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The History of Rose Cut Moissanite Rings

The History of Rose Cut Moissanite Rings

Shopping for engagement rings is one of the most exciting yet overwhelming decisions. Exciting because you are one step closer to turning a new chapter of your life and overwhelming because the ring must be perfect for making your special day flawless. Picking an engagement ring might seem confusing when you have to go through a variety of different designs, cuts, and shapes on the internet to find the perfect one. If there is one design you can never go with, it is rose cut engagement rings. Whether you are an old soul who prefers stones that narrate stories or a modern art enthusiast, you will feel right at home with Diamondrensu’s selection of rose-cut rings.

Timeless Two Tone Bezel Set Ring, 2.11 CT Pear Rose Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring

Timeless Two Tone Bezel Set Ring, 2.11 CT Pear Rose Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring

Height of Popularity of Rose Cut Engagement Rings

An engagement party is incomplete without a toast; there is no better toast than a rose-cut stone. Clink your glass and let your engagement ring take everyone back on a journey to the 1500s when the rose cut originated. Its dome shape, flat base, and unique triangle facets resembling blooming rose petals made it the face of old-age romance.

With their large facets, rose-cut rings enriched the sparkle and glow of accessories during the 1700s and 1800s. A staple stone of the Georgian and Victorian eras, the rose cut stone rose in popularity and became a household name. Often designed alongside different, older cuts, jewelers created rose-cut rings from scratch, from cutting the stones to placing them to highlight their uniqueness. The individuality and uniqueness of rose-cut rings added to their appeal, and suitors soon lined outside stores to purchase them.

However, the rose-cut design’s curve was not linear. Its popularity rose, drowned, and resurfaced again. In the 1900s, brilliant cut rings replaced the charm of a rose cut ring. Unlike rose-cut rings, which were cut to make them heavier, brilliant-cut stones were created using more advanced tools, which increased their brilliance and sparkle. To re-create the dynamic popularity of rose-cut rings, jewelers began wrapping rose-cut stones with metal layers to improve their luster. The new rose-cut design led to its resurgence and rise in value and popularity.

Back in the market with a new and improved design, the rose-cut design’s demand rose as jewelers began selling it in the form of diamond and rose cut moissanite rings. Starting a revolutionary movement, rose-cut stones found their way into mainstream trends, and to this day, standard engagement rings use a rose-cut design as their base or inspiration. Its antiqueness and clean cut touched the hearts of jewelry lovers and gemstone curators, and rose-cut rings became a poster design for nostalgia and romance.

Diamond Rose Cut Engagement Rings are Making a Comeback

Not many designs can boast of a successful revival like rose-cut diamond rings. With a plethora of designs and cuts to choose from, a rose-cut engagement ring’s beauty and class remain unmatched. Whether a Timeless Two Tone Bezel Set Ring, 2.11 CT Pear Rose Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring, or a 1.38 TCW Oval Rose Cut Unique Three Stones Engagement Ring, every rose-cut ring sparkles with simplicity and elegance.

Offering a two-in-one deal, rose-cut engagement rings provide a vintage appeal with a modern flavor. The beauty of rose-cut rings also lies in the variety of styles they birth, such as solitaire, bezel, three stone, halo, pave, East to West, and vintage. Modern-day rose-cut rings perfectly blend rich history and contemporary flair, adding more color to their presence. The flat surface of a rose cut stone reduces the refractive index of light passing through it, increasing its transparency and highlighting an ice-like shadow at the bottom.

A unique feature of rose-cut is its customization quality, which is also one of the most significant reasons for its comeback. For instance, a Round Rose Cut Moissanite, 12.28 CT Colorless Loose Moissanite Diamond for Engagement Ring can be customized using any metal, style, and shape you prefer. Additionally, a rose cut moissanite ring’s dome-shaped top and flat surface present an illuminating dazzle and warm hues, making it the perfect stone to accompany colored stones. With rose-cut rings, you can either purchase a colorless stone or, if you prefer a fancy-colored stone in, let’s say, cyan blue, then a Lovely Round Rose Cut Bezel Set Solitaire Engagement Ring is the way to go! In terms of clarity, a rose-cut stone’s large facets give it a transparent quality. Its transparent nature gives it high clarity, especially when paired with moissanite consisting of very, very slight inclusions.

Even celebrities could not resist the charm of rose-cut rings, with Batman actress Zoë Kravitz’s engagement ring being a gorgeous antique half-loop band with rows of gold rose-cut stones. In 2011, actor Matthew McConaughey got down on one knee and popped the question to his then-fiancé with a rose cut engagement ring. Happiest Season actress Alison Brie and Emily in Paris star Lily Collins were also seen adoring the stunning rose-cut. Moreover, in addition to a romantic origin story and limitless dazzle, a rose-cut design’s sleek look appeals to the masses for its simplicity and environmentally friendly creation process.

1.38 TCW Oval Rose Cut Unique Three Stones Engagement Ring

1.38 TCW Oval Rose Cut Unique Three Stones Engagement Ring

Why Are Rose Cut Engagement Rings So Special?

A rose-cut engagement ring consists of a flat surface, domed-top, three to twenty-four facets, and no cone-shaped underside. This antique jewel only comprises a top area, which looks identical to the image of budding rose petals, opening near the stone’s edges. In the case of rose-cut rings, less is more, and their simplicity is what entices people and drives them towards the stone. 

#1 A Variety of Shapes

The lack of a cone-shaped underside, also known as a pavilion, allows jewelers to cut a rose-cut stone into various shapes, sizes, and cuts. Unlike most cuts, a rose cut can be customized into multiple forms, such as:

  • Cushion
  • Oval
  • Pear
  • Antique Cut

#2 A Rose Cut Ring is Lightweight

The weight of a rose-cut ring spreads all around the stone, evenly distributing its weight and making it look bigger than most stones of the same size.

#3 Perfect for Every Occasion

Rose cut engagement rings are perfect for every function, whether formal, informal or a daily chore. The stone’s flat bottom prevents it from protruding outside the ring, which makes it easier to adorn it even while doing mundane tasks, such as running errands, without breaking or scratching it.

#4 Match It With Gemstones

Rose-cut rings flawlessly complement gemstone accessories. The cut’s large facets and transparency highlight the gemstone’s color so that you can wear your ring with other accessories in your jewelry box, such as an emerald necklace or a sapphire bracelet. Additionally, even though a rose-cut is associated with vintage styles, current rose-cut rings also have a modern twist. The combination of vintage and contemporary makes it a versatile item to tag with various jewelry trends.

#5 Minimalist and Chic

The neat and precise design of a rose cut moissanite ring gives it an elegant, minimalistic, and simple look and replicates the feeling of wearing a clean-cut diamond.

#6 A Rose Cut Moissanite is Brilliant

Initially, the rose-cut design came into circulation to dazzle rooms, as people used it for candlelight purposes. This cut has incredible brilliance and fire, which makes it sparkle more than other stones and cuts.

Antique Victorian Style 4.11 TW Round Rose Cut Unique Moissanite Engagement Ring

Antique Victorian Style 4.11 TW Round Rose Cut Unique Moissanite Engagement Ring

In Conclusion

Rose cut engagement rings are antique-style cuts that entice people with their perfect blend of vintage and modern appeal. A cut that has passed down since the 16th century, a rose-cut design experienced its peak in the 18th and 19th centuries and resurfaced centuries later. Despite being created using new and refined technology and tools, the rose-cut still holds the charm and elegance of the Victorian and Georgian eras. If you, too, want to propose to your partner with a nod to the nostalgic romance of the eighteenth century, Diamondrensu’s collection of gorgeous rings is your answer.

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