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Upgrading Your Engagement Ring: What To Know

Upgrading Your Engagement Ring: What To Know

Did you know that you do not need to wear the same engagement ring or wedding band for the duration of your marriage? On the contrary, it's a common practice for couples to upgrade their engagement rings after many years of marriage bliss.

It makes sense that what you chose for an engagement ring might not be what you want ten or more years from now as tastes change, budgets fluctuate, and fashions change over time. For these reasons, many couples decide to improve their engagement rings by adding extra stones, upgrading to a larger center stone, or completely replacing the setting. After all, you deserve to have a diamond you adore, especially because you will be wearing it every day.

IGI Certified 2.18 CT E/VS1 Emerald Cut Lab Grown Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

IGI Certified 2.18 CT E/VS1 Emerald Cut Lab Grown Diamond Halo Engagement Rings

Whether you're renewing your vows, commemorating a significant anniversary, or simply because, now is the time to upgrade your diamond to a higher quality stone, a larger carat size, or a more brilliant cut. Just as your initial engagement ring symbolised the start of your relationship, your updated ring can represent your marriage in the years to come.

At the end of the day, whether or not to update your ring is a very personal decision that the two of you should make together. It is ultimately up to you whether you do it at a huge vow renewal ceremony or on an everyday day in the middle of the year. Your love story is as unique as your relationship. Your ring, as well as any improvements, should reflect this.

Upgrading For An Anniversary

It is entirely up to you and your spouse to decide whether to upgrade your ring. While there is no right or wrong moment to upgrade a wedding band, some key life milestones, such as big birthdays and milestone anniversaries, provide the ideal occasion to treat yourself to a new piece of jewelry. For example, couples frequently upgrade their wedding rings on their tenth anniversary. However, whether you want to upgrade after one year of marriage or after 50 years of marriage is ultimately up to you.

Different Ways to Upgrade

It's time to talk about the upgrades themselves when you've decided why and when you want to improve. We've compiled a list of some of the most popular and typical upgrades, but remember that the final decision is yours.

1) Switch from a solitaire to a three-stone engagement ring.

If your ring began life as a solitaire engagement ring, this is a natural next stage. A couple more diamonds will add just the right amount of glitter.

One possibility is to add two more, slightly smaller diamonds on either side of the main diamond. This keeps the attention on the first and largest diamond while also adding balance and elegance to the ring.

IGI Certified 2.01 CT Oval and Half Moon Lab Grown Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

2.01 CT Oval and Half Moon Lab Grown Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

Did you know that a three-stone engagement ring symbolizes the past, present, and future of your union? They are the ideal anniversary gift due to their romantic appeal.

2) Incorporate a Color Pop

Without a doubt, diamonds are the most preferred gemstone for engagement rings, and for good reason. Almost universally associated with weddings and engagements is their clear, white sparkle. On the other hand, perhaps you'd like to have a little extra color added to your ring.

There are many fantastic methods for doing this. You can change the old settings for new ones or add more stones to your ring. The colors of sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are all stunning and vivid, giving you the color you may have desired. A different choice might be to alter the band's material. Your white gold band might be something you want to exchange for a rose gold one.

Whichever option you go with, your distinctive engagement ring will stand out thanks to its vivid color.

Family Heirlooms

High-quality wedding and engagement rings are built to last a lifetime. They are frequently passed down from one generation to the next and survive even longer. These family rings are prized not only for the precious metals and gemstones they contain but also for the memories they hold.

Due to improper fit, damage, or outmoded beauty, the majority of heirloom rings are regrettably never worn. We are happy to inform you that if you have inherited an engagement ring, there are ways to update it so that you can wear it and admire its beauty with others.

The following are some of the best methods for updating antique engagement rings for women:

1. Upgrade the family heirloom ring with new gemstones

Gemstones were once in short supply and generally expensive in jewelry stores. Diamonds and other gemstones are now more widely available in the jewelry market, and they are also more reasonably priced.

Emerald Gemstone Engagement Ring, 1.81 CT Emerald Cut Halo Wedding Ring, May Birthstone Ring

Your family heirloom ring may be given new life by having the old gemstones replaced if you like the band and stone settings. The additional gemstones could be the same kind of stone that already adorns the moissanite rings but in a different size or cut. Alternatively, you could use a different kind of gem.

Your family heirloom ring may be given new life by having the old gemstones replaced if you like the band and stone settings. The additional gemstones could be the same kind of stone that already adorns the ring but in a different size or cut. Alternatively, you could use a different kind of gem.

2. Recut the gemstones in an antique ring

Old European cut or an earlier iteration of the round brilliant cut may be present in antique diamonds, depending on their age. Older cuts of other gemstones, including emeralds, rubies, and sapphires, might have been given a cushion, baguette, or oval shape.

These vintage cuts are lovely in their own right, but more modern versions have been made recently. The Tolkowsky cut, a modern variation on the round brilliant cut, and more recent fancy cuts give diamonds and other gemstones much more brilliance and appeal than their more-traditional counterparts.

Old European Cut 3.95 TCW Cushion Moissanite Vintage Engagement Ring

Giving the gemstones in an inherited ring an updated cut will instantly modernize it.

Going Green with Lab grown Diamonds

You could replace your ring with a new design that better fits your personality and current fashions. The ring may also need to be upgraded if your finances have improved since you proposed so that it reflects the jewelry you had always wanted to be able to wear but couldn't otherwise.

Whatever the reason, lab-grown diamonds or refurbished moissanite engagement rings are something you should take into consideration if you're thinking about updating your engagement ring. You can get all the beauty of these exquisite gems without having to pay exorbitant prices.

Engagement rings for women can be upgraded in a few different ways. We'll begin with the simplest and most typical.

1. First, swap out the center stone.

The most common solution is frequently to switch out the center stone for a bigger diamond. With lab diamonds, you might be able to afford a larger-carat stone than you think.

Sometimes it may also be desirable to alter the shape. For instance, a contemporary cushion cut might take the place of a traditional round brilliant. When you replace the stone, you might only need to update the setting, leaving the majority of the ring intact.

3. Accentuate with side stones.

Adding lab-created diamond accents to your engagement ring can be a fantastic idea if you want to keep the majority of it but slightly improve it. They won't significantly alter your ring, but embellishing the shoulders or the entire shank can give it the sparkle she wants.

This type of upgrade may be a little more invasive because the diamonds must be set into the shank.

The Perfect Fit

You've decided to upgrade your moissanite rings. What comes next? It's crucial to understand whether your setting can accommodate a different diamond shape if you're thinking about upgrading your ring. Consult your jeweler about the ideal diamond shape for the setting. Afterward, let our diamond specialists assist you in selecting the ideal lab-grown diamond to fill it in!

An engagement ring upgrade can be a wonderful present or an upgrade from your wedding day ring. However, it's crucial to be clear about what you want to improve and whether it is feasible in the context and band at hand. Never be afraid to call Diamondrensu's diamond specialists if you have any queries about replacing a diamond! A complete ring upgrade also doesn't hurt.

Valentine's day

You probably consider your engagement ring to be one of your most valuable possessions, and you've treasured it for a long time. Then again, what better day than Valentine's Day to give your partner a little something new? There is nothing improper about considering switching out your engagement ring.

1.50 CT Pear Lab Grown Diamond Ring, Halo Engagement Ring

For Valentine's Day, consider upgrading your engagement ring.

1. Refresh the setting's style

Try changing your setting instead of your center stone if you're not sure about the change. Even though this can occasionally be challenging—for instance, if your current setting is a halo—you can usually change your setting while keeping your stones. Simple solitaires can become accented sparklers, while traditional rounded prongs can become ferocious double-claw prongs. Almost anything you can think of can probably be accomplished.

2. Alter the Metal Type

Did you select a straightforward metal type that you're already sick of? Or is it difficult to match your rose or yellow gold with your clothing? Then you might think about changing the metal's color entirely. Take advantage of any additional changes you would like because you will likely need to start over with your setting as a result. The most recent type of metal is yellow gold, but others, like platinum, are safer for people who have metal sensitivities or allergies.


This concludes our overview of upgrading your wedding band or engagement ring for women. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our guide that aren't covered there. You can also make an appointment for an appraisal or a consultation if you're prepared to have your ring valued or to start looking for an upgraded ring. We are excited to help you!

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