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October's Birthstones: Opal and Tourmaline

October's Birthstones: Opal and Tourmaline


Libra babies bring the right kind of optimism and creativity that the world needs. Wearing birthstone jewelry is recommended for all the October borns to shine through life with no worries. Even though many precious stones contest for the title of the best October birthstone, opal and tourmaline top them all. Claiming to work magic for the Libras, which October stone do you think you should get your loved one this time? Diamondrensu has a great collection of opals and tourmaline for you to step up your gifting game. 

Opal Gemstone Engagement Ring, 1.34 CT Oval October Birthstone Wedding Ring, Halo Round Moissanite

Opal and Tourmaline Birthstone Meaning and History

If you are looking to give an October birthstone as a meaningful gift, you need to catch up on some history and other facts to make sure that you pick the right stone. If you don't feel like doing some homework, Diamondrensu is always here to assist you. However, some cool facts to whip out at a house party can earn you some brownie points on occasion. 

History of Opals

Opals have an interesting backstory. Centuries ago, opal used to be associated with the ethereal and supernatural. There are tons of myths about this stone, each more surprising than the next. It is said to have the ability to preserve the hair color of the blonds and provide invisibility to thieves at night. Aside from this, it is a stone that can channel celestial energy and represent the desire of the human heart. 

Ancient Greeks, Europeans, and Egyptians all believed that opals preserved good health and stood as a symbol of hope, purity, and faith. The earliest accounts of opals have been traced back to Ethiopia. Ethiopian opals have an iridescence that is richer and more sophisticated than others in the market. If you are looking for a fresh idea in terms of precious jewelry, opal is a fool proof choice.

Opal Birthstone Benefits 

If you are choosing opal, the first thing you need to make sure of is the birth month of the receiver. There is a belief that in the case of the opal birth stone month of the user has to be October. When people born in other months use opal, a reversal of the benefits is predicted. There is no serious evidence suggesting such as phenomenon, so you might have to take that with a pinch of salt. Apart from that, opal is said to bring good health, creative energy, and great taste to the wearer. 

History of Tourmaline

Tourmaline has a rich history of being mistaken for other stones, thanks to the multiple colors it is found in. The first recorded account of tourmaline dates back to the 1500s in Brazil. Even here, green tourmaline was mistaken for emerald. Germany is said to have deposits of a variety of tourmaline stones, and so is the US. The Native Americans had a tradition of gifting specific colors of tourmaline as a funeral tradition. 

Ancient China was the hotspot for the tourmaline market. A certain Chinese empress was so fond of the pink tourmaline and used to have it exported from San Diego County. The demand for tourmaline was so high in China that when the economy collapsed in 1912, the global tourmaline market hit the rock bottom as well. Later, it was revived when tourmaline was featured in designer jewelry by Tiffany & Co. 

Tourmaline Birthstone Benefits

The pretty pink tourmaline is an eye catching stone, no doubt. It has always been associated with bringing emotional and mental well being to the wearer and helping people going through heartbreak. Since the stone has a major impact on the emotions of a person, keeping the stone near the heart is a widespread practice. 

Perhaps it is because of the intense pink hue that pink tourmaline is the stone you need when it comes to anything related to love. Be it heartbreak, the courage to start a relationship, or the effort needed to improve one, tourmaline can channel the energy needed for all of these and more. As the October birthstone, this can be a perfect gift for Valentine's Day. In case you are having thoughts about popping the question, this Asscher cut tourmaline ring might be just the engagement ring you are looking for. 

Natural Tourmaline Gemstone Ring, 0.81 CT Asscher Cut Tourmaline Engagement Ring, October Birthstone Ring


Where are Opal and Tourmaline Found?

If you want to trace the origins of the October birthstone opal, you will be led all over the globe. However, around 90% of the gorgeous opals you see in the world come from Australia. Other countries such as Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, the Czech Republic, Ethiopia, and the USA also contribute to opal production. Depending on the location it is found, opals have unique properties. For instance, the opals from Mexico have more water content, making them more translucent, and sometimes even transparent. If you think translucent opals are stunning, this light colored ring is just the pick for you. 

Since the October birthstone color is pink, the October birthstone tourmaline in pink is the best choice for a Libra. Luckily, pink tourmaline is not as rare as pink diamonds, and it can be found in numerous spots across the globe. Starting from the United States, you can trace the mining of tourmaline throughout Brazil, Nigeria, Mozambique, Madagascar, Afghanistan, and Namibia. The best tourmaline stones are said to be found in the Muzo mines of Brazil and Namibia. The Namibian pink tourmaline has an intense color that will get you fall in love with it instantly. This loose pink tourmaline stone can be set into any design you want for your dream jewelry.

Opal and Tourmaline Birthstone Care and Cleaning

Now that you have found the perfect accessory, you also need to know how to keep it that way. Even the slightest mistake can cause precious jewelry to lose its sheen or start cracking. When it comes to the first October birthstone opal, some extra care can go a long way. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind if you want opal jewelry to look good as new for a long time. 

  • Remember that even though opal seems sturdy, it is only as hard as glass on the Mohs scale. That's right! So, treat your opals like they are as delicate as glass. Avoid major damage by removing the jewelry before you get into the thick of gardening or moving heavy things. 
  • Many believe that moisture can ruin opals like no other, but this is not entirely true or untrue. Here is what you need to know, if your opal is a solid stone, the jewelry is fine with water. Precious opal can crack if exposed to extreme heat or low humidity. Rapid temperature changes are also something to be concerned about. On the other hand, if you have doublets or triplets, they can be damaged from prolonged water exposure.
  • Use a mild detergent to clean your opals with a soft toothbrush and some warm water. Stay away from all kinds of ultrasonic or chemical cleaners and bleach. No matter what kind of opal you have, try not to soak or immerse it in the water while cleaning.
  • If you notice a scratch or lack of shine in your opal, take it to a professional. Some professional polishing and checking can restore the health of your stone.
  • On the chance that your opals need to be stored away for a long time, be sure to store them in a padded cloth bag. Another trick is to keep the opal in slightly damp cotton wool, sealed in a plastic bag. 

Now that you know how to keep the opals sparkling, let's look at how tourmaline needs to be cared for. Tourmaline ranks a little higher on the hardness scale, so you don't have to worry about handling it like glass.

  • Placing tourmaline in spots where it can get overheated is a bad idea. The heat can change the color, cause discoloration, or even fractures.
  • Keep each piece of tourmaline jewelry in separate padded or cloth-lined cases to ensure that scratching and other kinds of wear never occur.
  • Remember to use warm soapy water and soft fabrics to clean the jewelry.
  • Occasionally take the jewelry to an expert to get it inspected and cleaned. 
Beautiful Tourmaline Gemstone, 0.90 CT Pear Cut October Birthstone for Gemstone Engagement Ring, Gift Ring

In Conclusion

If you know Libras well, they are calm and optimistic people with great ideas and refined taste. This can make picking a gift for them tricky. But don't let the fear of choosing wrong prevent you from trying to nail that gift. Going for an October stone studded jewelry is both classy and thoughtful. You will find that people rarely dislike highly personalized gifts like birthstone jewelry. Be it an engagement ring or a pendant, opal, and tourmaline look exquisite on everyone. With some thought about design, you can find elegant jewelry for people of all ages born in October. 

If you need more clarification on the design, cut, carat, or other specifications regarding birthstone jewelry, Diamondrensu is here to save the day. Let us know what you are looking for, and you will be surprised by our designs. Don't wait any longer. Get your October birthstone now!