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Paris Hilton Engagement Rings Collection

Paris Hilton Engagement Rings Collection

Paris Hilton's fashion sense is unmistakable: rhinestone-encrusted gowns, velour tracksuits, and chihuahuas as arm candy. The socialite was instrumental in establishing numerous '00s trends, and her influence can still be seen now, as early aughts fashion is making a comeback.

Hilton's engagement rings, which are now number four, have earned a rightful position in her style discourse as part of her fashion heritage, and they demand a loud "that's hot" remark. Hilton has been engaged several times, and with her most recent proposal from entrepreneur Carter Reum, it's time to look back at her most memorable rings.

The couple's engagement was announced on social media on February 17, to coincide with Hilton's 40th birthday. The socialite let fans get a close-up look at her three-stone emerald cut ring, which was custom-made by jeweler Jean Dousset, in a Vogue spread.

The opulent design was authentically Hilton – glitzy, larger-than-life, and trend-driven. In fact, if you examine her previous three engagement rings, you'll notice that Hilton was always ahead of the engagement ring trends. Find all of the wonderful diamond engagement trinkets she has gotten over the last 20 years in the gallery below. Then, look for rings similar to Hilton's or forward this post to your spouse as a not-so-subtle hint of what you want.

1. Jason Shaw's Engagement Ring To Paris Hilton 

Hilton first became engaged to model Jason Shaw in 2002, soon before she turned 21. Despite the fact that nothing is known about their brief engagement, Shaw appeared to have proposed with a big pear-shaped diamond set on a gold band.

 Jason Shaw's Engagement Ring To Paris Hilton

Hilton and Shaw's engagement lasted barely a few months before the couple called it quits in 2003. They remained cordial, however, and even fueled romance rumors again in 2010.

Jason Shaw & Paris Hilton Engagement Ring Specifications

The pear-cut diamond ring was Paris Hilton's initial engagement ring. Natural diamond is used to create a huge pear-cut diamond. Many people believed that Jason Shaw gave Paris Hilton a $1 million diamond ring. The Paris Hilton Engagement Ring has a pear shape with diamond symmetry of the highest quality and is valued at $1 million. The Paris Hilton engagement ring is more appealing because it is set with a pear brilliant-cut diamond. When a diamond symmetry is placed correctly, it allows for increased light reflection.

2. Paris Latsis Gives $4.7 Million Valued Ring To Paris Hilton

Hilton engaged for the second time in May 2005, to Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis. According to E! Online, the proposal came only eight months into their relationship, and Latsis reportedly presented Hilton with 15 different engagement rings (by famed jewelers like Tiffany and Harry Winston) to pick from.

Paris Latsis Gives $4.7 Million Valued Ring To Paris Hilton

Nonetheless, by September 2005, Hilton had canceled her engagement to Latsis and issued the following statement: "I regret to inform you that I have canceled my engagement. I've concluded over the previous few months that this is the best decision for me. We're still best friends, and I'll always adore him. I'm hoping that people will respect my privacy during this difficult period."

Paris Latsis & Paris Hilton Engagement Ring Specifications

Paris Hilton received a $4.7 million diamond engagement ring from Paris Latsis. Because a canary diamond has a golden tint and a grading scale of exceptional cut. Latsis astonished Hilton when they proposed a 24-carat canary diamond in the shape of an emerald. Thus, Paris Latsis and Paris Hilton sealed their love affair with a roughly $5 million diamond ring.

Paris Hilton admired this canary diamond ring from Paris Latsis and expressed gratitude for such a spectacular engagement ring. This canary diamond ring is crafted in white gold.

3. Chris Zylka Gifts Paris Hilton an Engagement Ring

Hilton made headlines once more in 2018 when she announced her engagement to actor Chris Zylka. On a hillside in Aspen, he proposed to the socialite and gave her a jaw-dropping pear-shaped engagement diamond.

Chris Zylka Gifts Paris Hilton an Engagement Ring

Hilton, on the other hand, only wore the engagement ring for ten months before splitting from the actor in November 2018. "The romance went quickly, and she realized it wasn't right for her," a source told People after the engagement was called off.

According to TMZ, Hilton called off the engagement to Zylka that autumn, and while California law compelled her to return the ring, she apparently had no intention of doing so in 2018.

Chris Zylka & Paris Hilton Engagement Ring Specifications

The 20-carat stunner (which reportedly cost Zylka $2 million) was set on a double diamond pavé band and featured a pear-cut center stone surrounded by a halo of diamonds.

Paris Hilton was seen wearing a large-carat diamond engagement ring, which drew the attention of tabloids and the media. When Chris Zylka proposed to Paris Hilton with a Pear Halo Diamond Ring, she said yes. Because of the colorless pear diamond, the Pear Diamond sparkles; this ring looks old and is ideal for engagement.

4. Carter Reum Engagement Ring To Paris Hilton

The Simple Life actor and Reum began dating in early 2020 and have been inseparable since their first date. After a year of dating, the entrepreneur felt confident enough to propose. 

On February 13, 2021, while the two were celebrating Hilton's 40th birthday on a secluded island, he found the right opportunity to pop the question. "When you find your soulmate, you wouldn't just know. As you can see, "Hilton expressed her emotions on social media. "Since our first date, my love and I have been together, and for my birthday, he organized a wonderful trip to a tropical paradise. As we walked along the beach to dinner, Carter brought us to a flower-adorned cabana and got down on one knee. 💍 I said yes, yes, yes to forever. There's no one I'd rather spend eternity with... Here's to the Forever Kind of Love."

Carter Reum Engagement Ring To Paris Hilton

This is the fourth celebrity engagement for the This Is Paris star, who has previously been engaged to ex-boyfriend Jason Shaw, Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis, and actor Chris Zylka. From the very beginning of our date, Reum told Vogue, "I was able to get to know the true Paris."  "Paris is a kind, bright, driven, authentic, and amazing [woman], as anyone who has seen her documentary or current advocacy work knows, and I can't wait to have her as a life partner."

On the beach, photos from the magical occasion were taken, highlighting Hilton's emerald-cut diamond ring by engagement ring designer Dousset. "I'm excited about the next stage and having such a supportive spouse," Paris added.  "Ours is an equal partnership. We help each other become better persons. He was well worth the wait!" Following the sweet moment, the couple celebrated in a little way with their loved ones.

Hilton's Engagement Ring

"Paris' design encompasses several of this year's most prominent engagement ring trends, such as elongated forms and three-stone styles," says Kathryn Money, senior vice president of Brilliant Earth. And she and Anand agree on the price: Hilton's Reum engagement ring costs well over $1 million, which is far less than her previous rings.

Despite three previous engagements, Hilton has failed to marry, but we're hopeful the fourth time's the charm. And, if Reum's custom design and the touching message behind Hilton's new engagement ring are any clues, we believe we will finally see Hilton as a bride!

Paris Hilton & Carter Reum Engagement Ring Specifications

The Carter Reum engagement ring costs around $2 million creating this emerald three-stone ring for Paris Hilton, is composed of 18KT white gold. Paris Hilton was happy with this emerald ring because it highlighted Carter Rheum's true love feelings.

Carter Reum's engagement ring, which is named after Paris Hilton aesthetically influenced by the design of one of Paris' most important historical buildings, is a magnificent depiction of the Grand Palais. The palace-like monument, located in the center of Paris, was created over a century ago and is dedicated to presenting the beauty of French art. The Grand Palais's most notable feature, according to Jean, is its structure, after which the Paris ring was precisely modeled.

Carter Reum and Paris Hilton will marry in Los Angeles in November 2021, surrounded by their families and friends. They have both been happy and cherished their lives. From us, we wish Paris Hilton and Carter Reum a happy wedding life.


Paris Hilton's collection of engagement rings includes pear diamond rings, emerald three-stone rings, and canary diamond rings. This explains why Paris Hilton preferred to wear beautiful engagement rings, which, of course, indicate love feelings or affection. As a result of this article, we can conclude that love has no place in the capital.

Chris Zylka was selected to design Paris Hilton's engagement ring. Of course, this was done in collaboration with his jeweler. We, at Diamondrensu also get a large number of inquiries for custom-made (engagement) rings.  That's not too rare. You don't want to make any compromises when you have a specific ring in mind. That is why we provide the option of recreating your ideas. We can build your perfect custom-made ring using a picture or even a thorough description. For further information, speak with our consultant.

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