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Best Jewelry at the Oscars 2022


Academy Awards call for the best foot forward, be it performance or fashion. Since Oscars night is the time to bring on the Hollywood glam and glitz, there is no wonder that the stars bring their A-game to the red carpet. Oscars 2022 was no different from this tradition. Turn to the 94th annual Academy Awards to understand the scale of drip these global stars and fan favorites have – from glamorous bauble earrings to studded statement rings, the stars truly sparkled all night. 

Whether it was an elegant pair of studs or a dazzling neck candy, we certainly loved what we saw. Tucked beneath tuxedos and displayed for everyone to stop and stare at, the gemstone game at the Oscars needs to be discussed in great detail. Not only the stars had their glam on for the night; Swarovski added sparkle to the night by contributing more than 90,000 crystals to the Dolby Theatre stage design. Stunning, isn't it?

While there are more than enough of the best jewelry pieces in the world, you may still need to find red-carpet-worthy pieces even in the best jewelry stores. If you want jewelry like these stars, Diamondrensu is your choice. You can find the best engagement rings and more here that will have you flooded with camera flashes like these stars at the Oscars. Before you start shopping, here are the pieces that have topped the charts of popular jewelry.

Best Jewelry at the Oscars 2022

Jessica Chastain

As someone with a reputation for nailing red-carpet looks, Jessica Chastain did not fail us this time at the Oscars either. All eyes were on her as she walked the carpet in her shimmering gold-to-purple gown. Donning an ombre gown that flowed and fell in a puddle around her, this actor of The Eyes of Tammy Faye also took home the award for Best Actress in this stunning look. The delicate bunched-up tulle ruffles around her on the floor gave an impression of the star gliding across the Dolby Theatre stage. 

This delicate ombre outfit was taken up a notch by the awe-inspiring jewelry that she paired it with. After picking the best pieces from the Italian luxury fashion house, Gucci's High Jewelry collection, designed by Creative Director and maximalist visionary Alessandro Michele, Chastain truly stood out at the event. Starting with the chandelier earrings with the lions (13.32 CT), which perfectly complemented the sequined bodice with a plunging neckline, to say that Jessica Chastain glowed would be an understatement. The lion motif also stands in for the animal's symbolic strength, the designer's signature. 

Topping things off, Chastain's white gold diamond rings, one with a lion head and the other a center spinel in a stunning bubble-gum-pink hue, brought the right amount of glamor to the look. Last but not least, her 44-stone white gold bracelet (22.76 CT), which had diamonds and pink spinels, had jaws dropping all over. It makes you want pink-hued jewelry now, doesn't it?

Pink Lab Grown Diamond Ring, 0.81 CT Round Pink Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Pink Lab Grown Diamond Ring, 0.81 CT Round Pink Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Olivia Colman

Olivia Colman's style is unlike many we see on the red carpet these days. As an artist nurtured to nail all kinds of characters, she is particularly good at playing queens. Perhaps, the regal and elegant way she carries herself is a carry-over from her roles in The Favourite and The Crown. Needless to say, she reigned over the 94th Academy Awards night with her simple yet stunning fashion choices. The Academy Award winner turned up to the event in a metallic silver pleated Dior gown with a high neckline. A piece like this can easily be a flop on the red carpet, but Colman knows her style well. Thus the exaggerated sleeves, belted midsection, and flowing A-line skirt of this outfit were an instant hit. 

Not to skip accessorization, Olivia paired this dazzling dress with Chopard diamond drop earrings and matching rings. The droplet earrings belonging to Chopard high jewelry come from the Precious Lace collection. Done in 18K white gold and diamonds, the earrings were the perfect addition to cement the Old Hollywood look that Colman was attempting. The regal ring with a 5.23-carat emerald-cut diamond ring she wore looks like something pulled out from the sets of The Crown. Even though the actor didn't win an Oscar, she certainly looked fabulous for a night of glitz. 

Rectangle Shape Earrings, 1.30 MM Round Cut Lab Grown Diamond Dangle Earrings

Rectangle Shape Earrings, 1.30 MM Round Cut Lab Grown Diamond Dangle Earrings

Kristen Stewart

The Oscars 2022 red carpet was not exempt from risky attempts at styling, and Kristen Stewart is never the one to shy from challenges. Bringing punk energy to the awards night, Stewart still managed to look elegant in her Chanel short suit. This custom black satin shorts suit was strong enough to make Kristen's entry a landmark moment in the Oscars' fashion history. The outfit is completely Kristen — edgy, sophisticated, and showstopping, all at the same time. Considering how fashion is evolving and Kristen's propensity to break the norms when it comes to fashion, it is unsurprising that she went for a bespoke suit instead of a dress for this big night. 

Just because Kristen decided to forego the conventional dress code, it does not mean that she didn't put in the right amount of effort. With her glossy silk blouse and blazer, the actor paired a ganse noir spinel necklace from Chanel. You can even take this piece as an alternative to a necktie. You can also find a classically elegant pave watch to match and rings for luck to complete the look. 

Rare Fancy Blue Color 2.70 Carat Cushion Cut Lab Grown Diamond

Rare Fancy Blue Color 2.70 Carat Cushion Cut Lab Grown Diamond


Zendaya's jewelry and fashion game are what Gen-Z looks up to these days. So it is not unexpected that this trailblazer set the bar even higher on Oscars night. By skipping out on a gown altogether, Zendaya arrived at the ceremony in a cropped white button-up and a never-ending flowy sequin skirt. Coming from Valentino, the look shimmered from the moment the actor set foot on the carpet. The soft updo was another win in our book. We think that this outfit and Zendaya jewelry are going to find replications on many prom nights to come. 

Yes, Zendaya did go for a simple two-piece for the Oscars, but that does not mean she stopped with it. The actor completed her look with an arm full of sparkling bracelets and a sleek necklace. If there were an award for the best jewelry, Zendaya jewelry would take it home. The Serpenti High Jewelry necklace, the Serpenti Viper diamond bracelets, and the diamond studs and multiple High Jewelry rings were over 13 carats of step-cut diamonds set in white gold. This refreshing take on Bulgari pieces was a classic with a touch of Zendaya's special magic. 

Multi Shape Colorless Moissanite Tennis Bracelet, Celebrity Style Certified Moissanite Wedding Bracelet

Multi Shape Colorless Moissanite Tennis Bracelet, Celebrity Style Certified Moissanite Wedding Bracelet

Timothee Chalamet

Timothee Chalamet's recent style choices have assured his fans that he is in his Reputation era. His look at the 94th Oscars clearly stands for this speculation. The actor, nominated for his work in Dune, certainly looked like the prince he played in the movie. With an out-of-the-box Louis Vuitton ensemble, Chalamet is on a track to define his style, and these looks resonate with his Gen-Z fans. Starting with a black blazer studded with sequins and lace, there was no lack of wow factor here. Add in the sleek pants, his wavy hair, and Chelsea boots, and it was a simple yet effective recipe for a memorable award show outfit. 

However, the visible lack of a shirt seemed to make Chalamet's outfit even better. That's right since shirtless suits are blowing up, it was bound to show up at the Oscars, and Timothee did justice to the trend. This is not to say that the star walked the red carpet bare-chested. Following in the steps of Blake Lively, Chalamet reinforces the fact that necklaces do count as shirts. If setting new popular jewelry trends is his agenda, we have no objections. Under his tuxedo jacket, Chalamet had his Panthere de Cartier and "Geometry & Contrast" necklaces in full display. These pieces are 18K white gold with emeralds and onyx, respectively. In addition, his assortment of diamond-encrusted rings and bracelets added the sparkle that this all-black outfit needed. If you're shortlisting the best wedding rings, take notes. As someone who does not shy from daring looks on the red carpet, this one was a hit for Timothee Chalamet.

Unique Dragon Colorless Round Moissanite Pendant

Unique Dragon Colorless Round Moissanite Pendant


If there was any night fit for breaking out the best jewelry, then the Academy Award night has to be it. With jaw-dropping gems and exquisite designs, these stars have once again impressed us and have us looking up the best jewelry stores that can hold a candle to the Oscars catalog. Considering how nights like this set the trend for the year's popular jewelry, the best engagement rings, and the best wedding rings, we can expect some class and finesse on the streets this time around. Once again, Hollywood stars have shown us that no outfit is complete without the right accessories to elevate the clothes.

Diamondrensu is one of the best jewelry stores out there, and we are glad to find you some red-carpet-worthy jewelry. At Diamondrensu, you can find everything from the best wedding rings for your special day to the best engagement rings to start your life with your partner. 

Wait no more and start shopping with us now!

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