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Rensu Cut Vs Traditional Cut

rensu cut vs traditional cut - Diamondrensu

Are you planning to buy a moissanite engagement ring or wedding band? If yes, then one name you can rely on is Diamondrensu. We have the most versatile collection of moissanite jewelry. You’ll never feel bad for not buying expensive diamond pieces once you have a few from Diamondrensu’s exclusive collection in your jewelry box.

The fact that has allowed us to beat all our competitors convincingly and consistently is the uniqueness of the products we offer. Other than offering jewelry featuring moissanite in all traditional cuts, colors, and shapes, our team at Diamondrensu has discovered a special cut; it’s called Rensu cut. The name Diamondrensu has been derived from the name of this distinct cut.

Read on to know the difference between traditional cut and Rensu cut moissanite.

Which One Makes a Better Substitute for Diamond?

Moissanite is known for reflecting light almost as vividly as diamonds. However, the introduction of Rensu cut moissanite has reduced the differences between the two even further. Diamondrensu has come up with this one-of-its-kind cut and a subsequent polish to ensure that the stone can reflect the maximum amount of light. Traditional cut moissanite is also on-demand, but it cannot reflect as much light as the Rensu cut pieces.

What Are the Shapes Available?

You can get traditional cut moissanite in all popular shapes including round, oval, pear, cushion, etc. The same stands true even for Rensu cut stones. However, only Rensu cut stones can do justice to all these shapes. For example, if you opt for emerald cut moissanite wedding rings, it would be wise to pick square stones. As the cut complements the square shape more than any other available options.

You’ll not need to be so choosy if you want your ring to boast Rensu cut moissanite. The cut looks perfect in all shapes.

What Are the Colors Available?

You will get to customize engagement rings, eternity bands, wedding earrings, and more using moissanite. Unlike traditional cut stones, the Rensu cut pieces will give you the option of adorning these ornaments with moissanite in a range of colors. Traditional cut moissanite looks good only in traditional colors.

A Few More Pointers to Remember

Rensu cut moissanite is known to possess a perfect finish. They are always conflict-free pieces and their durability doesn’t get hampered by the cut. These two features make them perfect for engagement rings (almost as perfect as diamonds), which are pieces of jewelry the owners want to last for years and look perfect. So, if you are looking to order a custom moissanite ring, it would be a good idea to opt for Rensu cut stones.

Final Words

Rensu cut is not the only moissanite cut Diamondrensu specializes in. You will also get to order custom moissanite engagement rings featuring cushion divine cut stones. Our store’s collection also includes numerous eye-catching emerald-cut, princess-cut, and round-cut pieces. You cannot ignore the vibrancies of these pieces. However, if you want to be unique, opting for Rensu cut stones should be the way to go for you.


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