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Tennis Bracelet Buying Guide

Tennis Bracelet Buying Guide

Jewelry is your date for every occasion. Formal, informal, or casual—gems complete your look. While you can pull off any jewelry item, a tennis bracelet stands out differently. A tennis wristlet goes perfectly with a black dress if you attend an office gathering. If you plan a weekend gathering, nothing will top shorts, a fitted shirt, and a tennis band. Is a long-awaited movie releasing this week? Grab your tickets and purse, put on your bracelet, wear your favorite pair of jeans, and head out!

Tennis bracelets are fashion icons. Their versatility and elegance stand them apart from their jewelry peers. Seasons come and go, but tennis bracelets shine all year. A tennis bracelet’s style suits every outfit and event; its sophistication matches modern minimalism, vintage beauty, and contemporary aesthetics. Its strength and durability make it the perfect choice for fancy and daily wear; even tennis legend Serena Williams accessorizes herself with it during her matches.

Jewelry is an investment. Its beauty, lifespan, and sparkle make it more valuable than a mere purchase. Before checking out of the cart, it is crucial to learn everything about it, from a tennis bracelet’s size and styling to aftercare. This guide will help you make a confident and informed purchase, so you wear it with pride and without regrets. The demand for tennis bracelets is off the roof. If you want to board the train, check out Diamondrensu’s collection!

Moissanite Tennis Bracelet - 4.0 MM Round Brilliant Cut Moissanite Wedding Bracelet, Compass Prong Set Bracelet

Moissanite Tennis Bracelet - 4.0 MM Round Brilliant Cut Moissanite Wedding Bracelet, Compass Prong Set Bracelet

What is a Tennis Bracelet?

Tennis bracelets’ uniqueness lies in their flexibility. They are movable jewelry items that give you the room to freely move your wrist and perform chores—strenuous or light—smoothly. Usually made of gold, silver, or platinum, these bracelets have multiple rings of gemstones. A traditional tennis wristlet design includes diamonds with identical 4Cs, placed in parallel covering lines to form circles. However, due to its skyrocketing demand, you can now find the bracelet in various designs, styles, sizes, and colors.

The origin of tennis bracelets is straightforward and lies in the name. Even though this bracelet has been in the market for decades, it came under the spotlight in 1987. Everyone has a lucky charm; for American tennis player Christine Marie Evert, it was her bracelet. The tennis star wore this item to every game—domestic or international. Donning the bracelet gave her the confidence to give her best; it empowered her to win.

However, during a match in 1987 at the US Open, her bracelet fell off. Upon noticing, she immediately stopped playing to find it. That moment was the starting point of this bracelet’s popularity. During that match, this piece earned its title as a tennis bracelet. The players, officials, spectators, and the world paused as she looked for her bracelet. When she found it, people understood her attachment to the jewelry piece.

The bracelet, with a diamond-studded inline, sparkled brightly. Its radiance and brilliance took over the entire court. Its popularity surged thereon, and it soon became a household name. One might scratch their head in confusion, wondering if carrying jewelry to a sports game is wise. However, tennis bracelets defy all misconceptions and notions by emerging as one of the strongest and most durable jewelry pieces. Today, many stars wear tennis bracelets as a daily accessory. The ‘tennis’ in tennis bracelets is only a title, not a limitation. You don’t have to be a tennis player to do it!

How Much Do Tennis Bracelets Cost?

The price of tennis bracelets varies according to the designs and styles, and sometimes, weight. However, with the right guide, you can find an excellent tennis bracelet within your budget. From treating yourself to gifting one as an anniversary present to buying one for mother’s day, this bracelet makes the best presents. When deciding the price of tennis bracelets, consider the following factors:

Open Communication

Firstly, ask the seller for any doubts about the jewelry. Enquire about its material, metal, and color. If you want a customized bracelet, be sure the seller takes customization requests. Asking questions assures you of the seller’s knowledge and eases your worries, especially as a first-time buyer.

Browse Thoroughly

One of the perks of buying online is that you can carefully check all options before finalizing your purchase. When shopping online, filter the choices according to your preferences and thoroughly read each item’s specifications, such as the tennis bracelet size, metal type, and tone. Diamondrensu has a diverse collection curated according to your preferences and budget!

Ratings and Reviews

Checking reviews and ratings, especially when shopping online, is a great way to gauge the piece and seller’s authenticity and reliability. Tennis bracelets are sizeable purchases. Therefore, ensure the reviews do justice to the bracelet’s listed price.

Multi Shape Colorless Moissanite Tennis Bracelet, Celebrity Style Certified Moissanite Wedding Bracelet

Multi Shape Colorless Moissanite Tennis Bracelet, Celebrity Style Certified Moissanite Wedding Bracelet

Tennis Bracelet Style and Settings

One of the primary reasons for tennis bracelets’ success is the plethora of options you can choose from when styling them. Regardless of the occasion or the wrist sporting them, a tennis bracelet looks unique with every design. Consider three factors in your bracelet’s style and settings: metal, carat, and prongs.

Bracelet Metal

Designing jewelry requires you to pick a metal type and tone. Even though white gold is one of the go-to choices, you can choose multiple combinations. For instance, Diamondrensu’s bracelets offer you five metal types (925 silver, 10k gold, 14k gold, 18k gold, and platinum) and four metal tones (white, yellow, rose, and platinum).


When styling your bracelet, consider the number of diamonds you want to add. For instance, a traditional tennis bracelet style consists of a diamond-studded inline, with the stones lined straight. However, if you think outside the box, you can choose a smaller, lighter size with fewer diamonds but the same sparkle.

Another point to remember when deciding on carats is your budget. Usually, a diamond’s size is directly proportional to its price. For example, tiny diamond tennis bracelets make a more intricate network than large diamonds but cost comparatively less. On the other hand, if you prefer sizeable jewelry, you can opt for thicker metals to support bigger diamonds.


Finally, the last factor to consider is the bracelet’s prong setting. Standard prong settings firmly support diamonds, ensuring they remain intact while leaving enough space for them to sparkle brightly. Bezel prongs loop around the diamonds to create an illusion of symmetry. The last prong setting, also known as channel prongs, holds the stone from two ends, leaving the rest of the jewel untouched.

How to Determine the Sizing of a Tennis Bracelet?

Like most jewelry pieces, the ideal tennis bracelet size should be neither tight nor loose. It should allow you to move your wrist and the band freely, but not so flexibly that you spend the entire evening worried about it falling off. The best way to check if the bracelet fits perfectly is by sliding a finger between the wristlet and your wrist. This technique loosens the bracelet slightly, ensuring your blood regulates smoothly and the bracelet stays in place.

However, if the tennis bracelet is a surprise gift for your loved one, measuring their wrist can give away the surprise. In such cases, 7-7.5 inches is the average size for all wrists. If the bracelet is too loose or tight, you can always get it fixed!

How and When to Wear a Tennis Bracelet

There is no hard and fast rule when sporting tennis bracelets. While you can wear them on any wrist per your preference, people usually put them on their non-dominant hands. Donning a single bracelet seal the deal if you follow a minimalist and elegant lifestyle. Wearing a pantsuit and accessorizing it with a tennis bracelet enhances your ensemble by several degrees.

On the other hand, if you want to go all out, it is your chance to stack tennis bracelets. You can purchase bracelets in different colors, sizes, or metal types and wear them up and down your wrists. A tennis bracelet’s style has no limits; you will never run out of combinations.

Stacking bracelets is a power move when attending formal events, such as office parties or galas. For instance, if you are wearing a black dress to a formal occasion, you can combine different bracelets. Pairing a rose gold bracelet with white gold and platinum gold will look heavenly with your black gown and platform heels!

How to Take Care of Your Tennis Bracelet

Despite being an incredibly durable item, maintaining your tennis bracelet is essential. While it has a long lifespan, it is susceptible to scratches if not taken care of.

  • Keep your bracelet in a box dedicated solely to it. Storing it with other stones can inflict two-way damage; it can leave scratches on both your diamond-studded bracelet and more delicate items.
  • Avoid using chemicals around your bracelet. Daily-use items like cleaners contain toxins that can affect your jewelry's sparkle and fade color.
  • Clean your bracelet regularly by soaking it in a mild soapy solution for five minutes, scrubbing it gently with a soft brush, and wiping it with a lint-free cloth.
5.0 MM Round Brilliant Cut Colorless Moissanite Modern Tennis Bracelet

5.0 MM Round Brilliant Cut Colorless Moissanite Modern Tennis Bracelet

Wrapping Up

A tennis bracelet carries itself with confidence and boldness. It is versatile, chic, elegant, and stylish. From anniversary presents to celebrating company milestones to treating yourself, tennis bracelets make excellent and thoughtful gifts. If you think this bracelet will compliment your wardrobe perfectly, then Diamondrensu has a diverse collection!

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