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The Making of Lady Gaga's SAG Awards Necklace

The Making of Lady Gaga's SAG Awards Necklace

If anyone knows how to make an irrefutable fashion statement, it is Lady Gaga. She sets the bar sky-high with her impeccable style choices. Award seasons are a flurry of excitement with people lining up to see different ensembles, and when you announce Lady Gaga's arrival, the queue never ends. Gaga's entire SAG Awards attire was flawless from top to bottom, but her neckpiece truly stole the show. Lady Gaga necklace made headlines worldwide.

As one of the most sought-after red-carpet arrivals for shows she attends, Lady Gaga never disappoints with her fashion choices. When she showed up at the 2019 Oscars wearing a 128.54-carat diamond, it was hard to picture jewelry that could top it. However, Lady Gaga defied all expectations and outdid herself at the SAG awards. She wore the Flowers and Leaves necklace from Tiffany's esteemed Blue Book catalog. The 32.45-carat Jean Schlumberger design sat elegantly on Gaga's neck, making her look like royalty. Originally designed in 1958, this necklace has been a staple Tiffany piece for decades.

The Poker Face singer set her industry domination plans in motion by dominating the music landscape and then the movie scene. The A Star Is Born actress, who won an Academy Award for the same film, arrived at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in a high-fashion white gown with a mermaid cut. In addition to Lady Gaga Tiffany necklace, her singer's SAG look included dangly earrings and a stunning 8-carat diamond ring. You, too, can unleash the star within you with Diamondrensu's beautiful jewelry collection!

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Who is Jean Schlumberger?

Jean Schlumberger is a pioneer of extravagant fashion. His career spans multiple eras and design styles, from elegant to surreal. The starting point of his journey as a style icon began with French designer Elsa Schiaparelli in 1936. She hired Schlumberger to create surreal costumes for her fashion line. His time was a learning curvature for him as he dove into creating fine jewelry for his friends and Elsa's collection.

After garnering ample experience honing his fine jewelry skills, the French designer enlisted with Free France and later moved to New York to start a jewelry business. He opened a boutique that displayed his exquisite Renaissance-themed pieces.

A few years later, Tiffany scouted Schlumberger and showcased his collection in their catalog. His pieces became a fashion sensation overnight. Public figures began singing his praises, from politicians to actors and models. Among his most vocal fans were Jackie Kennedy, Gloria Vanderbilt, and Elizabeth Taylor. Even after Schlumberger's retirement in the 1970s, Tiffany continued honoring his creativity by archiving and crediting his designs.

Lady Gaga Tiffany necklace has Schlumberger's trademark characteristics. The jewelry item includes fourteen round stones that weigh 32.45-carats. It also consists of over 1,000 small round brilliant diamonds that weigh 30.98-carats. It was only fitting that Gaga wore a piece that redefined fashion to celebrate House of Gucci—adorning the Flowers and Leaves necklace did justice to her role and served as a tribute to Schlumberger.

One of the primary qualities that set Schlumberger apart from his contemporaries was his creative and artistic direction, as seen in Lady Gaga necklace. While most of his peers leaned towards platinum for their jewelry, Jean Schlumberger also added gold with platinum. His works often displayed gold seeping through various corners, subtly and unsubtly, putting a unique spin on his designs.

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Lady Gaga's Necklace: Everything You Need to Know

While it is true that you cannot put on beauty, jewelry does not follow that rule. Lady Gaga necklace is an enigma; it holds immeasurable value and a price tag. Even though Lady Gaga necklace price is miles away from her Golden Globes jewelry, which cost a sweeping $5 million, it is still in the same league. She once again paired up with Tiffany for her SAG Awards appearance to create another iconic look.

Gaga's Tiffany necklace, a platinum-gold beauty, featured over 16 carats of lab-grown diamonds placed neatly on an 18-karat yellow-gold and platinum band. Her diamond earrings, also a part of Tiffany's Blue Book catalog, were made of gold mixed with the king of gemstones. If you want to sport the jewelry, but Lady Gaga necklace price is a bit hard to squeeze into the budget, Diamondrensu has a solution.

Legendary Lady Gaga Red Carpet Appearances

Fans fell head over heels in love with Lady Gaga's necklace at the annual 2022 SAG Awards. The Academy Award winner, who was nominated for two major awards, Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role and Cast in a Motion Picture, served looks both on-screen as Patrizia Reggiani in House of Gucci and off-screen on the red carpet.

Not only did Gaga embody the role of Patrizia, but she also embodied her fashion sense in the movie and in real life. House of Gucci is a biographical crime drama that follows the life of Patrizia and her husband, Maurizio, as they navigate through the trials and tribulations of controlling and seizing the family business. Adam, who stepped in Maurizio's shoes on-screen, also turned up at the SAG Awards looking dashing in a black tuxedo and a matching bowtie. 

Lady Gaga's House of Gucci stylist Janty Yates had nothing but praises to sing about the actor's dedication to choosing the best outfits for her role. According to her, the fashionista picked approximately 500 fits for the movie, most of which were inspired by Lady Gaga's mother, Cynthia. Lady Gaga's Tiffany necklace is not the only accessory to have created headlines; the singer-actor has a vast portfolio of stunning red-carpet looks.

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2008 NewNownext Awards

The beginning of Lady Gaga's musical career was a period of significant award show appearances and experimental attires. One of her most talked about ensembles is her 2008 NewNownext Awards outfit, where she promoted her chart-smashing song Just Dance. Dubbed her signature look back in the day, she showed up in a blunt hairdo with platinum fringes, funky glasses, and a body-clinging suit. While her fashion taste has evolved tremendously over the years, this look is for the history books.

2010 Grammy Awards

Gaga's necklace booked the front page in all newspapers in 2022, and her lilac red carpet dress filled that space in 2010. In addition to her galaxy-inspired fit, her 52nd Grammy Awards ensemble featured a show-stopping prop. The shining star prop she carried to the show brought a new light and glitz to the evening.

2010 MTV VMA

Alexander McQueen will forever be a respected name in the fashion industry. After McQueen's passing in 2010, the Shallow singer paid homage to him by wearing one of his most prized creations on the MTV Video Music Awards red carpet. The dress featured a colorful net and an intrinsic art design covering the body. Lady Gaga added a feather on her head and McQueen's designer shoes as accessories.

2015 Oscars

After five years and various innovative outfits, she again captured everyone's attention at the 87th Academy Awards. She traveled back to the 1950s in a high-neck shimmering gown that made a flowing train on the red carpet. The singer-songwriter accessorized her look with fashionable red gloves that matched perfectly with her old-school Hollywood dress.

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2015 Oscars After-Party

The party starts on the red carpet and ends with the after-party. Gaga's after-party ensemble consisted of a black dress, silver-blonde hair, huge bracelets, and bold makeup with flashy lipstick and dark eyeshadow.

2016 Grammy Awards

Had she worn the famous neckpiece in 2016, Lady Gaga's necklace would have gelled seamlessly with her jaw-dropping blue dress. Her elegant blue dress covered in metallic pieces looked perfect when paired with bright-orange hair and fiery red high heels.

A Star is Born Premiere

Gaga dressed in an all-silver attire for her red carpet appearance at A Star Is Born's US premiere. Her silver gown, long hanging cape, and red lipstick were reminiscent of vintage Hollywood styles. She accessorized her outfit with wavy blonde locks.

Women in Hollywood Event

2018's Women in Hollywood event saw Lady Gaga do a complete 180. Instead of her signature royal and glamorous look, she adorned a simple brown suit and completed her ensemble with smokey eye makeup and gelled hair.

2019 Academy Awards

The 2019 Oscars was a highlight in Lady Gaga's artistic career. Along with bagging the award for 'Best Original Song' for her song Shallow, she also bagged numerous compliments for her outfit. Her little black dress, sleek black gloves, and a pearl and diamond locket were an ode to Audrey Hepburn's iconic look in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

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The 2022 SAG Awards: A Star-Studded Evening

Lady Gaga started a new wave of glamorous outfits with her red carpet looks, including her SAG Awards attire. However, her industry peers also brought the heat to the show with stunning ensembles, sparkling jewelry, and trendy accessories. The evening was buzzing with stars, including:

  • Ariana DeBose
  • HoYeon Jung
  • Selena Gomez
  • Jada Pinkett-Smith
  • Vanessa Hudgens
  • Cate Blanchett
  • Kerry Washington
  • Jean Smart
  • Cynthia Erivo

Wrapping Up

Lady Gaga's necklace caught the attention of fans worldwide with its sparkle, beauty, and size. The 32.45-carats Jean Schlumberger piece deserved an award show category of its own for its history and glitz. If you want to add the necklace to your jewelry collection, you do not have to worry about spending the night on Google searching for "Gaga's necklace" or "Lady Gaga's necklace's price; you will find all the answers in Diamondrensu's catalog!

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