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Everything You Need to Know About Moissanite Rose Cut Engagement Rings

Everything You Need to Know About Moissanite Rose Cut Engagement Rings

If you are shopping for engagement rings, then congratulations are in order! Whether it is for your hand or a loved one’s, it is only fitting that you purchase a gorgeous ring to celebrate this special occasion. You can spend hours browsing the internet or visiting multiple shops to find the perfect ring or – given that you might be on a time crunch due to various festivities – browse through Diamondrensu’s rose cut engagement rings catalog.

Your engagement ring will stay on your hand forever; it is a mark of love, trust, and a promise to spend your life and grow old with your special person. The ring you receive on your engagement will reflect your everlasting love and bond, and a rose cut engagement ring is the perfect piece of jewelry to accompany you on this new journey. Whether you plan to get down on one knee and propose to your loved one or are shopping for rings together, you can never go wrong with a rose cut moissanite ring. “Why a moissanite ring? Why not a diamond ring?” you may ask. While a diamond might come to mind first when thinking of engagement rings, considering a moissanite ring is an equally excellent idea.

Diamonds are a traditional choice for rings, and understandably so. However, diamonds are also heavy on your purse, literally and figuratively. Moissanite offers you a diamond’s sparkle, charm, elegance, and quality, but for a more affordable price. It might be challenging to make room in your budget for a ring amidst the engagement preparations. An engagement preparation requires managing catering, guest seating, selecting a venue, and shopping for outfits, which can take a toll on your wallet. Putting a diamond ring on the list will only add to your stress. A rose cut moissanite engagement ring gives you a respite from worrying about your bank account while simultaneously providing you with the glitz of a diamond ring.

3.50 TCW Oval Rose Cut Dazzling Vintage Style Moissanite Engagement Ring

3.50 TCW Oval Rose Cut Dazzling Vintage Style Moissanite Engagement Ring

The Best Advice You Could Ever Get About Rose Cut Moissanite Rings

If this is your first time purchasing moissanite rose cut ring, then learning about moissanite and its qualities would help you make a better and informed decision in selecting a suitable moissanite engagement ring.

An All-in-One Deal

Moissanite provides you with the whole package. It has clarity, durability, various hues of colors, an affordable price, and brilliance. ‘Brilliance’ is what you call a stone’s sparkle. When light passes through moissanite, it breaks down into two parts, which increases its ability to reflect light, giving it more brilliance. If you want durability, moissanite has a solution to your worries. According to the Mohs hardness scale, moissanite’s hardness stands at a solid 9.25, making it highly durable. You do not have to worry about your rose cut stone breaking, wearing, or tearing.


One of the best things about moissanite engagement rings is their customizable nature. Everyone has a unique personality, and since your ring reflects your personality, you can design and style it according to your wishes and needs. Want a special date or phrase? Diamondrensu can engrave it for you on your ring!

A Clear Decision

Moissanite has very, very slight inclusion, meaning whatever imperfections it might have will not show up on its surface, giving it exceptional clarity. Even though all moissanite rings have low inclusion, choose a ring with minimum inclusion, such as a 1.33 TCW Round Rose Cut Elegant and Lovely Moissanite Engagement Ring.

It is your engagement party, so go all out when it comes to dressing up and decorating your engagement ring! Moissanite has a ring for every style and preference. Glamorous, subtle, simple, vintage, modern, or funky – whatever your choice is, moissanite rings have your back. If you are unsure about styling your ring and are looking for a starting point, keep reading!

A Simple Rose Cut Ring is the New Trend

Moissanite stands out due to its unique properties, hues, and finishing. A moissanite ring sparkles the brightest when worn alone. Since it has high brilliance, surrounding it with other gems might hide its beauty. For instance, a 2.04 CT Pear Rose Cut Moissanite Solitaire Engagement Ring is a simple yet stunning handmade vintage cut ring that sports a colorless pear rose cut stone.

Expand Your Color Palette

Moissanite is unique because, unlike other stones that are colorless, moissanite reflects hues of various colors, including yellow, green, or grey. If your dress is red or blue, you can always pair your outfit with a Timeless and Classic Solitaire Bezel set 3.43 CT Round Rose Cut Ring. This timeless ring, available in cyan blue color, will add to your beauty and glow.

Add More Rings

Choosing only to wear your engagement ring on your left hand is understandable, as you wouldn’t want any other accessory to overshadow it. However, if you wish to wear rings on your right hand, rose cut engagement rings are your friends! You could either stack multiple rings on top of each other on a single finger or wear one on each hand. Either way, you would sparkle as bright as your rings.

Pair Your Rose Cut Moissanite Ring with Different Gems

If you do not want to take the simple route, you can pick a moissanite engagement ring with additional stones. For instance, as the name suggests, an Oval Rose Cut Three Stones Engagement Ring has three stones: an oval rose cut stone as the centerpiece and two round old European cut stones surrounding it from each side. 

1.31 TW Oval Rose Cut Vintage Inspired Half Moon Crescent Cluster Halo Engagement Ring

1.31 TW Oval Rose Cut Vintage Inspired Half Moon Crescent Cluster Halo Engagement Ring

The History of Rose Cut Moissanite Rings

Rose cut moissanite rings date back to 1893, when a French chemist, Dr. Henri Moissan, discovered the stone while sampling rocks from a meteor that crashed in Canyon Diablo, Arizona. However, Moissan, after whom the gemstone is named, misidentified it initially by labeling it as a diamond. It took him eleven years after discovering and sampling the rocks to change his initial diagnosis, as he found that moissanite’s chemical composition was different from a diamond’s. His final diagnosis stated that moissanite was silicon carbide.

Due to its origin, raw and natural moissanite is a rarity, which is why its manufacturing takes place in laboratories. Since moissanite is manufactured in labs, its production process is ethical. Mining is not required to dig up natural moissanite, which prevents deforestation and air and water pollution. Additionally, moissanite does not need an extra workforce to work long hours in unfavorable and dangerous locations. You can rest easy knowing your rose cut moissanite engagement ring was ethically sourced!

Since silicon carbide came before moissanite, it soon became clear that natural moissanite’s supply would be limited, whether for sampling and testing or for making jewelry items and accessories. Scientists and professionals devised a solution to produce more moissanite by creating it in laboratories. They created tiny crystals containing gems and exposed them to high thermal heat for long periods to help them develop and harden. Initially, artificially manufacturing the stone was a time-consuming and painstaking process, which is why it took scientists and experts years to prepare moissanite perfectly. Finally, after years, people saw moissanite hitting the market in the late 1990s.

Moissanite’s near-colorless quality, with dashes and hues of yellow, green, blue, and grey made it an instant hit. The gemstone, resembling a rainbow, soon joined the leagues of stones such as diamonds due to its durability, weight, and appearance. Its similarities to a diamond and its reasonable price added to its popularity. Moissanite’s sturdiness, sparkle, luster, and price make it a perfect engagement ring option.

How Much Should You Be Spending on Rose Cut Moissanite Rings?

One of moissanite rings’ most outstanding qualities is their price. Moissanite offers you a diamond’s charm, but in a way that does not hurt your wallet. The cost of moissanite rose cut engagement rings usually start from $100 to $500, depending on the stone, weight, and cut.

$100 to $199

If your budget allows you to shop for engagement rings within the $100 to $199 range, there are various options for you, such as:

  • Round Rose Cut Moissanite Diamond Bezel Set Two Tone Engagement Ring
  • Comfort-Fit Round Rose Cut Bezel Set Solitaire Moissanite Engagement Ring
  • Muse 0.65 TCW Round Rose Cut Classic Moissanite Engagement Ring
  • Lovely Round Rose Cut Bezel Set Solitaire Engagement Ring
  • Muse Engagement Ring - 1.10 CT Round Rose Cut Classic Moissanite Ring
  • 1.10 TW Round Rose Cut with Pear Moissanite Three Stones Engagement Ring

$200 to $299

You can find a stunning catalog of moissanite engagement rings ranging from $200 to $299, including:

  • Vintage Style Hexagon Outline Round Rose Cut Halo Engagement Ring
  • Classic Comfort-Fit Bezel Set Round Rose Cut Solitaire Moissanite Engagement Ring
  • 1.70 CT Oval Rose Cut Moissanite Two-Tone Petite Solitaire Engagement Ring
  • 1.88 CT Round Rose Cut Trellis Set Simple Solitaire Engagement Ring

$300 to $399

Within $300 to $399, you can shop for:

  • 2.17 TW Round Rose Cut and Bullet Cut Three Stones Engagement Ring
  • Beautiful Bezel Set 2.29 CT Round Rose Cut Solitaire Moissanite Engagement Ring

$400 to $499

If you are looking for rings within this budget range, you can go for a gorgeous rose cut stone 3.91 CT Cushion Rose Cut Bezel Set Solitaire Moissanite Wedding Ring!

5.33 TCW Hexagon Rose Cut Dazzling Micro Pave Halo Engagement Ring

5.33 TCW Hexagon Rose Cut Dazzling Micro Pave Halo Engagement Ring

In Conclusion

Elegant and beautiful rose cut engagement rings will only highlight and add to your glow. Diamondrensu’s curated collection provides you with the most dazzling and memorable selection of rings. If you want to wear a gorgeous engagement ring, check out Diamondrensu’s excellently curated collection of rose cut engagement rings by clicking here!

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