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Diamond: April's Birthstone

Diamond: April's Birthstone


Of all the gemstones in the world, diamonds need an introduction the least. Even as the fiery, brilliant gemstone has captured everyone who loves an element of opulence and class, those born in April have a special connection with this precious stone. As the April birthstone, diamonds mean more to the April born Aries and Taurus. If you are searching for a meaningful gift for such a person, diamond jewelry is an option you can explore. At Diamondrensu, we are more than happy to curate the best gifts for your beloved ones. 

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Diamond Gemstones

When it comes to diamonds, the world cannot get enough. From describing it as the 'forever' stone to 'girl's best friend,' diamonds have a wide fanbase. As the hardest material in the world that cannot be damaged by anything else, it often stands as a symbol of eternal love. This conception, combined with Archduke Maximillian of Austria's choice to fashion an engagement ring out of diamond, made it the world's favorite engagement stone. 

The growing love for diamonds paved the way for experimentation to produce them in labs. Since the 1950s, diamonds have been successfully created in labs for use in jewelry, machinery, and everything in between. There has been enough competition among diamond enthusiasts trying to establish the superiority of mined diamonds over cultured ones. 

Ever since the growing realization that April gemstone mining has ethical and social implications in many regions, people have been exclusively choosing the lab-grown kind. For an untrained eye, both types of diamonds look the same. Apart from better clarity and options for customization in cultured diamonds, there is no particular way to distinguish it from a mined one. 

The Origin of Diamonds

The formation of diamonds is an interesting story to share. In fact, it makes an inspirational tale and is an ample reason why diamonds are romanticized so much. Millions of years ago, the dead flora and fauna of the earth got buried deep under the crust. As extreme heat and pressure acted on these materials, the matter turned into the purest form of carbon that slowly crystallized to form diamonds. All these reactions took place over 100 miles below the earth's surface, meaning that the formed diamonds were not nearly as accessible as you might think. 

The diamonds buried deep down were brought up thanks to the volcanic activity many areas saw. Through volcanic pipes, river banks, ocean floors, and other such openings in the earth's crust, the diamonds made their way up in such a way that they could be mined fast.,

Today, diamond is mined across the world in Africa, Australia, Canada, Russia, and so on, but the first record of diamonds do not come from any of these sites. Centuries ago, India was the only country that produced diamonds. Having found diamonds around the 4th Century BC, these stones were mined and traded through the Silk Route. The availability of diamonds is one of the many reasons that made explorers like Vasco da Gama set out for India. 

The discovery of the Kimberley mine in South Africa was another key point in the history of the diamond trade because it allowed for the commercial mining of precious stones. With time, the demand for diamonds and the trends in the market changed enough to make synthetic diamonds more common and preferred among the masses.  

The Healing Powers of Diamond

Ever since the discovery of diamonds, they have been used for purposes other than ornaments. The healing powers of the gemstone are widely known. It is said to bolster and rejuvenate the energy centers in the user's body. Many cultures consider diamonds as heart unifies. That is, they are used to heal and invigorate the health of a user. This was done by drinking the water in which a diamond was soaked overnight. 

The reputation of diamonds as miracle stones also came from the fact that people believed in their ability to keep chronic stomach related issues at bay. Memory loss was another threat that diamonds could protect you from. More than that, the vibrations produced by this precious stone are said to lend a positive aura to an individual, making them extremely healthy. Wearing a diamond to bed is said to protect you from nightmares and depression and also prevent rapid mood changes. 

According to lore, diamonds have the power even to overpower the effect of poison. It purifies the body's systems, detoxifies them, and restores the body to a healthy state. If you are in need of building some stamina and treating allergies or chronic conditions, diamonds can do that as well. A properly cut diamond with no inclusions is said to benefit the brain, easing vertigo or dizziness if you are prone to them.  

Colored diamonds have their special powers. For instance, green colored ones are said to come in handy when someone is giving birth. In some cultures, green diamonds symbolize motherhood. The pink diamond is integral in enhancing creative expression, and blue diamonds allow a person to care for themselves better and boost their willpower. Depending on the April birthstone color, each of them has a unique power, regardless of how rare these stones are to come by naturally. 

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Some April Birthstone Jewelry We Think You'll Like

There is certainly no lack of diamond jewelry in the market. However, there is a lack of unique design choices though. If you haven't found the right designs for birthstone jewelry, these options that Diamondrensu offers can give you a better idea of what to look for. 

Round Diamond Ring, 1.01 CT Lab Created Diamond Engagement Ring, Pave Set Lab Diamond Ring

Is your partner an April-born who could do good with some April gemstone jewelry? Then it is time you consider this and use a gorgeous diamond ring to propose. This synthetic diamond ring has a subtle sparkle that grabs everyone's attention. For an engagement ring, a round center stone is always a hit, and this ring is a testament to that. If not as an engagement ring, this pave-set ring is a lovely Mother's Day gift too. 

With a gorgeous, brilliant diamond held in single claw prongs, the simplicity of the design is what makes the ring more unique. The additional round cut diamonds set halfway through the shank give the ring an extra sparkle as it sits comfortably on the fingers. Diamonds are forever stones, and using them to show your love for someone is an outstanding choice.   

Lab Grown Diamond Stud Earrings | 0.25 CT to 1.35 CT EF/VS Lab Created Diamond Stud Earrings, Screw Back Studs

Giving jewelry as a gift can be tricky because you can't say whether your loved one will like the gift or ever use it. However, these lab grown diamond earrings are the most functional jewelry you will come across in your life. Coming in various sizes for you to choose from, this set of earrings is the perfect everyday jewelry. With enough elegance and functionality, these earrings can be someone's companion to work and party at the same time. 

Fancy Pink Color Lab Grown Diamond, 1.12 CT Heart Shape VS Clarity Diamond for Engagement Ring, Anniversary Gift or Wedding Ring

Have you considered switching it up from the regular colorless diamonds to add some color to the jewelry you gift? In the world of colored diamonds, pink colored diamonds are scarce to come by naturally. This does not mean you cannot have a stellar cultured pink diamond in your collection. This heart shaped pink diamond is a great addition to any piece of jewelry that you will be gifting someone. Be it an engagement ring, wedding ring, or anniversary gift, this diamond can be a fresh take on the classic diamond jewelry that everyone knows and loves. 

Round Lab Grown Diamond Eternity Band, Curved Wedding Band, Stackable Band

If you need a ring to add to your collection of accessories, this is going to be a stylish one. This piece is extraordinarily suited for stacking as a modern eternity band with a gentle curve. The milgrain outline on this piece adds to the style factor of this ring. With round brilliant diamonds studded along for half the shank, this ring is a piece of subtle elegance. Whether it is a fun accessory you need or a wedding band, this is a fantastic choice you can make. The unique milgrain outline is the selling point that gives the band a modern and unique look. You will come across numerous eternity bands, but none can symbolize sophistication like this one.


Diamonds are a sight to behold, no doubt. For the confident April-borns, birthstone jewelry made out of diamonds couldn't be more appropriate. Be it an engagement ring, an early birthday present, or something special meant for the 60th wedding anniversary, picking diamond jewelry is fun, and you deserve the chance to enjoy this process. With the right experts at your side, you can have a great time choosing the jewelry that suits your needs. At Diamondrensu, we also believe in designing jewelry from scratch if our collection is not the right choice for you. 

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