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Understanding Birthstones

Understanding Birthstones

Jewelry is always a fun addition to your look. But what if the jewelry was meant only for you? Birthstone jewelry can make you feel special that way. If you have never really gotten into the details of birthstone colors and gemstones, we have a brief explanation of all that you need to know. Diamondrensu would love to help you find your birthstone and fantastic jewelry made from it. 

4.94 TCW Aquamarine Radiant Unique and Lovely Micro Pave Engagement Ring

 4.94 TCW Aquamarine Radiant Unique and Lovely Micro Pave Engagement Ring

Starting With the Birthstones

Birthstones by month have a long history associated with them across cultures. They are unique stones that bring tremendous and positive experiences and attributes to those who wear them. The twelve gems may have had biblical origins, which later trickled down into being associated with zodiac signs and months. 

Many myths and legends have been related to these stones throughout the ages. Many cultures believe these stones have magical powers that ward off evil, heal the body and spirit, or bring good fortune. All the lore about these stones does not agree with each other all the time, but there is the fact that they have powers. Even if the gems associated with each month have changed with time, you can still reap some benefits with some birthstone jewelry. 

At present, most dealers carry a basic set of them for each month and zodiac sign. Let's take a look at the list of birthstones by the month to get a better idea. 

The Meaning Behind Birthstones

Garnets for January

Garnet is a stone that keeps the wearer safe from harm. It has the power to facilitate night vision and ensure success, according to astrology. Since the birthstone color is deep red, people born in this month enjoy numerous benefits from wearing deep red garnets. This stone also represents lasting friendships and trusting relationships. 

Since the garnet is believed to purify the bloodstream, people use it to fend off hemorrhage, venom from animals and plants, and food poisoning. The January birthstone is regarded as the 2nd anniversary stone, so if you want a gift idea, this red garnet ring is a good pick. 

Amethysts for February

Speaking of birthstones by month, amethyst is known for bringing peace and composure to life. With purple and amethyst as the 6th anniversary stone, birthstone rings with amethyst are popular among all ages and trendy. The ancient Romans used amethyst to avoid drunkenness and bring a sense of calm. 

Aquamarines for March

Aquamarine is said to bestow bravery, inner wisdom, and triumph on the wearer. Seafarers use it for protection from storms and disasters during their voyages. With pale blue being the birthstone color, its serenity helps moderate the temper and keep the wearer calm and composed. Further, the stone can effectively stall premature aging. If you are planning to propose to your partner born in March, this radiant aquamarine ring might be something unique. 

Diamonds for April

Those born in April have a birthstone that is known to all. When worn as a birthstone, a diamond boosts loving and trusting sentiments in the wearer. Clear and white diamonds are meant for the 10-year and 60-year anniversaries too. If you are looking for a gift for someone you love, get them a diamond because this stone represents value and love. Due to the popularity of the stone, it is not hard to find fabulous pieces with this gem.

Emeralds for May

Emeralds stand for tranquility, inner peace, love, and success. Green emeralds have always been popular for their influence on the user's life. Emeralds symbolize new life and bestow intuition, luck, and youth. It is believed that wearing emeralds invites intuition, success, and endurance. It also has the capacity to uncover true love. If you think that birthstone jewelry will add to your look, this emerald ring is worth checking out.

Emerald Gemstone Engagement Ring, 1.81 CT Emerald Cut Halo Wedding Ring, May Birthstone Ring

 Emerald Gemstone Engagement Ring, 1.81 CT Emerald Cut Halo Wedding Ring, May Birthstone Ring

Pearls for June

Pearls have always been a symbol of elegance and class, and as the birthstone for those born in June, it symbolizes well-being and long life. Bringing the element of truth and beauty to the wearer, people regard pearls as symbols of purity. Royal pearls supposedly have the power to restore life. Other stones, such as Alexandrite and Moonstone, also positively impact those born in June.

Rubies for July

Ruby is said to be all about fire and emotions. As the birthstone for July, the gem stands for contentment. It is said to awaken the senses, stimulate the creative faculties, and ensure health, enlightenment, financial stability, and luck in love. Ruby increases the wearer in wisdom and protects them from harm and bad luck. With a loose gemstone like this, you can design the most exquisite birthstone rings for your loved ones born in July. 

Peridots for August

Surprisingly, a peridot is a stone that is symbolic of happy marriages. As a birthstone, it is said to bring illumination to the life of the user. The pale green colored peridot is best for those born in August, according to the birthstone color chart. Often worn as a protection against evil spirits, this stone is believed to possess healing powers and magical abilities. Wearing it wards off night terrors. It also ensures good standing, influence, and a generally good year. Sardonyx is another stone that is suitable for those who were born in August. 

Sapphires for September

The deep blue sapphire is the birthstone for September month. Since ancient times, the gem has been renowned for its ability to bring balance — physically and emotionally — to those who wear it. Clear thinking is another benefit that the sapphire brings. It safeguards the wearer and their precious ones from ill feelings and danger and brings serenity and joy. Sapphire is also said to aid in the prediction of the future. Considering this, you can invest in sapphire for an engagement ring to have a happy and smooth marriage, just like you predicted. 

Opals for October

Those born in October have the most exciting birthstone. Opal is a versatile stone with a vibrantly colored surface. Along with its alluring appearance, it is said to enhance intuition and drive away fear. This gemstone is a symbol of hopefulness and childlike innocence. It also helps maintain good eye health. Be it the multi-colored opal or the pink opal that many October-born prefer, the stone was believed to dispel malevolent forces and encourage children, strengthen relationships, and promote the healthy expression of feelings. Pink tourmaline is another alternate birthstone for the same people, and due to the rumors surrounding opal, many of them opt for tourmaline. 

Citrines for November

The November birthstone brings gladness and warm fuzziness to those born in November. As the November birthstone color is yellow, it promotes salubriousness and fosters good energy and warmth. It is also considered a symbol of fidelity in many circles. The stone has also found use as a protective agent against maladies, skin diseases, and bad thoughts. It also promotes digestive health and eliminates toxins from the system. November also has numerous alternate stones, and yellow topaz is among them.

Turquoise for December

This blue stone is said to bring good fortune and happiness. Native Americans connected the colors of the stone with the heavens above and the earth below. As a symbol of fidelity, it is given as the 11th-anniversary gift. There are other stones for December, such as Tanzanite, Zircon, and Blue Topaz.

11.83 TCW London Blue Topaz Oval Cut Unique Cluster Halo Engagement Ring

 11.83 TCW London Blue Topaz Oval Cut Unique Cluster Halo Engagement Ring

The Rarest Birthstones

Be it precious or semi-precious stones, the price of jewelry can vary based on many factors. However, the availability of the material is a significant factor in deciding the price tag. Yet, if you were to ask the names of the rarest birthstones by month, only a handful of names are bound to pop up. These stones are so rare that only a few people get to hold a high-quality sample of them in their hands, and they might even be once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. 

Blue Diamond 

The blue diamond is by far the rarest birthstone in the world. Due to its rarity, it is also costly. Even among top collectors, only a lucky few can get their hands on an internally flawless variety of blue diamonds because so little is harvested of them. It is a great investment if you are into it, and since the value will likely never change, it's like investing in any property with the potential for increased value over time.


Jadeite is another rare gemstone on this planet. Being among the highest tier of the jades in terms of physical appearance and purity, only the ancient royalty in China was able to afford the best jadeite. It still has a high valuation in the world, and the green-colored one is the most popular.


Considering the number of times you hear about rubies, you think they will be more commonly available. But that is a misconception that is aided by commonly available cultured rubies. The rarest batch of rubies comes from Burma, and they are extra special because of the color and quality of these stones.

In Conclusion

Understanding birthstone colors and assignment is a simple enough task. Once you find the stone associated with your zodiac sign or month of birth, Diamondrensu can create great pieces of jewelry that will look good and bring some luck.