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July's Birthstone

July's Birthstone

If you love gemstones, then you're definitely a fan of rubies. It is one of the four precious stones, along with diamond, sapphire, and emerald. They have always been a symbol of regality and royalty, but they're more than their grandeur. They hold immense significance when it comes to spiritual healing. A favorite among natural health and metaphysical practitioners, ruby is the birthstone for those born in the month of July. With many incredible healing properties packed inside this deep red-colored stone, this July birthstone is a must-have if you want to begin your journey to holistic wellness. 

Natural Ruby Engagement Ring, 2.04 CT Oval Cut Ruby July Birthstone Ring

Ruby Birthstone Meaning

Before we understand how rubies can benefit us, it is important to be aware of their origin and history. In fact, its history tells us a lot about its significance. 

Rubies were first discovered back in 2500 BC in the Asian continent, specifically in the Mogok region of Burma, which is now known as Myanmar. In 2000 BC, rubies were discovered in India as well. Because of their appearance, they used the Sanskrit term "ratnaraj," which translates to "king of precious stones." The deep blood hued ruby signified power and wealth and was a sign of glory for royals.

How Do They Form?

Geologically speaking, rubies form under extreme heat and pressure, which is the case with most gemstones. They form from the mineral corundum or aluminum oxide. When in its purest state, corundum is colorless and comprises densely packed oxygen and atoms of aluminum. Once it is exposed to heat and pressure, it forms crystals. The structure of the crystal includes certain trace elements, and one such element is chromium. Chromium is what gives rubies their signature red color. The higher the chromium content, the deeper the red hues will be. 

They are also the third hardest stone, scoring a 9 on the Mohs scale. 

Once the July stone is mined and reaches the manufacturing stage, they are polished, cut, and then ready for the market. Rubies continue to be used in various forms of jewelry be it earrings, rings, or necklaces, and they add an element of elegance that no other gemstone can provide. 

Significance of the July Stone

Ruby is not just a stunning gemstone; its properties can help a person be their best self. Here are some of the ways Ruby heals us physically, emotionally, and metaphysically/spiritually. 

Physical Significance 

The deep red color of the stone connects with the heart and the blood. It has detoxification properties and helps purify the blood. It also helps with blood circulation and reinforces the ventricles, coronaries, and blood vessels. 

If you're facing troubles in your menstrual cycle or extreme PMS symptoms, ruby can be your savior. Women have seen improvements in their health by using the stone. So, if you have gynecological issues, get yourself this July stone. 

Known as the gem of passion, Ruby can be helpful to reignite your sexual prowess and get you intimate with your partner. It kicks in the right hormones to enhance your sexual performance.

Emotional Significance

If you want more intimacy in your relationship, get yourself a ruby. It enhances the feeling of love in people, helping them get closer. 

If you're a sensitive soul, keep a ruby to protect yourself. If you have old wounds from times of pain and grief, rubies help us overcome that and be stronger. 

Ruby is also a stone for trust. Sometimes, people find it difficult to love again due to hardships and problematic relationships. Ruby will help you trust yourself and others again, helping you find love. 

Ruby is said to have powerful vibrations that can heal the mind and body and reduce any stress that we're holding in various parts of the body. 

Metaphysical and Spiritual Significance

The stone is said to have the ability to boost your concentration and drive you toward a life filled with creative energy and imagination.

The stone is connected with the root chakra. It helps in keeping you more grounded, balanced, and centered. If you're faced with times of trouble, the July stone and its connection with the root chakra will make sure you remain strong and willful. 

The July gemstone and its connection with the chakra will help you stay strong and rational. It has a deeper relationship with the sacral and solar plexus chakras as well, which means it instills the values of safety, stability, and intuition. 

Did you know that ruby is the gemstone that symbolizes the 40th year of a married couple's life? It signifies compassion, love, commitment, and perseverance. Your romantic life will witness a positive change.

Lastly, ruby also connects with your chi, which is important to keep your energies flowing consistently. It will help you ignite the inner light, leading to more self-love, pleasure, passion, and joy. 

Where are Rubies Found?

If you are looking for the finest quality rubies, Myanmar is just the place. They are also mined in India, Australia, Mozambique, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Pakistan, Vietnam, and Thailand. There aren't too many visible differences in terms of geographical locations; only the color would differ in terms of the stone's chromium content. 

However, you can now find rubies online as well from trusted sellers. Diamondrensu sells loose ruby stones along with some select jewelry pieces too. 

Natural Ruby Gemstone, 0.53 CT Oval Shape Ruby July Birthstone for Custom Jewelry

This lovely oval-shaped ruby is a stunner. It is ideal for when you want to create your own custom jewelry. On Diamondrensu, you can speak with designers who will understand your vision and translate it into the most beautiful piece of jewelry that will be unique to you. This is perfect for those who are into simpler and minimalist designs. 

Natural Ruby Gemstone, 0.43 CT Pear Cut July Birthstone, Loose Stone for Engagement Ring

If you want to experiment with this July gemstone, then this pear shaped one can be quite fun to play around with. Encrust it with some diamond and moissanite on the sides and edges, and use the metal of your choice, and you'll have the perfect ring for yourself or your loved one. It can be the perfect marriage anniversary gift; nothing beats a customized present that is precious and priceless!

0.55 TCW Round Cut Ruby and Moissanite Eternity Wedding Band

This is an example of how you can incorporate colorless stones to make the ruby stand out. This lavish round cut ruby ring can be excellent if you're planning to propose a July born. They'll love the thought behind it. Moreover, the moissanite adds more value to the ring, making it extremely precious.

0.47 TW Pear Shape Ruby and Emerald Infinity Style Unique Wedding Band

Want to give something that looks unique and one of a kind? This emerald ruby infinity ring is just the one for you. The two stones complement each other really well and look elegant in the infinity shaped ring. You can add personalizations and choose a metal tone of your liking.

Dazzling 1.73 TW Red Ruby with Round Moissanite Eternity Wedding Band

Here's another gorgeous piece by Diamondrensu. The entire ring consists of round brilliant cut rubies and moissanite arranged in the classic bar style. If you want something that you or your partner can wear every day, then this is ideal. 

Ruby Birthstone Care and Cleaning

Like every other gemstone, ruby also needs to be handled with care. It is an extremely precious stone, so any kind of damage will cost you a lot of money to fix it. 

To clean the ruby, you need warm soapy water. Soak it in the solution for 5 minutes and then wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth. Alternatively, you can use a soft microfiber cloth soaked in warm soapy water and wipe the stone. Only use gentle detergents and nothing harsh. Also, don't use harsh solvents or chemicals such as bleach, thinners, or alcohol.

If there are stains on the surface of the stone, then use an extremely soft bristled brush and clean it with very little pressure. The more aggressively you rub it, the more chances there are of you damaging it. Don't use anything abrasive, such as brushes with hard bristles. 

To store the stone, wrap it in a soft cloth and put it in a separate box. Since it is one of the top three hardest stones, it has the potential to damage other softer stones. So it's best to keep it separately. Please don't keep it with a diamond or moissanite, as they might damage the stone. 


If you want to exude elegance and royalty, ruby will be your best friend. With its healing properties, you will look beautiful and feel beautiful on the inside! 

If you're thinking of buying this July gemstone, then visit Diamondrensu's website and browse through the fabulous collection of ruby stones and jewelry. They're all customizable so that each piece is unique to you. What are you waiting for? Head over to Diamondrensu and pick the gem of your dreams today!