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Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Moissanite Vintage Engagement Rings

Moissanite Vintage Engagement Rings

Shopping for an engagement ring is probably one of the most overwhelming experiences of one’s life. Be it popping the question by the seaside, with a romantic, candlelight dinner on the shore, or at home while watching a movie together, you need the perfect ring to make the moment unforgettable. Your engagement ring should symbolize eternal love, and nothing speaks of love and promises as moissanite vintage engagement rings do. Antique, radiant, or unique — you will find the ring of your choice and dreams in Diamondrensu’s diverse catalog.

Whether you are an old soul or prefer your rings with a modern twist, you will feel an instant connection with vintage engagement rings. The word ‘vintage’ is primarily associated with wine, and ‘aged like fine wine’ is a compliment of the highest order. A moissanite ring is to jewelry what wine is to alcohol. Buying a moissanite engagement ring is an investment because not only does its beauty brighten the atmosphere, but also this stone never loses its sparkle; it is timeless.

An engagement is an extravagant affair. From planning your proposal to throwing a party to celebrate your special day, you make every effort to ensure the new chapter of your life begins on a spectacular note. With the dress, the suit, the cake, and the venue, it might be challenging to balance expenses and stay within your budget. With moissanite, your proposal would carry the glitz, dazzle, and brightness a diamond would bring at an affordable price. A vintage moissanite ring is an excellent choice if you want an elegant ring without breaking the bank.

0.81 CT Oval Cyan Blue Moissanite Ring, Vintage Engagement Ring

0.81 CT Oval Cyan Blue Moissanite Ring, Vintage Engagement Ring

The Evolution of Moissanite Vintage Engagement Rings

Not every gemstone can boast about a magical evolution story, but moissanite can. Moissanite is known as ‘stardust’ because its origin lies in the stars. Moissanite came to Earth in 1893 when a meteor hit the state of Arizona. Despite being initially mislabeled as a diamond — which gave it its second nickname, ‘space diamond’ — moissanite was accurately identified as silicon carbide years later.

Since the gemstone came from a meteor, acquiring natural moissanite is challenging and rare, so scientists began manufacturing it in their laboratories. After years of testing, sampling, and artificially producing moissanite, it finally hit the market in the form of jewelry in the late 1990s. Even though diamond was a consumer-favorite gemstone, moissanite was slowly making its way up as a household name. Its colorless quality, rainbow-colored tinges, durability, beauty, and reasonable rate appealed to jewelry lovers. With such a romantic and magical origin story, vintage moissanite rings are the perfect way to execute an out-of-this-world proposal!

The Most Common Mistakes People Make With Moissanite Vintage Engagement Rings

Moissanite stands out from other gemstones due to its unique qualities. Due to their unfamiliarity with moissanite’s nature, first-time shoppers tend to make common mistakes when shopping for a vintage moissanite engagement ring. When looking for a ring, make sure you do not repeat the following mistakes:

Color-Coated Antique Vintage Engagement Rings

Moissanite usually comes in three states: colorless, near-colorless, and colored. Near-colored moissanite rings are colorless but reflect yellow, green, or grey tinges, making the stone look rainbow-colored. Colored moissanite also comes in the same colors, but the colors are much more prominent than near-colored stones. Be careful when purchasing vintage looking engagement rings in colors other than yellow, green, blue, or grey. Take moissanite rings available in other color coatings with a grain of salt.

Moissanite’s Clarity

A gemstone’s clarity depends on its inclusions; the higher the inclusions, the lower the clarity. The clarity of a stone determines its durability and hardness. A gemstone’s inclusions are divided into five categories:

  • Flawless (F) or Internally Flawless (IF)
  • Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS)
  • Very Slightly Included (VS)
  • Slight Inclusions (SI)
  • Included (I)

High-quality moissanite should fall under the Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS) category. Avoid purchasing a vintage moissanite ring with high inclusions, as it might break, crack, or chip.

Rigorous Physical Activities

Even a gemstone as durable as moissanite is susceptible to breaking and damage if not taken care of properly. While doing simple tasks, such as washing dishes, showering, and gardening, will not damage your ring, indulging in heavy activities like exercising, swimming, and lifting might.

Improper Cleaning

Moissanite vintage engagement rings are valuable items to gift, receive, or own. One common mistake people make when taking care of moissanite rings is washing them with soaps that might damage the rings. It is essential to clean your moissanite ring the proper way lest it loses its shine. To clean your moissanite engagement ring:

  1. Add a non-toxic soap (preferably one your jeweler recommends) to warm water and soak your ring.
  2. Scrub your ring gently with soft bristles or a soft cloth.
  3. Clean your ring’s metal band, stone, and prongs.
  4. Wipe your ring thoroughly with a dry, lint-free cloth.
Antique Vintage 5.79 TCW Portuguese Cut Filigree Halo Moissanite Engagement Ring

Antique Vintage 5.79 TCW Portuguese Cut Filigree Halo Moissanite Engagement Ring

Will Moissanite Vintage Engagement Rings Ever Die?

No, just like the love you share with your special one, vintage moissanite rings are timeless and will last forever. Moissanite engagement rings’ unique qualities are a testament to their everlasting shine and sparkle.

A Vintage Moissanite Engagement Ring Will Always Stay With You

Wear and gift a ring that never leaves your side. A moissanite ring will stay with you through thick and thin; it is a scientifically proven fact. The Mohs hardness scale ranges from 1 to 10 and measures a stone’s durability and ability to withstand harsh environments. Moissanite stands tall at 9.25 on that scale. Regardless of the occasion — formal event, informal gathering, or even daily wear — you can proudly show off your moissanite engagement ring without worrying about chipping or scratching it.

No Clouding

The best thing about antique vintage engagement rings is that they never cloud. Gemstones tend to cloud over time, meaning they lose their sparkle and clarity as time goes on. However, a moissanite engagement ring’s sparkle will never go dull. If you take proper care of it by not exposing it to harsh chemicals or putting excessive pressure on it, your moissanite ring will look as bright as the day you first laid eyes on it.

Antique Victorian Vintage 3.62 CT Cushion OEC Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring

Antique Victorian Vintage 3.62 CT Cushion OEC Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring

Wrapping Up

Grace and beauty seep out of every corner of moissanite vintage engagement rings. They are timeless, classic, and have a modern touch to them. If you want to ask your special person to spend eternity together with a gorgeous ring, check out Diamondrensu’s exquisite collection of vintage rings by clicking here!

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