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Healing Power of Your Birthstone

Healing Power of Your Birthstone

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  1. Wrapping Up

The time when you are born isn't just another day. It holds a more profound significance that goes beyond the date. Each month has associated symbols that signify certain energies and meanings that often manifest in different ways in a person's life. There are gemstones, too, that are associated with each month of the year. 

The fascinating fact about these birth stones is that they have healing powers that open mental, physical, and spiritual barriers within you. If you wear your birthstone, you're essentially connecting with the earth's energy. This focused energy releases all the negative energy to make space for more positive spiritual energy. 

If you want to use stones for healing, you must know which is the right one for you. Here's a quick guide on birthstones associated with each month and how they can benefit you. 

Natural Ethiopian Opal Engagement Ring, 4.13 CT Oval Cut October Birthstone Wedding Ring

Natural Ethiopian Opal Engagement Ring, 4.13 CT Oval Cut October Birthstone Wedding Ring

January: Garnet 

The garnet symbolizes the first month of the year. The word originates from the Roman word "garanatus," which translates to "seed-like." The word stands true to the appearance of a garnet, which almost looks like a pomegranate seed. This deep red gemstone is associated with commitment, perseverance, and strength. In terms of physical healing, garnets are good for strengthening sexual desires and keeping the chakras revitalized and energized. It also helps in improving the immunity system.

Also, garnets are meant to bring about emotional balance in your life. They enhance a person's survival instinct by making them more resilient and courageous. 

Most importantly, garnet is known to support a person's journey toward self-discovery. It facilitates enlightenment by awakening the kundalini energy within you. 

February: Amethyst

This term comes from the Greek word "amethysts," which means "not drunken." This beautiful purple stone has incredible healing properties. It is said that amethysts are meant to open a person's "third eye." It has numerous physical benefits, including curing headaches, maintaining a healthy gut, promoting good immunity, and enhancing skin elasticity.

The most significant advantage of these crystal birthstones is that they help reduce a person's anxiety and stress. They bring about a sense of calmness that can relax a person. During meditation, people have been using amethyst stones to keep away dark, negative thoughts and feelings of anger, fear, or aggression. If you're struggling with a restless mind, then an amethyst stone can help you achieve a peaceful state of mind. 

March: Aquamarine 

This beautiful aqua-blue stone has long been considered a symbol of happiness and youthful energy. These stones for strength and healing have properties that help align and balance your chakras. The energy that exudes from these stones makes a person less judgemental and inculcates the values of love and compassion. 

The biggest healing power of these stones is that they are connected to the throat chakra, which helps people overcome the fear of voicing their opinions and brings more clarity to thought and speech. Physically, it can help people with respiratory issues and sinus conditions. Its cooling properties can also help reduce inflammation of the throat. 

April: Diamond

A diamond is more than just a beautiful precious stone. It has specific properties that can bring about a positive impact on a person's life. Diamond is widely known as a symbol of purity, love, commitment, and prosperity. It is a sign of trust between two people by solidifying their companionship in the form of a gem.

But what many don't know is that it is an energy amplifier. So, if you have a good thought, a diamond can help amplify it and make them reach every part of your mind and body. You begin resonating with them at a deeper level. 

May: Emerald

Symbols of royalty and grandeur, emeralds are one the most fascinating healing gemstones out of them all. Emeralds have the power to awaken the heart chakra. With soul-cleansing properties, emeralds can heal individuals from within and enhance their intuition and intellect. 

Emeralds also help control the flow of energy in your body, remove damaged tissues, and replenish your body with healthier energy. 

The interesting thing about emeralds is that their color can often tell how the relationship between two people is. Experts say that an emerald's loss of color could signify infidelity. So, keep your spouse close, but keep your emeralds closer! 

June: Alexandrite 

Alexandrite is a unique gemstone that changes color when exposed to different lights. When seen in natural light, it appears green but looks red in artificial light. 

Alexandrite has numerous health benefits and is one of the most powerful stones for healing. It dramatically impacts our nervous system and helps regulate our glands. They help with any kind of inflammation and can relax sore muscles. 

Alexandrite has amazing spiritual and emotional benefits as well. If you want more focus in life, and wish to center yourself, then you must keep this gem with you. The color-changing nature of the gem shows how you look at issues. It helps you gain more perspective without being too judgemental. Furthermore, alexandrite stones can help widen your imagination and enhance your creative skills if you're someone in the creative field.

July: Ruby

The bright, red-colored gemstone has a vibrant appearance. This extravagant gemstone is ripe with numerous physical and psychological benefits. It is said that rubies help strengthen the heart and ventricular system. They encourage better blood circulation and ease menstrual pain. 

Rubies are perfect for those with a sensitive soul. It instills the value of letting go and opens the heart to new relationships. Moreover, they are associated with luck and fortune; if you wear them close to your skin, they will attract positive energy and spread it across your body. 

Natural Ruby Engagement Ring, 2.04 CT Oval Cut Ruby July Birthstone Ring

 Natural Ruby Engagement Ring, 2.04 CT Oval Cut Ruby July Birthstone Ring

August: Peridot

Peridot is the birthstone for those born in August. This soothing green-colored gem is a symbol of peace and tranquility. It helps people sleep peacefully at night while lowering anxiety levels. 

The brightness of this gemstone is one of its healing properties. It adds cheer and happiness to one's life and surrounds one with good luck and positive energy. It can also help people eliminate feelings of jealousy, anger, and resentment. 

It aids in detoxifying the mind and body and can soothe inflammation and muscle contractions. 

September: Sapphire 

Sapphire is one of the most elegant gemstones, but that's not the only thing that makes it special. Sapphires are meant to strengthen a person's concentration, which is why it's rightfully called the "wisdom stone." Since sapphires come in different colors, each color signifies a different kind of wisdom.

Along with their metaphysical and emotional healing benefits, these September birthstones are known for their physical benefits, like treating blood disorders, regulating excessive bleeding, and soothing the immunity system. 

September Birthstone, 0.64 CT Oval Shape Natural Blue Sapphire for Engagement Ring, Anniversary Gift Ring

September Birthstone, 0.64 CT Oval Shape Natural Blue Sapphire for Engagement Ring, Anniversary Gift Ring

October: Opal 

This iridescent gemstone is one of the most unique of the lot, with healing properties that can benefit those born in October. Like a diamond, opal is also an energy amplifier, so it absorbs energy from within and the surroundings and amplifies them. 

Opals help improve the immune system and bring balance back to the body after a bout of fever and infection. They can also aid in curing breathing or other respiratory issues. Opal is widely known to improve a person's eyesight with its brightness while also being an excellent stone for women who face hormonal problems due to PMS or childbirth. 

November: Topaz

Topaz is one of the most remarkable healing gemstones known for its rejuvenating properties. It is said that those with topaz as their birthstone can manifest better. They gain more self-confidence and trust. It encourages people to embrace their individuality and begin their journey into a creative field. 

In terms of physical benefits, topaz is known to help when someone experiences a loss of taste. It also helps with repairing wounds and abrasions. It is also an excellent healing stone for those who feel stressed and need a mild anxiety reliever. 

December: Turquoise 

The beauty of this gemstone goes beyond its appearance. It has incredible benefits that can be life-changing for those born in this month. Turquoise is connected with the throat chakra, so it can help heal the throat or other respiratory ailments. 

The nature of this stone is equivalent to cool blue waters. It soothes the soul and helps maintain a peaceful state of mind. If you're experiencing burnout due to your work, then this stone can help you unwind and relax. More than that, turquoise enables you to look within yourself and find your own truth so that you get to discover yourself. 

Wrapping Up

Each birthstone has far-reaching effects that cannot be understood if we just look at them from a distance. More than physical, they have deep metaphysical significance that can align our chakras and bring emotional balance to our lives.

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