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What Is My Birthstone?

There are very few people in this world who think of their birthday as "just another day." It's extremely important, not just for you, but for the ones who love you too. The day has immense value, both emotionally and spiritually. Everyone wishes an abundance of good fortune, health, and love on their birthday. But how do you foster that energy that comes not from you, but from the earth? A birthstone is considered one of the many ways you align your energies and feel connected to the earth. If you're wondering, "What is my birthstone?" then keep reading.

Is Birthstone by Month or Zodiac?

Well, the answer is both. The 12 zodiac signs are based on the months of the calendar, so the birthstones remain the same in both lists. However, people believe that while birthstones by month are simply a categorization per the calendar, the zodiac signs show the real connection between the person and the gems. Each sign has several strengths and weaknesses, and the stones accurately represent that. 

Which Stone Should You Wear by Date of Birth?

Each birthstone has been assigned to a particular month and zodiac sign. The birthstones for each month complement the characteristics of each zodiac sign. Here's the list:

  • January - Capricorn - Garnet
  • February - Aquarius - Amethyst
  • March - Pisces - Aquamarine
  • April - Aries - Diamond
  • May - Taurus - Emerald
  • June - Gemini - Alexandrite 
  • July - Cancer - Ruby
  • August - Leo - Peridot
  • September - Virgo - Blue Sapphire
  • October - Libra - Tourmaline 
  • November - Scorpio - Citrine
  • December - Sagittarius - Tanzanite

You must be thinking, "What does my birthstone signify?" Each stone is unique in its way. Take a quick look at what your birthstone has in store for you. 

January: Garnet

The birthstone for January is garnet. This dark red gem signifies protection and security and is meant specially for those Capricorn souls who need guidance to follow the right path in life. Carrying a garnet will bring you safety and good luck if you're a traveler. If you're thinking of buying a garnet stone, you don't always have to stick to buying the red one; there are other variants of garnet, such as tsavorite, which is equally auspicious and spiritually charged. 

January Birthstone - 0.76 CT Oval Cut Natural Tsavorite Gemstone for Engagement Ring

January Birthstone - 0.76 CT Oval Cut Natural Tsavorite Gemstone for Engagement Ring

February: Amethyst

The folks born in February have amethyst as their birthstone. Purple hued and absolutely gorgeous, amethyst's characteristics are similar to its appearance. It brings tranquility, peace, and serenity into one's life. Aquarius people are generally seen as optimistic and self-reliant, so keeping an amethyst can help them channel this energy better and remain more centered. 

March: Aquamarine

Aquamarine, a subtle crystal blue gem, is the birthstone for March, and thus, for those whose zodiac sign is Pisces. Aquamarine symbolizes good health, hope, and strength. It is believed that Pisces people are extremely sympathetic, and the energy that comes from aquamarine is meant to keep the person grounded and humble. It has physical benefits too. Often referred to as the "breath stone," aquamarine helps alleviate respiratory ailments. 

April: Diamond

If you are an Aries, then a diamond is truly your best friend! Despite being one of the world's most popular gemstones, most people don't know that it is the birthstone for April. It is a symbol of purity, prosperity, love, and commitment, but along with that, it is said that diamonds help get rid of bad dreams and fight depression. Being the hardest material on earth, a diamond signifies fearlessness and strength to fight evil and ward off negative energy. 

May: Emerald

The regality of this gemstone has attracted royals for centuries, which is why many kings and queens wore it. Emeralds, the birthstone for Taurus and April-borns, is considered one of the most prized gemstones, exuding luxury wherever it is used. Emeralds also have the power to bring clairvoyance and clarity into someone's life. It's a sign of success and has also been used in a lot of engagement jewelry due to its connection with the heart chakra. 

June: Alexandrite 

This lesser-known gemstone is known to have incredible properties that have the power to heal both body and soul. It helps bring balance between the two. It is often used as a talisman, especially when someone suffers from an illness. It is said to unlock the crown chakra and help sharpen a person's intellect and intuition. Interestingly, the stone appears green in daylight, but red in incandescent light, making it one of the most unique gems out of all. 

July: Ruby 

The birthstones for each month not only have healing powers, but they are also gorgeous, and ruby is a gem that represents that. If your sign is Cancer, and you have your birthday in July, then keeping a ruby stone would benefit you. The bright red birthstone symbolizes youth, joy, love, and passion. It helps balance the heart chakra and is said to bring good fortune to the wearer. 

August: Peridot

Referred by many as the stone of compassion, this lovely green-colored gem is the birthstone for Leo. Born in August? Keep a peridot and watch how it brings peace and affection into your relationships. You'll notice how your body and mind are more balanced, and you will be able to maintain healthier companionships with other people. 

September: Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire has a remarkable spiritual value, and if you were born in September and wish to begin your journey to mindfulness, then keeping a blue sapphire will help you immensely. It opens the third eye, giving you greater insight into yourself and your surroundings, and ensures the perfect alignment of all your chakras.

Natural Blue Sapphire Gemstone, 0.54 CT Pear Shape September Birthstone for Beautiful Gemstones Engagement Ring


Natural Blue Sapphire Gemstone, 0.54 CT Pear Shape September Birthstone for Beautiful Gemstones Engagement Ring

October: Tourmaline 

Tourmaline is slowly making its way into the market and becoming a very popular gem among jewel enthusiasts. If your zodiac sign is Libra and you are looking for a way to enhance your love life, then this is just the gem for you. This October birthstone is known for healing broken hearts and strengthening love and companionship among couples. It also enhances a person's creativity and imagination. 

October Month Birthstone, 0.87 CT Asscher Cut Natural Tourmaline Gemstone for Engagement Ring

October Month Birthstone, 0.87 CT Asscher Cut Natural Tourmaline Gemstone for Engagement Ring

November: Citrine 

The bright yellow stone is unique in terms of its appearance and healing powers. The color is true to this birthstone's features; the brightness of the gem fosters happiness and youthfulness and improves your manifesting powers. It is also known to increase physical endurance and promote proper gut health. 

December: Turquoise

This commonly used gem is the birthstone for all the Sagittarius people out there. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which help heal ailments in the body while also bringing peace and mental stability into the person's life. It's not just a beautiful accessory to carry; its benefits have a greater significance that can help people in the long run. 

How Would You Know Your Lucky Gemstone?

From the list of birthstones by month given above, you can check your birthstone per the month you were born and your zodiac sign. Of course, you can still wear the rest of the stones. You can adorn them all, depending on what you like. But a birthstone holds the energy to enhance certain traits unique to you. So wearing that specific stone will bring about a positive change in your mind and body. This list mentions some of each stone's essential healing properties so that you have an idea before picking your lucky gem. 

On Diamondrensu, you can avail of customizations in jewelry with your birthstone and make a piece you can wear daily. It will bring luck and encourage success in all aspects of your life. 

Final Thoughts

Everyone wishes to prosper in life. You work hard for it, but certain metaphysical energies work together to bring good luck and harmony that can't be conveyed by human beings alone. These small but significant stones hold a remarkable amount of power, and one must understand their value beyond their looks. Keeping these gems by your side is not only an investment but will help you in ways that cannot be explained. Plus, they look good and give a feeling of elegance and luxury when you wear them. 

If you wish to buy a birthstone for yourself or your loved one, you can check out Diamondrensu's collection of loose stones. From tourmaline to emerald and ruby to sapphire, they have a variety of gems in different cuts and sizes, available at varying price points. That's not all; you can customize the stone by speaking to the designers. With your vision and expertise, you'll get something unique and special just for you. 

Now that you know which gem is your birthstone, it's time to head over to Diamondrensu's website, pick the stone of your choice, and make a stunning and meaningful piece of jewelry that you'll love to adorn.

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