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June's Birthstone: Alexandrite

June's Birthstone: Alexandrite

In the list of birthstones for June, Alexandrite is a popular option. Standing apart from all other precious stones, the alexandrite birthstone is something worth checking out. Why? Because how often do you come across a gemstone that is called emerald by the day and ruby by the night? June as a month has interesting gemstones associated, and the alexandrite is the most impressive of them all. 

June Geminis are all about duality. They pack in diametric qualities at the same time, and for them, alexandrite jewelry is the best pick. If alexandrites are new to you and you would like to know more about the stone, you have come to the right place. Diamondrensu has the right resources to acquaint you with birthstones. From now on, you can get perfect birthstone jewelry for your loved ones and win their hearts, no doubt.

Alexandrite Birthstone Meaning and History

The alexandrite birthstone is your stone if you need a perfect gift for celebrating your 55th wedding anniversary. Nicknamed Friday's Child and Friday's Stone, alexandrite is a modern stone for your accessories. Unlike other gemstones like rubies and emeralds, alexandrite does not have an extensive history, owing to its discovery in the 19th century. 

The discovery of the June birthstone makes an interesting nighttime tale. It goes like this. The miners in the Urals had apparently mined emeralds and were ready to enjoy their profits. However, at nightfall, when they examined the stones under firelight, the emeralds looked like rubies! They knew at once that they had come across a perplexing new precious stone. 

These stones finally earned the name alexandrite in 1839. It was inspired by the green and red color of the stone that reminded everyone of Old Imperial Russia's military. Soon enough, alexandrite was named the national stone of Russia back then. With time, it was also highly favored by the elites who resided in Russia. Thanks to the increased popularity of this birthstone, the reserves of alexandrites in Russia did not last long. 

This is not going to affect you and your affinity for alexandrite jewelry because even more alexandrite deposits have been found across the globe. 

Apart from the Russians, Friday's Stone also made quick work of the hearts of Americans. George Frederick Kunz at Tiffany & Co. worked to popularize the stunning stone that was alexandrite. Between the 19th and 20th centuries, Kunz produced alexandrite rings in a few styles to get the crowd to understand how beautiful this precious stone could be. Taking inspiration from their Russian counterpart, the elites of England also used alexandrite extensively. The stone also had a major role in jewelry during Victoria's reign.

What Does Alexandrite Mean?

Since this mystical stone was found in Russia, the local culture views it as a good omen. It is said to have an influence on luck, fortune, and love. Alexandrite is believed to be a stone that can bring balance in the interaction between the manifest physical world and the unmanifest spiritual or astral world. Alexandrite symbolizes bringing one access to the warm, healing energy and love of the universe. This gemstone has the ability to strengthen intuition, make you feel one with the universe, improve creativity, and build imagination.

Here is another set of meanings that alexandrite has that makes it even cooler to own. If romance has been a problem for you, wearing alexandrite can bring desirable changes. As a stone gifted to someone after over 50 years of being together, this gem has something that makes partners work. If you notice someone who is tightly wound and needs to relax, this June gemstone adds some joy to rigorously self-disciplined people in the world. Bringing them hope and ambition to resolve any crisis and make the best of their lives, this gemstone allows people to be more than just one aspect of their personality. It also teaches everyone a lesson that looks can be deceiving. 

Everything from inside healing to channeling inner energies, alexandrite can do them all. A crystal of alexandrite is almost like having a holistic protector that takes care of all the aspects of your life. 

The Best Alexandrite

The Alexandrite birthstone was the last to be added to the collection of gemstones for those born in June. Despite the late inclusion, the stone has caught up with its peers in terms of popularity. The color-changing property of alexandrite has earned it the classification as strongly pleochroic. This exquisite feature of alexandrite can be owed to the presence of a rare mineral, chrysoberyl. When this mineral absorbs light and reflects it, the characteristic chameleon-like quality of alexandrite is seen. The presence of chromium is also important in bringing the color characteristics of alexandrite.

Alexandrite, the June birthstone color, is tricky to point out. The stone has rich colors of green and greenish-blue when held under daylight. It does a complete switch under indoor light when the color changes to red or purplish-red. To pick a high-quality alexandrite for yourself, choose a stone with these intense colors. You might note that stones that change from yellow-green to brownish-red might be more commonly found. It is entirely up to you to choose a stone that suits your tastes.

Where is Alexandrite Found?

The first record of deposits of alexandrite is in the Urals in 1830. This is why the June gemstone is named after Czar Alexander II. After its discovery in Russia, alexandrite was also found in Brazil, India, and New Mexico. The consensus is that Russia had mined all of its alexandrite deposits by the end of the 19th century. 

Compared to Russia, the mines in Brazil are new. The reserves here only received the right amount of attention in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Tanzania also has deposits of this rare June birthstone. In Tanzania, miners usually find diamonds, sapphires, and alexandrites in mines together. Another African country in the mix is Madagascar. Unlike many locations, this country allows the rough mining of alexandrite. Uniquely, the stones mined here have intense colors and change colors vibrantly. Finally, Sri Lanka is also home to alexandrite. Among the numerous gemstones mined here, this is one of the most desirable gems to be found.

Alexandrite is found only in a handful of locations because the conditions needed for its formation are extremely specific. The color-changing nature and the associated chemical composition make alexandrite even more unique as a birthstone. 

Alexandrite Birthstone Care and Cleaning

No matter in what form, your alexandrite jewelry is precious to you. One way to keep the stone brilliant and spotless is proper care and cleaning. With all the defining traits that June Geminis and Cancers have, taking care of their most beloved possessions is not going to be a problem. However, alexandrite is a tough stone that can still be affected by how you clean it. So, how can you tell that it is time to clean the alexandrite?

Being able to tell the exact time that your jewelry needs cleaning is a rare skill. Without this highly useful talent, debris and grease slowly pile on your jewelry and reduce the stone's brilliance. While alexandrite is trickier to be affected with discoloration, erosion of shine is a real possibility. This process can be accelerated when makeup products, hairspray, perfumes, and such materials settle on the surface of your jewelry. 

The simplest way to start maintaining your alexandrite birthstone jewelry is by washing the accessories in lukewarm water. Add a few drops of soap to the water to make a mild cleaning solution that removes most of the dirt on your jewelry. If the dirt is stubborn, let the jewelry soak in the solution for a few minutes before wiping it clean with a soft fabric. 

Remember to stay away from harsh brushes like nail brushes to clean your jewelry. They can impact the setting of the stone over time. If you need to use a brush, pick something with soft bristles. Once you have gotten rid of most of the stains and debris, use cold water to rinse the piece and dry it with a soft fabric. 

Unlike many precious stones, alexandrite is not damaged when cleaned using a steam cleaner or an ultrasonic cleaner. However, do not use an ultrasonic cleaner if the accessory has tungsten in its metal portion. If you do not feel inclined to do the cleaning yourself, a gemstone expert will be able to assist you. 

In Conclusion

A fancy stone that shows a spectrum of colors when viewed from different directions, this description is enough to get anyone excited about alexandrite's birthstone. Unlike other colored gemstones, this is highly unique and new in nature. Being a scarce mineral, having alexandrite jewelry in your closet is an achievement. If you have plans to become a collector of fine jewelry, you should definitely have alexandrite. The color properties of June birthstone easily swing your decision to affirmative, doesn't it?

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