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How Do Traditional Jewelry and Modern Birthstone Jewelry Differ?

How Do Traditional Jewelry and Modern Birthstone Jewelry Differ?

The universe is a cosmic play of different energies coexisting and flowing together. Energy, be it negative or positive, is present in every life and form, and its vibrations affect the world in significant ways humans cannot see. They just feel it within themselves. Therefore, the importance of birthstones goes beyond beauty and rarity. Their true value lies in the energy that it emits toward the wearer. Birthstone jewelry has existed for centuries now but has changed with time. Let's look at what has changed and the factors that led to the shifts. 

Birthstones are precious gems associated with a person's zodiac and birth month. They signify a kind of energy that goes in tandem with a person's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. In essence, birthstones symbolize the person's nature and work to inculcate values that would improve their life holistically. 

Interestingly, these birthstones haven't remained constant throughout the years. The idea of birthstones came from the Bible. 

However, now, the stones change per availability, too. 

Natural Ruby Gemstone, 0.43 CT Pear Cut July Birthstone, Loose Stone for Engagement Ring

What is a Modern Birthstone?

The Jewelry Council of America created a new, modern list of birthstones upon discovering newer gemstones. 

The new list of birthstones is as follows:

  • Garnets for January
  • Amethysts for February
  • Aquamarines for March
  • Diamonds for April
  • Emeralds for May
  • Alexandrites for June
  • Rubies for July
  • Peridots and Spinels for August
  • Sapphires for September 
  • Tourmalines for October
  • Citrines for November
  • Blue Zircons, Blue Topaz, and Tanzanite for December

So, what do these new gemstones symbolize? 

March: From Bloodstone to Aquamarine

Traditionally, the birthstone for March was the bloodstone, also called heliotrope. The name of the stone comes from its appearance: a dark green stone covered in red spots looking like specks of blood. The stone is said to protect the values of courage and strength. It brings a presence of mind, which allows the person to remain in the moment and mindful, even during turbulent times. 

However, in the 20th century, aquamarine was made the new birthstone for March. This stunning sea-blue-colored gem became the new market choice, and everyone saw immense spiritual value in it. It signifies calmness and brings joy and youthfulness to a person's life. 

June: From Pearl to Alexandrite 

Now, who doesn't love pearls? For the ones born in June, pearls can turn out to be quite lucky, too. Earlier, the birthstone for this month was the pearl. The fascinating thing about this gem is that it comes from an underwater creature, which is why it is one of the rarest to find on the market. 

Due to its rarity and lack of easy accessibility, jewelers decided to find another birthstone that would symbolize similar properties as a pearl. Alexandrite, which comes from a rare mineral called chrysoberyl, has a unique property: it absorbs light very easily. The stone's color, otherwise a ruby red, changes to emerald green when exposed to sunlight. In both its forms, alexandrite never fails to look magnificent. 

August: From Sardonyx to Peridot/Spinel

Sardonyx is a translucent stone, the original birthstone of August. This pale, brown-beige colored stone has existed since the Roman era. Back then, the Romans tried to make this stone on their own, making it one of the oldest stones to be recreated by man. It was widely used in traditional jewelry. 

Now, August has not one but two beautiful birthstones: peridot and spinel. Peridot, a stunning green-colored gem, is the stone of compassion. It appears luminous in the dark and is often called the "evening emerald." 

Spinel, on the other hand, has a strong spiritual value. It helps people keep their egos aside and develop a stronger connection with others. It comes in various colors and is a highly durable gemstone. 

October: From Opal to Tourmaline

The traditional birthstone for October was opal, an iridescent gem found in a myriad of colors. Opal has always been considered precious; it was regarded as a symbol of good luck in the Middle Ages. 

Modern jewelry aficionados have opened their arms to tourmaline, the newest birthstone of October. The pinkish color of the gem is characteristic of its metaphysical traits; after all, it symbolizes passion and heals broken hearts. Diamondrensu hosts a collection of these precious gems, delicately cut to make them look exquisite. 

Natural Tourmaline Gemstone, 1.24 CT Emerald Cut October Birthstone

Nothing beats a gem that glimmers with a vibrant hue like this one. This magenta-colored gem can be paired with any form of jewelry, whether rings or bracelets. The emerald cut always adds a touch of regality, and the slender shape exudes the right amount of sophistication and grace. 

Natural Tourmaline Gemstone, 1.24 CT Emerald Cut October Birthstone for Custom Jewelry


November: From Topaz to Citrine

Topaz, another rare gem that comes in several colors, has been popular for centuries. A topaz stone is widely known as a gem representing love, affection, passion, and fidelity. Interestingly, yellow topaz is now considered part of the modern list of birthstone jewelry.

The new addition to this list is citrine, which is quite rare in its natural form. It is a form of quartz and is known for its easy replication process. However, the actual power of citrine lies beyond its appearance. It is believed that citrine promotes self-improvement and mindful healing within a person. Its bright yellow color is connected with that of the sun and is thus considered helpful in curing depression and anxiety. 

December: From Turquoise to Blue Zircon/Blue Topaz/Tanzanite

The month of December is exciting for gemstone collectors, as it has not one but four birthstones in total. Turquoise, one of the most popular and widely known gems, has been used in both modern and traditional jewelry. It is a unique opaque stone used by Tibetans for its peaceful and meditational properties. 

Blue zircon is considered one of the shiniest semi-precious stones, with more sparkle than a diamond. Blue topaz shares its properties with other topaz forms, but it has cooling properties. 

Tanzanite, which is still not widely known, is slowly gaining traction. It has a lovely royal blue color and is specifically mined in the regions of Tanzania. It is a symbol of prosperity and is said to be "1,000 times rarer than a diamond". Diamondrensu makes rare but modern jewelry stones easily accessible to us through their website. 

Trillion Shape Natural Tanzanite, 2.47 CT T December Gemstone for Custom Engagement Ring

Thinking of surprising the one you love? Are you planning to buy a ring but want to make it extra special? Then ditch the conventional diamond ring and go for a birthstone. If their birthday falls in December, a tanzanite engagement ring, especially in this unique trillion cut, would be perfect. Diamondrensu allows for easy customization to get the ring of your dreams. 

Trillion Shape Natural Tanzanite Gemstone, 2.47 CT Trillion Cut December Gemstone for Custom Engagement Ring or Wedding Ring

What is a Traditional Birthstone?

To know about traditional birthstones, we can go back to the 1st and 5th century AD and trace their origins to the book of Exodus. According to the book, the 12 gems on Aaron's breastplate signified a gem for each zodiac sign. These stones included jasper, sapphire, chalcedony, emerald, sardonyx, sardius, chrysolite, beryl, topaz, chrysoprase, jacinth, and amethyst.

However, a basic birthstone list was created in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This list has seen several modifications, and newer stones have been added. Despite the changes to the list, half of them have remained constant. Garnet, amethyst, diamond, emerald, ruby, and sapphire have remained the birthstones for January, February, April, May, July, and September, respectively. Some of these original birthstones are available at Diamondrensu in the form of loose stones, allowing you to customize them however you want. 

May: Emerald

8.29 CT Oval Cut Natural Emerald Gemstone

This elegant oval-cut emerald is designed to be the perfect match for your wedding ring. It is perfect for traditional jewelry as it exudes luxury. So, pamper yourself or your loved one with jewelry made with this deep green gem.

8.29 CT Oval Cut Natural Emerald Gemstone, May Birthstone

8.29 CT Oval Cut Natural Emerald Gemstone, May Birthstone

July: Ruby

Natural Ruby Gemstone, 0.43 CT Pear Cut, Loose Stone for Engagement Ring

A pear cut gem is hard to find, and if it's a ruby, it makes it even more precious. Ruby's deep pink color is a signature of its symbolism of love and passion. Want to express your love to someone? Pick ruby. 

Apart from these two, Diamondrensu also has a remarkable collection of diamonds, sapphires, and garnets. Just add specifications of what kind of jewelry, and it'll be ready in no time. 

When Did Birthstones Change?

The list of birthstone jewelry has undergone a few changes over the years. Back in 1952, the Jewelry Industry Council of America added tourmaline, citrine, blue zircon, and alexandrite to the list. In 2002, they added tanzanite to the list as well. However, from what the world has witnessed so far, birthstones will keep changing, as it has since time immemorial. 

In Conclusion

Birthstones are a unique addition to one's jewelry collection, as they have both sentimental and metaphysical value. Your stone is unique to you and is one of the most powerful ways to feel connected to the earth's core energy. 

At Diamondrensu, your concerns are looked after, and the team of designers will work with you to make something you can hold on to forever. So, if you're thinking of getting some birthstone jewelry, head to Diamondrensu's website today!