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Diamondrensu Moissanite vs Others

Diamondrensu Moissanite vs Others

Table Of Contents

  1. Versatility
  2. Conflicts
  3. Cuts

Are you in search of a perfect substitute for diamonds that will make you forget your lust for the expensive stone? If yes, you must check out the collection of moissanite on the online store of Diamondrensu. Since its discovery during the late 19th century, moissanite has received lots of love both from jewelers and patrons of jewelers. However, the one company that has made the gemstone popular in recent times is Diamondrensu.

The section below would talk about the differences between moissanite sold by Diamondrensu and those offered by other stores.


Most shops selling moissanite jewelry would give you around two to three options when it comes to the color of stones. However, when buying a piece of jewelry from Diamondrensu, you will get to choose from at least eight + colors of moissanite. You may be looking for custom moissanite engagement rings or an eternity band to make your relationship even stronger, you’ll be allowed to choose from a series of fancy colored moissanite. The colors include Colorless, Near Colorless, Light Yellow, Cyan Blue, Black, Champagne, Orange, Off White, and others


Even the top jewelry stores fail to come up with moissanite that is completely devoid of conflicts. This sets Diamondrensu apart from all its competitors. Moissanite offered by the store is 100% conflict-free and eco-friendly. That’s the reason why the store keeps getting orders for moissanite wedding sets, the most treasured jewelry set for any woman.


Like diamonds, moissanite also needs to be cut skillfully. The cuts of these stones decide how splendid they will look and how much value they would add to a piece of jewelry. Most moissanite stores you will come across will not be able to offer you perfectly cut stones. Here also, Diamondrensu beats all its rival groups, hands down as all moissanite used are cut and polished by experienced craftsmen which are cut to nth degree perfection which helps moissanite to resemble diamond at most. It offers moissanite featuring the most valuable cuts. Here are a couple of examples:

Cushion Divine: As its name suggests, this cut makes the stone look like a cushion. The angles created by the cushion divine cut provides the stone with innumerable facts and thereby allows it to reflect an equal number of light rays. The result, as expected, is mind-blowing.

Depending on the preference of our customers, we make both square and elongated divine cuts and each is available in as many as eight colors. Divine cut moissanite complements both moissanite wedding bands and engagement rings perfectly.

Rensu Cut: Rensu cut is a specialty of Diamondrensu. The name of the cut has also been derived from the name of the company Diamond “Rensu”. The primary aim of the Rensu cut is to allow the stone to reflect the maximum amount of light. The stone is cut and polished in a way so that it sparkles more than moissanite boasting any other regular cut.

Diamondrensu uses Rensu cut to create stones in shapes like oval, pear, radiant, and cushion. So, you will be spoilt with options even when you choose to buy Rensu cut moissanite.

When shopping at the Diamondrensu online store, you will get to choose from a wide range of jewelry. The store has an amazing collection of earrings, engagement rings, wedding bands, and more. However, if you want, we will also make custom pieces exactly according to the specifications provided by you.

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