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Meghan Markle Ring: A Detailed Analysis of Its Beauty and Significance

Meghan Markle Engagement Ring
Meghan Markle's engagement ring has been a topic of interest ever since it first made an appearance on the finger of the then-actress, who would soon become the Duchess of Sussex. The ring, which was designed by her fiancé, Prince Harry, has an interesting backstory, while also reflecting the personal tastes of the couple. It consists of a stunning center stone, sourced from Botswana, and two smaller diamonds from the personal collection of the late Princess Diana – an ode to her memory and to the union of two worlds.

Meghan Markle's engagement ring has been a topic of interest ever since it first made an appearance on the finger of the then-actress, who would soon become the Duchess of Sussex. The ring, which was designed by her fiancé, Prince Harry, has an interesting backstory, while also reflecting the personal tastes of the couple. It consists of a stunning center stone, sourced from Botswana, and two smaller diamonds from the personal collection of the late Princess Diana – an ode to her memory and to the union of two worlds.

Over time, Meghan has made some changes and additions to the ring, staying true to her unique sense of style. A notable personal touch was the addition of a delicate pave band that replaced the original, more traditional gold band. In addition to her engagement ring, Meghan wears a royal wedding band made from Welsh gold, which is a royal family tradition. The Duchess of Sussex continues to impress with her elegant and diverse jewelry collection, which features sustainable and ethical pieces that align with her values.

Key Takeaways

  • Meghan Markle's engagement ring features a center stone from Botswana and two diamonds from Princess Diana's collection.
  • The Duchess of Sussex added personal touches to the ring, including a pave band.
  • Meghan's jewelry collection showcases her commitment to sustainability and ethical fashion.

The Meghan Markle Engagement Ring


The engagement ring of Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, features a stunning design with significant meaning behind it. The yellow gold band, chosen by Prince Harry as Meghan's favorite, elegantly complements the centerpiece diamonds. One of the most striking aspects of the ring is its center stone, a beautiful diamond from Botswana. This choice holds a special sentimental value for the couple, as they spent time together in the African nation. Surrounding the Botswana diamond are two smaller diamonds from Princess Diana's collection, as a touching tribute to Prince Harry's late mother.

The classic, radiant cut of the diamonds creates a timeless style, resembling some vintage wedding rings. The center stone is cushion cut, similar to a cathedral set solitaire ring, adding a touch of contemporary elegance to the overall design.


2.87 TCW Radiant Moissanite Antique Vintage Style Engagement Ring


2.87 TCW Radiant Moissanite Antique Vintage Style Engagement Ring


The Meghan Markle engagement ring features conflict-free diamonds, emphasizing the couple's dedication to ethical sourcing. The beautiful Botswana center stone is not only a significant symbol of their shared experiences but also represents a responsible choice in diamond procurement.

In addition to the impressive Botswana diamond, the engagement ring is adorned with two round diamonds from Princess Diana's personal collection. This inclusion creates a heartfelt connection to royal history and a nod to the late Queen's iconic style.

With its ethically sourced diamonds and meaningful origins, the Meghan Markle engagement ring is a stunning representation of the royal couple's love and values. The intricate design, yellow gold band, and connection to Princess Diana make it an unforgettable piece with a timeless elegance, not unlike other exquisite diamond rings such as the pear lab grown diamond halo engagement ring and the fancy blue pear cut lab grown diamond ring.

Changes and Additions to the Ring

A man making changes to a diamond ring

Resizing the Ring

When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got engaged, Meghan's ring initially featured a simple yellow gold band that held the diamonds in place. However, Meghan later decided to resize her ring, which involved adjusting the band to fit her finger more comfortably. Resizing a ring is a common practice for many people to ensure the perfect fit and comfort.

Eternity Band

Following their wedding, Meghan Markle's husband, Prince Harry, gifted her an eternity ring. An eternity band, symbolizing everlasting love, typically features small, equally-sized diamonds or gemstones encircling the entire band. This addition makes Meghan's ring set even more stunning and meaningful.

Upgraded Diamond Band

Meghan Markle's engagement ring originally had a plain yellow gold band, but she later opted for an upgrade to a diamond band. This updated band features micro-pavé set diamonds that add extra sparkle and elegance to the ring. The new band was crafted by the renowned British jeweler, Cleave and Company, who also created Kate Middleton's wedding ring.

In summary, Meghan Markle's ring has experienced several changes and additions since it was first presented to her. A resize, an eternity band, and an upgraded diamond band have all contributed to its evolving beauty and sentimental value.

Personal Touches

Birthstones in a diamond ring

Meghan Markle's ring showcases not only its symbolic beauty but also carries significant personal touches. The thoughtful design elements of her ring make it unique and meaningful to the entire family.

Birthstones for the Family

Incorporating birthstones into a ring is a beautiful way to add a personal touch and create a connection with loved ones. Meghan's ring features a trilogy design, with each stone representing a member of the family. The center stone is a diamond, which symbolizes Meghan's pregnancy and the birth of her child. Surrounding this center stone are two other birthstones, representing her husband and herself. This design choice honors their unity as a family and symbolizes their love and commitment to each other.

Besides the birthstones, the ring also holds other personal touches. Meghan's trilogy ring is not only a stunning piece of jewelry but also served as an upgrade to her original engagement ring. The upgraded ring was given to her by Prince Harry, celebrating their wedding anniversary. This gesture demonstrates the continuous growth and development of their relationship and reflects their evolving journey as a couple.

Meghan's ring has also been connected to positive omens by some experts. For instance, authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand point out in their book that the updated ring is a symbol of good fortune for the couple and their family. This interpretation gives even more meaning to the intricate design and personal touches of the ring.

The Royal Wedding Band

Meghan Markle's Wedding with Prince Harry

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married, they chose a special wedding band to symbolize their love and commitment. Meghan's wedding band was made of Welsh gold, a longstanding royal tradition. In this section, we will explore the significance of Welsh gold and the role it plays in royal weddings.

Welsh Gold

Welsh gold is a rare type of gold that is found in the mines of Wales. It is known for its distinctive rose-tinted hue and has been used in royal wedding bands for many years. It is considered to be a valuable and unique metal, adding an extra level of significance to Meghan's eternity wedding band.

The tradition of using Welsh gold in royal wedding bands dates back to 1923 when the Queen Mother, then Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, married the future King George VI. Since then, it has been used in the wedding bands of various members of the royal family, including Queen Elizabeth II and the late Princess Diana.

Royal Tradition

Welsh gold has become synonymous with the British royal family, and its use in Meghan Markle's wedding band highlights the couple's commitment to upholding royal traditions. It is worth noting that Welsh gold is not the only aspect of Meghan's wedding jewelry that adheres to royal tradition. Her engagement ring features a conflict-free diamond, which is another essential feature for the ethical-minded royal family.

In conclusion, Meghan Markle's wedding band, made of precious Welsh gold, represents both her connection to Prince Harry and their commitment to continuing royal traditions. Together, the Welsh gold and conflict-free diamond symbolize a union of love, respect, and tradition in the royal family.

Meghan's Jewellery Collection

Meghan Markle Jewellery Collection

Other Notable Rings

Meghan Markle has a penchant for exquisite jewellery, especially rings. Her emerald cut diamond engagement ring features a stunning center stone, flanked by two diamonds from Princess Diana's personal collection. Another one of Meghan's eye-catching rings is her Cartier pinky ring, which she was seen wearing during a sit-down interview with the BBC.

Iconic Earrings

Meghan has been spotted wearing several remarkable earrings throughout her time in the public eye. On various occasions at Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace, Meghan showcased her love for radiant cut moissanite earrings. These dazzling earrings complement her elegant style and emphasize her royal appearance.

Another notable set of earrings in Meghan's collection is the pair she wore during the announcement of her engagement to Prince William. The earrings, featuring 1 ct radiant cut lab-grown diamonds, perfectly complemented her engagement ring and showcased her sophisticated taste.


Meghan's necklace collection also includes several standout pieces. According to the biography, Finding Freedom, Prince William gifted Meghan with a striking sapphire necklace during their courtship. The deep blue hue of the sapphire made a bold statement and added a touch of royalty to Meghan's accessory collection.

Another noteworthy necklace Meghan has worn is a 3.93 ct moval cut moissanite pendant. The unique shape of the moissanite stone combined with its stunning sparkle made it a perfect choice for her royal outings and public appearances. Meghan pairs this elegant piece with different outfits, showcasing her versatile and refined taste in jewelry.

Meghan Markle's jewelry collection, including her rings, earrings, and necklaces, demonstrate her penchant for elegance and sophisticated accessories that, in turn, reflect her royal persona.

Meghan's Social Impact and Businesses

Social Media Icons

Socially Conscious Jewelry Choices

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is known for her commitment to social causes and environmentally friendly choices. One of her most notable fashion statements is her unique choice of jewelry, which often carries a significant social or environmental message.

For example, Meghan has been spotted wearing a 1972 tennis pinky ring designed by Shiffon Co. This ring represents a modern take on the classic tennis bracelet, with a twist – it supports gender equality. Inspired by Title IX, a federal law that prohibits sex-based discrimination in educational programs and activities, the ring serves as a reminder of the ongoing fight for women's rights.

Another example of Meghan's socially conscious jewelry choices is her involvement with the Duet Pinky Ring. This beautiful piece, also from Shiffon Co, was featured on the cover of Time magazine. The ring aims to promote female empowerment by symbolizing the bond between women – it is meant to be worn on the pinky finger and given to a friend as a sign of support.

Not only do these jewelry choices reflect Meghan's personal beliefs, but they also serve as a platform for promoting female-led businesses. Shiffon Co is just one of the many female-founded companies that the Duchess of Sussex actively supports, showcasing the power of women in entrepreneurship.

Profits from the sales of these rings are donated to The Startup Girl Foundation, an organization that aims to empower the next generation of female leaders through mentorship, resources, and funding. Meghan's commitment to lend her voice to elevate these brands demonstrates the significant impact her choices have on her audience.

Beyond promoting female empowerment, Meghan's jewellery choices also reflect her dedication to environmental responsibility. She consistently opts for ethically sourced and socially responsible materials, endorsing brands that prioritize sustainability and ethical labor practices.

Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry, have also established the Archewell Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on supporting various causes including mental health, environmental conservation, and social equity. Through her jewelry choices and the foundation, Meghan continues to make a lasting impact on society by championing environmentally friendly and socially responsible choices.

In conclusion, Meghan's choice of jewelry not only serves as a statement of her personal beliefs and values but also demonstrates her dedication to supporting social causes, female entrepreneurs, and environmental responsibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of Meghan's aquamarine ring?

Meghan Markle wore an aquamarine ring to her wedding reception that once belonged to Princess Diana. The ring is a stunning emerald-cut aquamarine gemstone surrounded by small diamonds on a platinum band. It is believed that the ring was a gift from Prince Harry to his bride as a way to include his late mother in their wedding and pay tribute to her memory.

How does Meghan's engagement ring compare to Kate Middleton's?

Meghan's engagement ring is a custom-designed piece that features a large central cushion-cut diamond with two smaller round diamonds on either side. In contrast, Kate Middleton's ring has a large oval sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds. While both rings are incredibly beautiful and unique, Meghan's ring is more modern and minimalistic, whereas Kate's ring has a more traditional and regal appearance.

What is the size of Meghan's engagement ring?

The exact size of Meghan's engagement ring is not publicly disclosed. However, it is estimated that the central diamond is approximately 3 to 4 carats, with the two side diamonds adding an additional 0.75 carats each. The overall size and design of the ring are elegant and understated, making it a perfect fit for Meghan's style.

What changes were made to the original engagement ring?

Initially, Meghan's engagement ring featured a plain gold band. However, in June 2019, it was reported that she had the band replaced with a new, delicate micro-pavé diamond band. This change added extra sparkle to the already stunning ring and made it even more unique and personalized.

Where did the diamonds in Meghan's ring come from?

The central diamond in Meghan's engagement ring is sourced from Botswana, a country that holds special significance for the couple, as they have spent time together there. The two smaller diamonds on either side of the central stone have a sentimental connection to the couple's history, as they were taken from the personal collection of Prince Harry's late mother, Princess Diana.

What was the wedding band and tiara Meghan chose for her wedding?

For her wedding, Meghan opted for a simple and elegant yellow gold band, in keeping with the British Royal family's tradition of using Welsh gold for wedding bands. The tiara she wore on her wedding day was the Queen Mary Diamond Bandeau Tiara, a stunning piece loaned to her by Queen Elizabeth II. The tiara features a removable diamond-encrusted brooch at its center, which dates back to 1893.

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