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Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide: For Him

Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide: For Him


Finding gifts for men always seems to pose more difficulty than it needs to. The gift has to suit their fashion, personality, their field of work, and so much more. If you still cannot figure out what he wants, it's time to roll up your sleeves and dig around until you find what you are looking for. The men in your life are perhaps the greatest givers you have come across. You certainly need to nail the presents you give them this time. 

A general theme that appears while looking for presents for him is that lustrous and elaborate gifts come up as a hard no. Most of the time, men seem to prefer gifts that are filled with effort, not the price or look. With this in mind, what should you gift someone who takes gifting as a competition and outdoes you effortlessly each time? We at Diamondrensu believe that an introduction to accessorization or expanding his knowledge on the topic can be a good one.

Statement Ring, 2.37 CT Emerald Cut Moissanite Half Bezel Solitaire Ring

Jewelry Gifts for the Men in Your Life

Gifting men is not always the easiest; gifting men jewelry is closer to impossible. When you have browsed through all the usual gifts and landed again at a jewelry store for men, it is the sign you need to prove that he is in need of some accessories. If you don't want the undeniable stress of choosing between colognes and cufflinks, think offbeat and give the man some jewelry already! 

All you need to know is the kind of metal he likes and the style he prefers. The number of options that become available to you just with this information is astounding. Now, here is the perfect jewelry gift that you should get every man in your life.  

Boyfriend or Husband

Are you looking for something special to gift your boyfriend or husband for an occasion? The same old list of gifts will be safe, but they will also be incredibly boring. If your partner is known to wear a statement ring here or a metallic bracelet there, then jewelry is the best option for a coaxing maximum surprise from him. Also, love and gold are considered connected in many cultures, and if you happen to belong to one of them, this gift will be another way to express your feelings without saying it. 

Consider this 2.37 CT Emerald Cut Moissanite Half Bezel Solitaire Ring, for instance. As it is one of the simplest designs out there, your partner can pair this with any outfit without it being flashy. The east-to-west design of this ring is quite unique, making it appear sturdier. The non-traditional setting of the emerald moissanite has not taken away its sparkle in the least. Moreover, the broad half-bezel and thick shank lend a bold style to the ring. Indeed, this is one of those rings with a strong contemporary design that makes you think it was specially made for him.


Getting your mother a string of pearls or a delicate necklace for Mother's Day seems acceptable but shopping for Father's Day always leads to the dullest items, don't you think? If you have already given a few too many #1 Dad in the world mugs, neckties, and shirts for Father's Day, you need to step out of your comfort zone and explore more gift options for your father. A fine jewelry gift might not be amiss for this Father's Day or any day you want to celebrate your father. While buying jewelry for your father, make it special so that he can wear it for years to come. 

Look at this 0.55 CT Round Brilliant Cut Solitaire Men's Moissanite Ring for inspiration. At Diamondrensu, we believe in effortless elegance, and this ring embodies that. As a classic ring suitable for Father's Day, your father cannot say that the accessory is too much. The ring is truly a masterpiece, with the right amount of sparkle from the single moissanite at the center. The band will look stunning on the wearer's fingers regardless of your choice of precious metal. However, we are partial to the 18k white gold band because it brings out the stone's radiance in a subtle yet sophisticated manner. As a Father's Day gift, nothing tops this.

0.55 CT Round Brilliant Cut Solitaire Men's Moissanite Engagement Ring

0.55 CT Round Brilliant Cut Solitaire Men's Moissanite Engagement Ring


Your bond with your brother is something out of this world. For someone who has been your partner-in-crime for years, both of you should already have best friend necklaces with each other's nicknames. If not, it is high time that you get him jewelry. Celebrate the bond with your siblings in style and surprise them with some treats and gifts. After all the gag gifts you have gotten each other, this one is going to count. 

This 6.26 TW Round Brilliant Cut Trio Channel Set Unique Moissanite Ring is just what you need for your brother to know how much thought you put into picking this jewelry gift. For someone who dresses smart and has places to be, this ring is one way to add some twist to everyday looks. Your brother might be skeptical when he hears of a moissanite ring with a round brilliant cut colorless moissanite diamond beautifully held with claw prongs, but once he lays eyes on this ring, there is no going back. What really sells this ring is the tiny round-cut diamond held in the channel setting, which is set on the upside and downside of the ring. And to top it off, another three rows of round cut moissanite diamonds are set in a channel setting, which partially surrounds the shank. This is the taste of luxury that your brother deserves and the touch of style he needs. 

Men's Engagement Ring, 6.26 TW Round Brilliant Cut Trio Channel Set Unique Moissanite Engagement Ring

Men's Engagement Ring, 6.26 TW Round Brilliant Cut Trio Channel Set Unique Moissanite Engagement Ring


Your partner's father needs to be impressed if you want to avoid awkward family gatherings in the future. If you are a newlywed couple, some gifts to get the families together and celebrate is a great way to unite everyone. Whether your relationship with your father-in-law is new or not, it needs nurturing. There is no better way to convey the importance that your partner's father has in your life other than a fine jewelry gift. Since the man raised your partner, whom you care for so deeply, your gifts should certainly reflect this. 

From customized cufflinks to classy watches, there are more than enough gifts that you can pick out for your father-in-law. Even solid bracelets in precious metals are feasible options. Be sure to get your partner's input on your choice of gifts because you can never be sure enough about your father-in-law's tastes. If you stick to useful and timeless gifts, you should have no trouble winning the father-in-law over.


If you have experience shopping for a large pool of friends, you can easily confirm that picking gifts for your male friends is significantly trickier than doing so for your female friends. For all those friends who are not impressed enough with what you got them before, shock them with the best gift one could get their friend. Best friend necklaces for 2 may seem like a gag gift, but if you execute it right, you have a banger gift for your friend. 

If your friend is someone who never wears jewelry, this is a smooth way to get them started. A custom name necklace is also an option, but it does not have the sentimental value that best friend necklaces do. Instead of going up and down the city looking for a gift that stands out to you, please place an order for best friend necklaces for 2 or more with us

Wrapping the Jewelry Gift

Now that you have your hands on the best gifts for him, the next step is presenting them well. Simply showing up in front of someone with jewelry might look odd, so your gift needs to announce itself in style. Since you have gone and got a jewelry gift for him, like a ring or best friend necklaces for 2, take it a step further and purchase a jewelry box as well. 

Jewelry boxes for men come in many styles. There are enough options with leather and chrome so that it does not even look like a regular jewelry box. This is a great way to ensure that he takes care of the gift and stores it popularly. You can make a whole package gift with this box. 


Men wearing jewelry is not as uncommon as it was a couple of decades ago. With fashion evolving to include various elements to make an outfit work and teaching the masses about the importance of accessorization, jewelry for men also has more options. 

If the men in your life look like they could use some style in their wardrobe, then it is time for you to get them jewelry. Think along the lines of minimal moissanite rings or best friend necklaces. They might be reluctant to start incorporating it into their outfit, but within the first couple of compliments, they will be won over. 

Don't wait any longer and start shopping for him now!

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