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April's Birthstone

April's Birthstone

A diamond is a girl's best friend and April's baby. Every month has an associated gemstone, and diamonds accompany April. Even though every jewel is equally precious, the diamond's charm is in a league of its own. The April birthstone meaning symbolizes strong relationships, trust, reliability, inner peace, a content lifestyle, and eternal happiness. While every day is your day, your birth month holds a special meaning, after all, it is when you have blessed this world.

Not only do diamonds make fantastic birthday presents, but they are also compatible with every jewelry piece and occasion. From honoring the time-old tradition of getting down on one knee and proposing with a diamond ring to treating yourself to a diamond necklace, the gemstone is as versatile as it is iconic. Diamond jewelry will elevate the joy of any April baby. If you want to make someone born in the fourth month feel cherished and loved, Diamondrensu's birthstone collection is your guide.

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Diamond Birthstone: Meaning and History

Diamond has been a constant travel partner throughout the centuries. From ancient to medieval days to the current times, diamonds have lived through the world's highest and lowest moments. Discoveries, inventions, every Eureka moment diamonds have experienced everything. Despite having many forms, the most in-demand diamond are the clearest ones. Due to the April birth color and its translucent and glassy appearance, many people associate a diamond with purity, peace, and power.

Derived from the Greek word 'Adamas,' meaning 'cannot be conquered,' ancient Greek was in awe of the stone's physical properties. During those times, people considered diamonds as the most precious earthly possession. They believed a diamond's strength represented longevity, eternity, and immeasurable value. As the hardest gemstone, ancient Greeks associated the stone with endurance.

Dating back to the 4th century, royal families adorned diamond jewelry, and soldiers wore them as amulets for protection against enemies and conquerors. They also believed wearing the stone would make them physically attractive and powerful. Many claimed that diamonds' hardness would strengthen them and ward off evil spirits.

After years of research, scientists have concluded that diamonds came into existence over 900 million years ago. While initially gatekept, diamonds soon became a trading commodity. The stone became a popular item in the barter system that traders carried across the Silk Road, selling them to wealthy buyers.

Due to their elegant appearance, people have associated diamonds with royalty throughout the years, resulting in royal families withholding the stone. The monopolization of diamonds severely influenced the international trading system. Even though the stone is still believed to have royal roots, it is now accessible to everyone.

During medieval times, people used diamonds to cure illnesses, treat diseases, and prevent misfortune. They believed the April birthstone's meaning stood for good health and wealth. They also heated the jewel before sleeping, thinking it would extract harmful chemicals and toxins from their body. In the middle ages, people would pray while holding a diamond to clean their blood and regulate its circulation. They also believed adorning diamonds with amethyst would stabilize their mental health.

In ancient Rome, Romans thought of diamonds as Cupid's gemstones. According to them, Cupid's arrow was made of diamonds, helping it reach hearts, work its magic, and connect people. If lore is to be believed, the diamond earned its reputation as the most romantic gemstone from ancient Romans. Soldiers' wives would make them wear diamond necklaces or amulets before going to battles as a sign of love, remembrance, romance, protection, and strength.

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Where is Diamond Found?

India is the oldest source of diamonds. The nation started trading diamonds in the 1400s, selling the gemstone across Europe. However, when India decreased its diamond supply three centuries later, Brazil became the biggest diamond producer and trader.

In the 1800s, scientists and miners discovered a diamond cave in South Africa, which instantly became one of the most popular diamond reserves, and dethroned Brazil. Today, people worldwide travel to South Africa to purchase authentic diamonds. However, today, you can find the stone globally. African countries like Zaire (now called the Democratic Republic of the Congo) and Botswana have also started manufacturing diamonds.

In the mid-20th century, Russia opened its first diamond mine. Now, the country produces high-quality diamonds in high volumes. A couple of years later, Australia made headlines in the late 19th century when it opened its own diamond reserve. Even Canada joined the ranks of diamond producers around the beginning of the 21st century.

Diamond Birthstone: Care and Cleaning

Despite being the hardest gem (10, according to the Mohs Scale of Hardness), taking care of a diamond is essential. Neglecting its maintenance damages its beauty and causes a dent in your wallet. Due to its properties and demand, a diamond is an expensive stone, but its sparkle and durability make purchasing it an investment. Therefore, taking care of it keeps it safe and saves your investment.

  • Clean your diamond jewelry in mild soapy water. Wash it gently using soft brushes and wipe it with a lint-free cloth. You can also use cleaning solutions for a quick wash.
  • Store your diamond in a soft, safe box with cushion pads to restrain its movement. Surface movement can affect its sparkle.
  • Keep your diamond jewelry away from other gemstones, as a diamond's strength can scratch or damage softer jewels.
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Is Diamond the Only Birthstone for April?

While single gemstones accompany most months, some months, like April, have two or more assigned birthstones. Topaz and clear quartz join the diamond as April's birthstones. Not only do two additional gems give April babies a variety of designs and styles to choose from, but they also solve budget problems.

Diamonds are generally expensive, but white topaz and clear quartz are more financially accessible. If you want to give your loved one a beautiful stone that your budget agrees with without compromising the quality, you can go for topaz or quartz!

How do Diamonds Form?

Diamonds originate from way below the earth's surface, unlike most gemstones. Lower layers of the earth's crust experience high temperatures, forming a high-pressure environment. When carbon atoms are exposed to extreme temperatures and pressures, they combine to create crystals. Upon hardening, these crystals become diamonds. The carbon volume in diamond crystals makes them exceptionally hard, durable, and strong.

According to scientists, volcanic eruptions pushed diamond crystals from the earth's mantle to the surface, which is how people noticed them initially. Kimberlite, a volcanic component, protects diamonds' appearance and properties until miners extract them from the surface, clean them, and sell them.

How to Choose the Perfect Diamond?

Diamonds are an investment. Therefore, it is crucial to understand their properties before finalizing your purchase. When buying a diamond, consider its 4C's - cut, color, clarity, and carat.


A common misconception first-time shoppers have is that a diamond's shape is its cut. A diamond's cut is the stone's proportions, light dispersion, and symmetrical properties. The April birthstone's cut determines its sparkle, fire, and brilliance.


The April birthstone's color is colorless. In its purest form, a diamond is clear and colorless. However, some diamonds contain yellow and brown hues that make them slightly colorful. Usually, high-quality diamonds are colorless, and diamonds that fall on the other side of the scale include yellow-brown tinges.


A gemstone's inclusions and flaws determine its clarity. High quality diamonds do not contain inclusions, giving them exceptional clarity. However, only the rarest diamonds have complete clarity. On the other hand, most diamonds contain very, very slight inclusions, which are not noticeable to the naked eye. A diamond's price depends on its inclusions. Diamonds without flaws are more expensive than diamonds with slight inclusions. Therefore, ensure your ring's price matches its inclusions.


A diamond's weight is its carat. The heavier the diamond, the pricier it is. For instance, a one-carat diamond will cost you more than a 0.25-carat ring because the former is heavier.

What Does Wearing Diamond Say about You?

Diamond is the queen of gemstones, which automatically makes April babies royalty. Like their birthstone, April born people are determined and headstrong. Similar to a diamond's hardness, April babies possess endurance and perseverance. They are born leaders, prefer taking charge of situations, and face every problem—familiar or unfamiliar—with willpower and confidence. They make informed decisions and have endless patience. However, sometimes, their bravery and determination can turn into stubbornness.

April babies make excellent friends and confidants. They are honest, dependable, and trustworthy. Their problem-solving nature makes people gravitate toward and lean on them for support and advice. They do not run away from tough times. Instead, they embrace them. Diamond wearers are also incredibly loyal. If you know someone who stands their ground and does not mind returning a wrong order, chances are a diamond is their birthstone.

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Celebrities Who Share Your April Birthstone

If you need a little nudge, knowing you share your birth month with some of your favorite celebrities will help you check out the diamond bracelet in your cart.

  • Kristen Stewart
  • Anya Taylor-Joy
  • Gigi Hadid
  • Lizzo
  • Lil Nas X

Wrapping Up

Just as the April birthstone's meaning, April babies are radiant, full of love, and strong. They exude confidence, charm, and endurance. If your birthday is around the corner and you want to gift yourself gorgeous diamond earrings or give a stunning diamond ring to your partner on your anniversary, check out Diamondrensu's diamond collection!

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