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Moissanite Jewelry Trends: What's Popular and How to Style Your Pieces

Moissanite Jewelry Trends: What's Popular and How to Style Your Pieces


Keeping up with the trends is a way to ensure that you always look your best. Whether it is clothes, shoes, or accessories, the trendiest ones have the benefit of adding value to your wardrobe. Staying updated with jewelry is easy, but getting your hands on the latest designs is not always the easiest. With Diamondrensu, you can now have moissanite jewelry following the fresh trends and today's designs. 

3.31 TCW Radiant Brilliant Cut Hidden Halo Pave Moissanite Wedding Set

3.31 TCW Radiant Brilliant Cut Hidden Halo Pave Moissanite Wedding Set

Even when you know everything about the jewelry trends, it is also critical that you know how to style your pieces. Otherwise, even the most unique and exquisite accessories will not make the impact that you desire. By following fashion and using your creative juices, you can carve a specific style statement for yourself, thereby making shopping and styling easier for you. Even making minute changes to Diamondrensu moissanite rings makes them a unique representative of yourself. 

Importance of Moissanite Engagement Rings


This is the top factor that makes moissanite engagement rings so important to today's couples. For all those who do not want to break the bank on wedding jewelry and preparation but still desire a classy wedding, opting for moissanite is a no-brainer. Looking so much like a diamond and available in cuts, colors, clarity, and carats that diamonds are rarely found, moissanite jewelry is a way to get your dream jewelry under a budget. Coming at a fraction of the price of a diamond, you can go big with moissanite and still not blow up your limit.

Greater Brilliance 

Moissanite rings are becoming increasingly popular due to another reason – their exceptional brilliance. Moissanite gives out a more colorful rainbow-like sparkle than the white radiance of diamonds. Even under the dullest of lights, you can find the fire of this stone. If you have donned a piece of moissanite jewelry, it will easily be the first thing that others notice about you.


As a diamond alternative, moissanite is occasionally mistaken for a fake diamond, often viewed as a less reliable and durable stone. Busting this myth is essential because the solidity of the stone rivels natural diamonds. This is another forever stone that can last you a lifetime without losing its shine. Just like you will pass down the love for your beloved, your pristine moissanite jewelry also can be passed down in the family. 


As we said before, moissanite is a forever stone. It is a sturdy gemstone, and the jewelry made with it is durable. In terms of hardness, it ranks slightly lower than diamonds in hardness, but moissanite is equally resistant to abrasions and scratches. Moissanite is a great choice if you need engagement rings that can withstand the trials of daily wear, such as chipping and breaking. Moissanite is a lot better suited for everyday use than other stones like sapphires and emeralds. 

5.00 CT Emerald Cut Colorless Pave Halo Moissanite Engagement Ring

5.00 CT Emerald Cut Colorless Pave Halo Moissanite Engagement Ring

Low Maintenance

Proper jewelry maintenance is crucial in keeping the pieces in their best shape and shine. Many gemstones out there require rigorous treatments and care routines to stay clean and new. This is not the case with moissanite because you can wear the jewelry all the time, and it will only need an occasional wipe down or polishing to keep the sparkle alive. 


Unlike your diamonds, you can rest assured that moissanite is always sourced ethically. They are created in labs in the best conditions available. While wearing moissanite engagement rings, you need not think of the environmental, social, or humanitarian impacts caused, which cannot be said for diamonds. 

Most Fetching Engagement Ring Styles

Round Brilliant Cut 

Round-cut diamonds have been a favorite ever since their inception. Seeing that the particular shape and cut enhance the brilliance of the stone, it is no wonder that everyone flocks to this style. Even for moissanite rings, the popularity of the round brilliant cut remains undefeated. Another reason why the style has earned the top place in people's hearts is because it is versatile. These stones can be set as solitaires into geometric patterns and any other pattern you can think of. This is the perfect engagement ring style if you love the classic aesthetic.

Our Picks

Pave Setting

Want more of that gemstone fire? The pave setting is your perfect style for adding a never-ending sparkle to your engagement rings. This style stands for luxury, thanks to the precious stones set at every turn of the ring. Especially when done on white gold or platinum metal bands, the pave setting appears more ethereal and befitting the grand wedding you are having.

Our Picks

Three-Stone Setting 

The three-stone setting has an interesting story for all those looking to convey a message with their engagement ring. The characteristic three stones at the center of rings in this style stand for the past, present, and future that you want to share with your partner. We believe that there is nothing more romantic than three-stone rings done with your favorite gemstones and metal. Moreover, the three stones set into the band are a great way to ensure a subtle radiance at all times. 

Our Picks

Trillion Cut 

This is one of the go-to styles for engaged couples who want ring styles not frequently chosen by others. Coming from the Netherlands, the trillion-cut stone has a triangular shape with pointed or blunt edges. These stones stand out greatly whether used as the main stone, in geometric patterns, or as accents. The shallow cuts on the stone make it appear larger than it is, and the cut also prevents the stone from chipping easily. As a favorite among those looking for alternative styles, the trillion-cut engagement rings offer an elegant and radiant option.

Antique 0.50 to 4.0 TW Trillion Step Cut Moissanite, Fancy Cut Best Pair Moissanite

Antique 0.50 to 4.0 TW Trillion Step Cut Moissanite, Fancy Cut Best Pair Moissanite

Our Picks

Vintage Halos

The halo setting was all the rage back in the 20s, and it is picking up interest now as a vintage style. With a larger center stone nestled in a bed of smaller moissanite stones, the ring is a visual treat for everyone. If you have an impressive center stone, you'll want to frame and showcase it properly. The halo setting is the right one. For those looking to get down on one knee with an ornate and striking ring, there is no better choice than this one. If you have a partner with an old soul, this should win their heart every day. 

Our Picks

The Solitaire Engagement Ring: A Trend That Never Quits

Of all the engagement ring trends in the world, the solitaire setting cannot be missed. The solitaire setting is timeless and has never gone out of style and, perhaps, never will. As a subtle, simple, and understated form of elegance, solitaires put the moissanite as the center of attention and let it speak for itself. 

At Diamondrensu, we believe that solitaire is the most romantic style, and we love every rendition of it. Whether it is a round brilliant diamond at the center or a heart-shaped one, you cannot go wrong with solitaire moissanite engagement rings. Having skilled artisans working on your solitaire adds to its beauty, and other customization only makes the ring more personal. Get in touch with Diamondrensu to learn more about adding personal touches to your engagement ring. 

Our Picks


Moissanite jewelry is an indulgence that you need not feel guilty about. Giving you more options than any other gemstone out there, choosing moissanite jewelry for special occasions can benefit you in more ways than one. As an affordable alternative to diamonds, you can now have more sparkle for fewer bucks. 

The wide range of moissanite collections at Diamondrensu can give you an idea of how good moissanite can be. All you need is an open mind, creativity, and knowledge about your style; we can help you with the rest. So get ready to find your dream engagement ring with us now!

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