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July's Birthstone: Ruby

July's Birthstone: Ruby


Derived from the Latin word Rubens, meaning red, ruby is one of the most popular gemstones on earth. Since red is a powerful color that stands for courage, sacrifice, passion, and joy, red rubies stir similar feelings in people. Luring even more people to fall in love with this gemstone, ruby is the July gemstone. When those born in July wear ruby birthstone jewelry, wonderful results are seen. 

Rubies have a vibrant history, and if you think they look splendid on you or someone you know, you have reached the right place. Read on to learn about rubies and get advice about choosing gorgeous accessories. Set alone or along with other gems, the July gemstone is a sight to behold. 

 0.47 TW Pear Shape Ruby and Emerald Infinity Style Unique Wedding Band

The Ruby in History and Culture

Perhaps, ruby is one of the oldest recorded gemstones in history. With extensive speculations about the stone's associations with civilizations, uses, and origin, there is something about rubies that invite people to gaze into the captivating, rich tones. The bright red color of rubies made people in the past associate them with blood. It was believed that rubies held the power to restore, rejuvenate, and improve life. 

Ruby also earned popularity from its mentions in the Bible. The stone was attributed traits such as wisdom and beauty here, making it historically more significant than any other colored gems. Rubies were also popular in Asian cultures. For instance, there is a Sanskrit term to describe ruby, which relates to it as the king of all the precious stones. There was a belief offering rubies to deities was a surefire way to be reborn as emperors. It was also said that this July gemstone was the best of the twelve stones created in the universe. These early cultures also had their methods of classifying these gems. Rubies of the highest quality were considered to grant perfect safety to the owner. 

In India, it was believed that rubies had the power to bring peace between conflicting parties. At the same time, in Burma, where the best of the ruby deposits were, they believed that the stone made warriors fierce. The glowing flame-like color of the ruby made it more appropriate to stand for extreme elements like passion, war, bravery, and so on.

Even in the West, rubies were held in great regard. It was a popular gem among the rich and royalty. It was also worn to guarantee health, wealth, wisdom, and success in love. Rubies were one of the reasons why the British sought to colonize the region. Elizabeth II received 96 Burmese rubies as a gift for her nuptials with the Duke of Edinburgh in 1947. The ownership of Burma's Royal Ruby is another controversy that has been going on for ages. 

There is no denying that looking at the jewel tones of ruby makes you desire one instantly. The July birthstone color makes red rubies even more appealing for those who want birthstone jewelry for themselves. Being a romantic gift as well as a fashion statement, you need to invest in finding accessories with lush colored stone as soon as possible. Standing as a sign of style, wealth, and success, rubies have always been in style and will continue to be in the future.

Ruby's Color

The luxurious color of ruby is the primary reason people seek it out so much. However, rubies are found in varying shades and colors on earth. Here is a fun trivia fact, rubies are only called so when the stones of this particular family appear in medium to dark shades of red. When the stones appear in lighter or other hues, they are called pink sapphires or sapphires, respectively. 

Since the name ruby is a derivative of the Latin word ruber, meaning red, the more red rubies get, the better they look. In its purest form, corundum, the family of which ruby is a part, is colorless. When traces of chromium appear in this mineral, it changes color from light shades of red resembling pink and orange to deep reds that almost look purple. Chromium also has the property of fluorescence. This makes rubies more intense in color as the concentration of chromium increases. 

Finding the Right Ruby

Ruby has always been in demand across the world. Perhaps this is why learning to distinguish fake, cultured, and natural rubies are important. One way to tell the cheap fake rubies apart from the valuable and real ones is by scratching a hard surface with it. Most of the time, the cheap ones leave a red trail. 

Artificial rubies are equally valuable if it comes with certification from competent authorities. Usually, you cannot distinguish natural rubies from synthesized ones by looking at chemical composition or structural properties; both types are highly similar. One easy way to tell them apart is by evaluating clarity. Natural rubies almost always have inclusions in them, whereas cultured ones do not. There are numerous other ways to tell them apart, and an expert can assist you. 

Rubies in Jewelry

Since rubies symbolize prosperity, protection, and everything nice, accessories studded with deep red rubies are a treat for the eyes. If you wish to pamper yourself or give someone a meaningful gift, rubies are the right choice. If you know the zodiac sign of another person, and if you think they have ruby as their birthstone, then presenting them with ruby jewelry makes it all the more special. 

If you are having a tough time picking the right accessories, Diamondrensu has the perfect collection to make your choice easier. Here are a few examples to give you a better idea of what awaits you at Diamondrensu.

Dazzling 1.73 TW Red Ruby with Round Moissanite Eternity Wedding Band

When you think of precious jewelry and gem studded accessories, it might sound over the top for someone looking for some daily wear jewelry. Wearing jewelry every day does not mean you have to compromise style or taste. With this simple band, you can have the perfect touch of elegance anywhere you go. Especially if you are proposing or renewing your vows, this eternity band with moissanite and rubies is simply the best choice. If a gift for the 40th anniversary is not coming along well, then this sparkling combination of ruby and moissanite is meant for you.

0.55 TCW Round Cut Ruby and Moissanite Eternity Wedding Band

For the partner ever on the move, you need accessories that do not obstruct functionality. This moissanite and ruby eternity wedding band is customizable so that you can pick the metal tone for your ring. We recommend the platinum or yellow gold band; these metal tones improve the attached stones' colors, giving them a more vibrant look. With an added brilliance that comes from being set on complementing metals, these gems attract light and glimmer in all the right ways. This ring tops the list if you need a minimalist piece that still has a character and looks appropriate for any eye or occasion.

Natural Ruby Engagement Ring, 2.04 CT Oval Cut Ruby July Birthstone Ring

Do you need a perfect engagement ring for someone born in July? Since ruby is the July gemstone, there is no reason to hesitate to choose it as the center stone for your ring. With ruby birthstone acting to bring in some much needed luck, passion, and prosperity as you stand at the threshold of a new phase in life, this ring sounds like a wise choice for sure. Apart from the benefits brought by the stone, the design of this ring is an aesthetic wonder. With three moissanite stones set on either side, this engagement ring brings some extra shine to the wearer's hands. Paired with a white gold metal tone, the oval-cut ruby and cluster of moissanite in a muse setting add to a unique ring. 

Natural Ruby Gemstone, 0.53 CT Oval Shape Ruby July Birthstone for Custom Jewelry


Finding accessories in designs that capture your heart might take time and effort. Fear not. This does not mean you will never find something that suits your tastes. If you cannot find jewelry that you like on the racks, then you need to design them yourself! 

Start by picking out a gemstone like this. Ensure that the cut, carat, and clarity all fit your tastes. Once you have that figured out, work with an expert to get the perfect accessories to complement your style. Be it modern, classic, heritage design, or a combination of all these. The right gemstone can pave the way to finding unique accessories in your collection. 


Red is an inspiring color, and people with ruby birthstones are inspiring, too. With their loyal and steadfast nature, this strong color is a must have for the July borns. Even if you were not born in July, you could still indulge in some ruby jewelry. All you have to do is get in touch with Diamondrensu. 

With a collection of premium designs and the option to customize jewelry, Diamondrensu is the best spot for jewelry shopping. Hurry up and get yours now!