitute for diamonds that is renowned for both its brilliance and durability is moissanite diamond. It's crucial to properly maintain your moissanite rings if you want to keep them looking beautiful. Listed below are some pointers for maintaining your moissanite rings:

  1. Maintain it: Your moissanite rings can be cleaned at home using a soft-bristled toothbrush and warm, soapy water. Use the brush to gently scrub the ring, then rinse it under running water. Use a gentle cloth to pat it dry.
  2. Avoid harsh chemicals: Although moissanite is a hard gemstone, harsh chemicals can still harm it. Keep your ring away from substances like chlorine, bleach, and sulfuric acid.
  3. When not in use, put your moissanite rings in a secure location, such as a jewellery box or purse. Be careful not to expose it to other jewellery that could scratch it.
  4. Despite the fact that moissanite is heat-resistant, excessive temperatures can still harm it. Keep your ring away from heat sources that are hotter than 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Have it checked frequently: Every six months, you should have your moissanite rings checked by a qualified jeweller to make sure it's in good shape and to identify any potential problems early.

You can maintain the beauty of your moissanite rings for many years by using the advice in this article.

Could a moissanite engagement ring be worn in the shower?

Yes, you may take a shower while wearing your moissanite engagement rings. Your moissanite diamond won't be harmed by water on its own. But, frequent use of soap, shampoo, and conditioner might lead to an accumulation of oils on your ring's surface. Your stone may appear filmy as a result, losing some of its shine. Although this can be fixed with a thorough cleaning, it can be easier to prevent if you take off your ring before getting in the shower.

Should a moissanite engagement ring be taken off while washing my hands?

In most cases, you can wash your hands without removing your moissanite engagement rings. One of the best methods for cleaning your ring at home is to use soap and water on it. But, if your ring is made of 14K or 18K white gold, extended contact may cause a natural yellow tint to develop. Harsh or acidic chemicals can also wear down the rhodium plating on your ring. If in doubt, take off your ring and set it down in plain sight on a solid surface. Then, as soon as your hands are dry, put them back on.

Should a moissanite engagement ring be taken off while sanitising hands?

The precious metals in your ring may eventually become harmed by the harsh chemicals in hand sanitiser. When exposed for an extended period of time, these chemicals can loosen the prongs holding your priceless moissanite diamond in place as well as discolour the setting of your ring and harm its structural integrity. Simply take off your ring to sanitise your hands and put it back on once your hands have dried to avoid this.

Can a moissanite engagement ring be worn to bed?

Although this is entirely a matter of personal opinion, we would advise taking off your moissanite engagement rings before going to bed just to be safe. While wearing your ring to bed isn't inherently unsafe, there is a potential that you can snag it on your linens, hair, or clothes as you sleep (especially if it has a raised setting!). This could harm your ring's prongs and cause the stone to come away from its setting. If you do decide to take off your ring, be careful to store it safely, ideally in a ring dish, a jewellery box lined with cloth, or a ring pouch.

Can a moissanite engagement ring be worn all the time?

Nothing truly compares to the stunning sparkle of a moissanite engagement rings, so we can see why you'd never want to take it off once you've received your ideal ring! In terms of durability and scratch resistance, moissanite is among the hardest materials on earth (9.25–9.5), making it ideal for daily wear. But, wearing your engagement band constantly can be dangerous, and there are some circumstances where it might be safer to take off your moissanite ring. Exercise, cleaning, cooking, gardening, swimming, and other activities can put your ring at risk.

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The precious metals used in your ring's setting can be damaged by the chemicals found in pool water and household cleaners, and they can also leave a film on your stone's surface, dulling its brightness. Also, there is a danger that while doing strenuous cleaning, your moissanite ring may be knocked, perhaps harming the stone or its setting. The best person to determine whether your ring is in danger is you, but if you're ever unsure, we'd suggest just taking it off and putting it somewhere secure. It's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your stunning, extraordinarily priceless handmade item.

When should I take off my moissanite engagement ring?

When selecting when to remove your moissanite engagement ring, it is advisable to use your own discretion. We always advise taking off your engagement ring and keeping it in a secure location if you have any concerns about its safety. For tasks like working out, swimming, cleaning, gardening, or sleeping, we strongly advise taking off your ring.

How do I clean my moissanite engagement ring at home?

You must thoroughly clean your moissanite ring before putting it away. You'll receive all the expert cleaning advice for moissanite jewellery from your jeweller. With a bowl of fresh, warm water, cleanly wash your ring. Avoid disasters by not submerging it in hot liquid or holding it under a spitting tap.

It's really simple to clean your moissanite engagement rings at home! Your engagement ring can be cleaned at home with supplies you already own. Just add some liquid dish soap to a bowl of warm water. After letting your ring soak for a few minutes, carefully scrub it with a gentle toothbrush, paying special attention to the difficult-to-reach sections of the setting. After thoroughly cleaning your engagement ring, give it a good rinse under running water and dry it off with a lint-free towel or by letting it air dry. 

You might mix a few drops of jewellery cleaning solution from the shop into the water. A mild dishwashing soap will also be quite effective. Make sure not to apply anything too harsh. The majority of rings include a microfiber cloth and a box. Use this cloth to polish your ring once more by removing mineral deposits, dust, and dead cells.

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If you plan to store your ring after cleaning it, make sure to properly dry it. If not, moisture will corrode it. During the summer and humid weather, air conditioners and dehumidifiers are your best allies because they will adequately ventilate your room and preserve the quality of your jewellery. Avoid using any harsh cleaning agents on your ring because doing so can damage the valuable metals in it. Use a moissanite-specific commercial jewellery cleaner if your ring needs a deeper clean; just make sure it's non-toxic and non-abrasive. Another nice choice is ammonia; just combine one part of ammonia with two parts of water, scrub gently with a toothbrush, and then rinse with warm water.

Should I have my moissanite engagement ring professionally cleaned?

We advise getting your moissanite engagement ring professionally cleaned at least once a year to get rid of the dirt and oils that naturally accumulate on its surface. A specialist can check your ring for any missing stones and make sure the prongs are still in good condition. Your moissanite's lustre will return to its original radiance after receiving a thorough cleaning from a professional!

How often should I clean my moissanite engagement ring?

Your moissanite engagement ring can be cleaned as frequently as you'd like! As an extremely low-maintenance stone that retains its brilliance very well, moissanite rarely appears to be soiled. But, with daily use, oils, lotions, and filth can gather on the surface of your ring, and it's a good idea to wash your ring frequently to eliminate this. If you want a deeper clean, we advise having your engagement ring professionally cleaned once a year. Your moissanite ring can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water.

Should I insure my moissanite engagement ring?

Your moissanite engagement ring is a treasured representation of your love that has been created with the highest care and devotion. We offer a lifetime warranty on the fire and brightness of your moissanite stone since we recognise that it is a priceless investment. All of our jewellery comes with a 12-month manufacturing warranty from us. We strongly advise insuring your ring against loss to give yourself complete peace of mind.


You should treat your moissanite engagement ring as a valuable investment. You must treat your stone properly for the rest of your life if you want to keep your engagement ring's stunning sparkle. This entails shielding it from contaminants and activities that can harm the precious metals, the stone, or the ring's setting. Hope this guide is useful to you guys. For more details visit our website Diamondrensu.

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