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What Does Your Birthstone Say About You?

What Does Your Birthstone Say About You?

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  1. Wrapping Up

Any gemstone you wear loose stone or a beautiful jewelry piece has a vibrant history. For every month birthstones are assigned. Attaching different gems to all twelve months of the year brings good health, wealth, and fortune. Whether you gravitate towards one of the brightest gemstones diamond, or remain as cool as the cucumber of stones, amethyst, the stone you wear speaks volumes about your lifestyle. Diamondrensu has a gorgeous selection of birthstones. Find out what your stone says about you, and wear jewelry as dynamic as your personality!

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January: Garnet

Garnet is the gemstone that marks the beginning of new beginnings. A January birthstone, garnet is a rare stone. This stone is not a single mineral but a group of stones associated with each other. Since it is a selection of different minerals, it shines in various shades of green, pink, purple, and, most noticeably, pomegranate red.

Every garnet gemstone displays a unique property. For instance, some minerals reflect a pattern of stars, and some change colors according to the light. If you are a January gem, your birthstone signifies confidence, determination, and vigor. Garnet babies face obstacles head-on and are natural fighters and protectors. Garnet heals and protects the wearer, giving them strength and power.

From a single parent who works all day to give their child a fulfilling life and celebrates their kid's important milestones to a TA juggling their thesis and three part-time jobs, garnet wearers are diligent and hardworking.

February: Amethyst

If you are a February baby, amethyst is your stone. This February gemstone birthstone radiates a rich purple color. Since purple stands for royalty, folklore claims the stone holds ties with Bacchus, the God of wine. According to legend, this gemstone sharpens your wit and keeps your head clear, like Bacchus. If tales are to be believed, wearing amethyst prevents you from becoming inebriated.

Given its color, this jewel is a famous face in religious and royal stories. If your birthstone is amethyst, you are sharp witted, business oriented, and a keen learner. People with amethyst as their gemstone radiate positivity and optimism and exude a serene and assuring aura. They lend their ear in times of need and carry a comforting presence. Instead of looking at short term goals, they make long term plans and live each moment to the fullest.

March: Aquamarine

For this month, the birthstone that seals the deal is Aquamarine. Aquamarine's color resembles the sea. Sailors and travelers used to carry it with them for a safe, protected, and fruitful sea voyage. A famous gemstone during the middle ages, people believed Aquamarine could prevent poisoning and mend broken relationships and differences.

Aquamarine's color ranges from sea green to sea blue. Wearing it brings freshness and tranquility to your life. People with Aquamarine as their birthstone are great orators, listeners, and communicators. They believe in honesty, transparency, and open communication. Due to their compassionate nature, Aquamarine wearers resolve conflicts, settle arguments, and remain impartial. They consider the feelings of everyone involved and find a fair and acceptable solution to problems.

April: Diamond

Also known as the queen of gemstones, the diamond is April's birthstone. As the hardest stone, a diamond's hardness reflects in its wearers. April born personalities are headstrong and stand their ground. They take charge of situations and hold the 'come what may ideology. They are strong minded and radiate incredible willpower. Diamond wearers are brave and stubborn and handle every obstacle with all their might.

People born in April are trustworthy and reliable. Their determined nature makes them dependable and a shoulder to lean on. A true example of the proverb "a friend in need is a friend indeed," diamond wearers are highly loyal. From someone who does not shy away from reordering a wrong dish at restaurants to someone running an NGO, diamond personalities believe in an ethical and moral lifestyle. They respect honesty, trust, and transparency.

May: Emerald

Emerald's origin story is one for the history books. According to folklore, God gave King Solomon four stones, of which Emerald was one. Mythology believed wearing emeralds would grant the wearer a futuristic vision, cure diseases, and ward off evil spirits.

Emerald's royal green color is associated with growth and development. People with emeralds as their birthstone are passionate and loving. They do not hold grudges, forgive and forget, and believe in new beginnings. If you are a May baby, your friends, family, or colleagues probably come to you for personal or work related problems.

A symbol of romance, emerald is a gemstone of love, affection, and compassion. People born in May love deeply, believe in the idea of soulmates and are natural flirts. They believe in lifelong relationships, whether platonic or romantic. They prefer direct communication over cushioning the fall and building honest bonds with their loved ones. Due to their non-confrontational nature, most emerald wearers are introverts. However, their introverted nature should not be confused with being a pushover. They are social but also prefer spending time with themselves.

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Emerald Gemstone Engagement Ring, 1.81 CT Emerald Cut Halo Wedding Ring, May Birthstone Ring

June: Alexandrite

You can think of Alexandrite as the chameleon of gemstones because it changes its color according to the light of its surroundings. This stone is associated with perception, empathy, and keenness. Alexandrite's personalities take note of their environment, friends, and family. They are natural problem solvers and believe in resolving disputes immediately instead of letting them fester and grow. Their quick thinking and practical solutions prevent misunderstandings and miscommunication.

July: Ruby

If you are a July baby, you should start referring to yourself as royalty. Ruby signifies nobility, kingdom, and wealth. In one of ruby's many resounding tales, people believed rubies protected them from harm and danger. In another folklore, Burmese folk claimed merging ruby with the flesh would act as a shield against battle gear, such as swords and spears. As a hard gemstone birthstone symbolizes strength and power.

People with ruby as their birthstone believe in flair and dramatics. They are exuberant, flamboyant, and have a commanding presence. If you are a July baby, compassion is your love language. You are a social butterfly who makes heads turn in every room you walk in. Your dynamic personality seeks spontaneity and adventure, and you are the first one to spring into action during trying times.

August: Peridot

August's color is green, which is the color of  peridot. Ages ago, people believed shrines and cathedrals were adorned with emeralds due to their green color. However, while the jewels were green, they were peridot. In ancient times, people claimed that this gemstone, which forms from Earth's crust, protected them from night spirits.

Peridot wearers are kind and gentle souls. They believe in presenting their true selves and encourage others to become confident and bold. They are empathetic and in accord with the emotions and feelings of those around them. Due to their understanding nature, others feel calm and at home with them. August's personalities are bold and extroverted. Their charm and resilience put the spotlight on them. They don't actively seek attention, but their commanding aura makes them the talk of the town.

September: Sapphire

Sapphire, also known as the rainbow gemstone, is September's birthstone. Even though sapphire usually comes in blue, the stone is available in six out of seven rainbow colors, hence its nickname. Except for red, this gemstone offers six gorgeous shades and hues. A recurring character of various tales, sapphire was believed to represent loyalty, safety, faith, and guidance.

September babies are introverted and only reveal their bubbly personalities to those they are comfortable around. They present their views and opinions articulately and believe in thinking for sharing. Though they might not be social, their relationships are built on mutual trust, respect, and dependency. They tackle tough situations patiently and with thorough consideration. Sapphire personalities make informed decisions and keep a cool head in stressful situations.

October: Tourmaline

October has called dibs on the gemstone tourmaline. The colorful nature of this stone sets it apart from most minerals like its wearers. People who wear tourmaline have bright and dazzling personalities. They are born explorers who are constantly seeking new activities and adventures. Lazing around is not their vocabulary.

Even though they might exude a carefully composed impression, tourmaline personalities are always restless and buzzing around. They are perceptive and intuitive and tend to sense the slightest shifts in moods and temperaments.

Natural Tourmaline Gemstone Engagement Ring, 1.18 CT Emerald Cut October Birthstone Ring

Natural Tourmaline Gemstone Engagement Ring, 1.18 CT Emerald Cut October Birthstone Ring

November: Citrine

If you are a November baby, then your birthstone is citrine. This yellow or orange gemstone symbolizes joy, good luck, and a hurdle-free life. Citrine wearers emit positivity and optimism. They do not lose hope and keep their heads high in the darkest of times. They are social beings who prioritize their relationships and put the needs of their loved ones first.

December: Topaz

December holds the wisdom acquired throughout the year and puts it in topaz. As December's birthstone, topaz represents experience and wisdom. December babies are old souls who value tradition and routine. In ancient times, people believed that topaz was the cure to diseases and a bringer of good news. Topaz wearers are selfless and friendly and give excellent advice to people.

Wrapping Up

Gemstones spruce up your life, and for every month birthstones are present. Wearing a stone according to your birth month brings good luck and happiness. If your birthstone resonates with you, Diamondrensu has an exquisite collection curated for you!