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Solitaire Engagement Rings: Your Complete Guide

Solitaire Engagement Rings: Your Complete Guide

Love is the strongest bond that two people can share. When you love someone, you cross certain milestones with them, and one of the most significant ones is engagement. You want to commit to each other, and, as a symbol of your commitment, you want to give a ring that reflects your union. But finding the right ring can be quite challenging; it requires research, budgeting, and selecting what your partner would love the most. Here’s a simple guide that will make hunting for solitaire engagement rings much easier. 

Antique 1 CT Spear Cut Lab Grown Diamond Ring, Solitaire Engagement Ring

Antique 1 CT Spear Cut Lab Grown Diamond Ring, Solitaire Engagement Ring

What to Look for in Solitaire Engagement Rings

Before getting into the characteristics to keep in mind before buying a ring, let’s get the definition right. As the name suggests, a solitaire ring has a solitary diamond that sits in the middle of a metal band. They are the perfect ring for when you’re planning to propose to your significant other. 

To select the right ring, look into the following criteria so that your ring turns out flawless. 


Solitaire engagement rings can come in a variety of sizes, depending on the carat. In technical terms, a diamond carat is 200 mg, and one carat stands for one unit or point. So the size of the diamond will depend on its weight and carat. 

Keeping the numbers aside, choosing a size your partner will appreciate is essential. If your partner wishes to wear the ring on a daily basis and does physically intensive work, then it’s best to choose a size that is more practical to wear every day. However, you can also go all out and pick a ring that will stand out and shine brighter than the sun. You can choose one depending on your budget and your partner’s preferences. 


When it comes to engagement rings, it is crucial to find the right shape that will look beautiful, elegant, and classy on your partner’s fingers. A diamond’s cut is essentially the way the solitaire has been shaped- it could be square, rectangle, oval, princess, and so on. If you want to go for simplistic designs, then a rectangle or round solitaire would look understated yet gorgeous. If your partner is into experimenting with style as much as you are, you can explore shapes like pear, marquise, or heart. 

Remember, there’s no shape that is the best among the lot. Each shape tells a story; you just need to find which one speaks to you. 


Most people are familiar with clear and colorless diamonds. But did you know, you can find diamonds in different hues as well? Be it red, yellow, green, or blue, you can have fun with the colors. However, if you want something that will remain valuable for a long time, then you can choose a colorless or near-colorless diamond. You can also choose a design wherein smaller diamonds of a color of your choice to surround the main solitaire. 

There’s more. The color of the band also makes a difference. You can go for platinum, gold, rose gold, or a band with encrusted diamonds. Make sure that it highlights the solitaire, and you’ll be good to go. 

Pros and Cons of a Solitaire Setting

There are not a lot of faults that one can find in a solitaire ring, but to improve your research, here are some advantages and disadvantages you can keep in mind before making a purchase. 


Simplistic Design

The simplicity of a solitaire diamond ring is what makes it beautiful. The single stone on the ring becomes the center of attention, and it looks highly sophisticated and graceful. The minimalistic style will make the ring shine, which is ideal for proposals and engagements. 

Classic Style

Not only is the design minimalistic, but it is a classic, which makes it timeless. They will remain priceless and valuable all their life, so your partner will be able to cherish them forever.


The best thing about solitaire engagement rings is that they pair well with other pieces of jewelry. You can easily match them with jewelry made with other metals and stones as well. 

2.0 CT Princess Cut Lab Created Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

2.0 CT Princess Cut Lab Created Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring


Too Basic

Now, here’s another thing. People often think that the simplistic and plain design of a solitaire ring can be boring. Well, if your partner likes intricate designs, you can always go for rings with multiple stones. But nothing is more precious than a solitaire. 

Weight Matters

When there’s a single stone on a ring, it is vital that you check that the solitaire’s strength is good enough to stay on it. Make sure the metal can take the weight of the diamond. The band shouldn’t be too thin or thick. If these things are not looked after, the ring may be at risk of breaking. 


Diamonds, especially naturally occurring diamonds, can be heavy on the wallet. The bigger the diamond, the more the carat, and the more expensive it will be. There’s a simple solution to this- you can opt for lab-grown diamonds for your solitaire diamond ring as they are relatively cheaper and the makers do not compromise on the composition of these stones. 

Lab-Created Diamond Solitaire Ring: Price

Understandably, you want to give only the best solitaire diamond ring, but the price may seem intimidating. The price of naturally occurring diamonds can be quite extravagant, which will burn a hole in your wallet. Instead, choose lab-grown diamonds. Don’t be mistaken by the name. Lab-created diamonds are as real as natural diamonds, it’s just that they are made in controlled environments by replicating the same processes that occur when they develop on earth. 

Interestingly, lab diamonds are at least 30-50% cheaper than mined diamonds, depending on shape and size. You can even go for bigger diamonds since the price will also be significantly cheaper.

Here are some solitaire engagement rings available at Diamondrensu that will blow your mind away. 

0.92 CT Round Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

This classic design is for those ladies who like to keep it simple yet elegant. The round brilliant cut is perfect if you want to propose to your partner with an engagement ring they can wear easily every single day. The 0.92-carat diamond sits beautifully on the metal band whole tone you can customize on the website. 

Ideally, a naturally-occurring diamond ring like this would cost about 2000$ or more, but this one is around 1000$. This goes to show the price difference between the two, and how you can benefit from buying a lab-created solitaire diamond ring

These days, emerald-shaped solitaire engagement rings are all the rage, and this ring clearly shows why that is so. This exquisite design is the epitome of grace, and the sleek design looks good on everyone. It’s a one-carat diamond, so it will be slightly heavier and more precious. The price is a steal too, as these generally cost more than 2500$. 

If you’re willing to go all out, then this might be the one for you and your partner. This 2-carat princess cut solitaire ring has everything and beyond when you look at an engagement ring. The cut of the stone gives a sense of regality, while the carat, weight, color, and size make the solitaire stand out. This is the ring for you if you want to make a once-in-a-lifetime investment.

Round Brilliant Cut Lab Created Diamond Bypass Setting Solitaire Engagement Ring: 0.80 CT

If you’re on a budget and still want to gift a stunning ring, then this one is among the more reasonable solitaire engagement rings available on Diamondrensu. Not only is the 0.80-carat stone the showstopper, but the arc band also makes a huge difference. It helps bring out the beauty of the diamond, which is what a band should do. Pick from a selection of metal tones, and personalize it per your partner’s liking. 

Finally, if you want to give something unique to your loved one, opt for something as different as this one-of-its-kind spear-cut ring. The shape of the stone is so distinctive that your significant other will fall in love with it. 

1 CT Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, EF/VVS Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire Ring

1 CT Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring, EF/VVS Lab Grown Diamond Solitaire Ring

In Conclusion

Selecting from an array of solitaire engagement rings can be tough, but not impossible. What you need is clarity on the kind of ring your partner will appreciate that will also be budget-appropriate. Make your proposal the most cherishable moment of your and your partner’s life by picking a ring that will symbolize your love for her. 

Diamondrensu offers unique and gorgeous solitaire rings designed and conceptualized by some of the world’s finest craftspeople. Moreover, Diamondrensu offers its client undivided attention during the time of purchase so that if there are any customization requests, they can fulfill them with perfection. Head over to the website and start browning for the ring that will mark your love and commitment to your significant other! 

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