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Elizabeth Taylor Engagement Rings Collection

Elizabeth Taylor Engagement Rings Collection

Celebrities have been a major source of inspiration for many people over the last few decades. This is especially true for fashion, beauty, and trends. Celebrities' engagement rings are one thing that never fails to impress.

Elizabeth Taylor was the epitome of this. Elizabeth Taylor's vast jewelry collection reflects her life of love and tragedy. The actor was married eight times, divorced seven times, and widowed once. Her personal life was only slightly less vibrant than the magnificent stones that glistened from her numerous rings, necklaces, bracelets, and brooches.

Taylor's first truly spectacular gemstone occurred in 1956 when Mike Todd proposed to the then-24-year-old with a "not quite 30 but twenty-nine-and-a-half" carat engagement ring.

While most women's engagement rings are the focal point of their jewelry collection, Taylor's were modest in comparison to her non-matrimonial rocks - she had been married to Richard Burton for five years when the couple purchased the famous $ 1 million (£750,000) stone known as the Taylor-Burton diamond.

A collection of Elizabeth Taylor engagement rings, which her husband gave her, is featured here. So, let us begin by displaying the ancient and valuable collection of Liz Taylor engagement rings from the past.


1. Liz Taylor Engagement Ring by Conard Hilton Jr.

Taylor had already been engaged and disengaged with Army football hero Glenn Davis when they met at L.A.'s Mocambo nightclub in October 1949. Millionaire Bill Pawley Hilton, a known playboy, gambler/alcoholic, and son of innkeeper Conrad Hilton senior, was enamored instantly. They married on May 6, 1950, at Beverly Hills' Church of the Good Shepherd.

Liz Taylor Engagement Ring by Conard Hilton Jr.

He proposed to her with a platinum 4-carat diamond ring. This platinum ring has a stunning appearance. We all know that Elizabeth Taylor has impeccable taste in engagement rings. As a result, the initial Liz Taylor engagement ring cost $10,000.

2. Liz Taylor Engagement Ring by Micheal Wilding

Michael Wilding, an English actor, proposed to Elizabeth Taylor with a diamond-studded sapphire engagement ring. Taylor and Wilding, who was 20 years her senior, married in London's Caxton Hall and had two sons, Michael and Christopher.

Liz Taylor Engagement Ring by Micheal Wilding

She said she "sort of emotionally damaged him and maybe wasn't mature enough for him," which is thought to be the reason for their 1956 divorce. Her profession was on the ascent, whereas he was not. Talking to Life magazine in 1964, Taylor stated she married Wilding for "the serenity and quiet and security of friendship".

Michael had a relationship with Elizabeth Taylor. That's why he presented this costly ring as a symbol of his love. Elizabeth Taylor's engagement ring cost $500000 gifted by Micheal Wilding.

3. Liz Taylor Engagement Ring By Mike Todd

Michael Todd, a film producer, was Elizabeth Taylor's third husband. Mike Todd proposed with a stunning Cartier ring towards the end of 1956. When queried about the ring, Taylor referred to it as a "friendship ring," despite the fact that it was an engagement ring. After a brief romance, the pair married on February 2, 1957, in a tiny wedding ceremony at Acapulco City Hall.

Liz Taylor Engagement Ring By Mike Todd

Taylor referred to the large diamond as her "ice skating rink" because of its vastness. When it comes to investigating Elizabeth's flawless jewelry collection, the emerald cut 29.4-carat ring from Mike Todd is generally neglected. Todd also gave her the diamond heart pendant from the movie Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Elizabeth Taylor has worn many pieces from her personal collection on screen throughout her life.

Mike Todd was tragically killed in a plane crash on March 22, 1958. Taylor continued to wear the engagement ring following his death, but it was not included in her jewelry collection auction in 2011. Taylor reportedly sold the diamond ring in 1959, possibly to settle Mike Todd's estate.

4. Liz Taylor Engagement Ring by Richard Burton

Taylor married Welsh actor Richard Burton twice, but neither time he gave her an engagement ring. Taylor put an emerald Bulgari brooch on her marigold wedding gown for the initial proposal. "Richard was so passionate that he'd use any excuse to gift me a piece of jewelry," Taylor writes in Elizabeth Taylor: The Autobiography.

Liz Taylor Engagement Ring by Richard Burton

My Addiction to Jewellery. "He'd give me 'It's a wonderful day' or 'Let's go for a walk' gifts. Taylor got a Bulgari necklace with a 32-carat Burmese sapphire pendant during their marriage, as well as the Krupp diamond, which Burton paid $305,000 (£233,000) for in 1968. And, of course, the $1 million (£750,000) stone that was christened the Taylor-Burton diamond five years into their first marriage.

5. Elizabeth Taylor's Engagement Ring by John Warner's Love Symbolism Ring

When Taylor decides to divorce Richard Burton, her long-term husband. She was married to a United States Senator. Liz Taylor received a multi-shape diamond and gemstone ring from John Warner. John Warner gave Elizabeth Taylor $300,000 Rubies and Diamond Engagement Ring.

Elizabeth Taylor Engagement Ring by John Warner's Love Symbolism Ring

The ring contains red rubies and emerald-cut diamonds set in gold metal. They divorced when John was elected to the United States Senate. This ring is an example of a stone and diamond combination of various colors.

6. Elizabeth Taylor Engagement Ring by Victor Luna’s Sapphire Ring 

Victor Luna, a Mexican lawyer, proposed to Taylor with a 16-carat sapphire ring in 1983, but the engagement was called off in August 1984, before the wedding. "The couple indicated they would remain strong friends," Taylor's publicist said at the time, insisting that the decision was unrelated to Richard Burton's death earlier that month.

 Elizabeth Taylor Engagement Ring by Victor Luna’s Sapphire Ring

Liz Taylor received a sapphire birthstone ring from Victor Luna, and the Elizabeth engagement ring cost $50000. The ring metal is White Gold, which is commonly used to make engagement rings.

7. Elizabeth Taylor Engagement Ring by Dennis Stein

After a passionate two-month affair, millionaire Dennis Stein proposed to Taylor with a massive sapphire engagement ring at the end of 1984.

Elizabeth Taylor Engagement Ring by Dennis Stein

Taylor and Stein, a film executive, had been dating for approximately a month before he proposed on Wednesday night. Later, in February 1985, Elizabeth and the successful businessman called off their wedding and remained friends.

8. Elizabeth Taylor Engagement Ring by Larry Fortensky

He is the least well-known of Taylor's spouses. Fortensky worked in construction, and the two met in rehabilitation.

Elizabeth Taylor Engagement Ring by Larry Fortensky

Taylor married at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, and the wedding photos were sold to a magazine for $1 million. Taylor utilized the funds to launch her AIDS organization. Despite their divorce in 1996, the pair remained in touch until Taylor's death in 2011.

While Elizabeth Taylor had numerous romantic romances outside of marriage, she appeared to be a traditionalist, claiming". I guess I didn't know what was love and what wasn't at first. I always pretended to be in love, and that love was associated with marriage. I needed to get married; I couldn't just have a relationship. However, it is clear that some of her greatest pleasures in life were her diamonds and other gems. She considered herself their keeper, guarding them while she was still living so that others could enjoy them once she was gone.

The Most Famous Elizabeth Taylor Engagement Ring

The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond is the name given to Elizabeth Taylor's most famous engagement diamond. It was previously known as the Krupp Diamond. It's a stunning Asscher-cut diamond weighing 33.9 carats.

The fact that it wasn't intended to be an engagement ring is what makes it so special. When it was still known as the Krupp Diamond, Richard Burton won a bidding battle for it. In the late 1960s, he paid $307,000 for it. Nothing compared to the $8.8 million price tag it now carries.

Burton gave Taylor this diamond while they were on their yacht in London. He then had the magnificent stone fitted into a ring. The diamond is classified as a category IIa by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America). This type of stone is extremely translucent. They are said to be more chemically pure than most other diamonds.

Sale of Elizabeth Taylor’s  Ring Collection

Elizabeth Taylor insisted on keeping Richard's magnificent engagement diamond and wore it virtually every day. She did, however, sell the majority of the other jewelry he gave her during their marriages. She frequently donned jewels from her own collection while on-screen.

Following her death in December 2011, the iconic ring, along with other gems, was auctioned off at Christie's. The total amount after all sales was a stunning $156 million. Her renowned ring was then sold for $8.8 million to the South Korean business E-Land. The ring sold for a record $265,697 per carat for a colorless diamond.

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