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June's Birthstone: Moonstone

June's Birthstone: Moonstone

Imagine watching a full moon shining vividly and hiding behind a transparent cover of clouds in the night sky. Are you able to frame stunning scenic imagery in your mind? You can envision a similar picture when you hold the moonstone birthstone in your palms. Moonstone, known to keep fertility issues at bay and promote positive changes in people's lives, is underrated compared to its two counterparts, pearl, and alexandrite. However, if you are a June born baby, you should consider investing in it to experience the magical powers of the moon in your life.

Diamondrensu is your digital platform to buy a Moonstone in the form of a jewelry piece or even a standalone gem. However, before you explore your options, you should be aware of the moonstone's history, significance, benefits, and other aspects to validate your choice.

Moonstone Birthstone Meaning and History

Moonstone commanded acclamation and favor from ancient civilizations worldwide. The Greeks and Romans linked these gemstones to their lunar Gods, Selene and Luna. As a beaming symbol of feminine energy, they have also been looked upon as instruments that maintain the menstrual cycle in women. It also has a significant place in Hindu mythology that considers this birthstone the product of accumulated moonbeams. 

This June birthstone color, the iridescent white sheen, attracted artists and jewelry connoisseurs during the Art Nouveau era in France around the late 1890s and early 1900s. Currently, it trumps pearl and alexandrite to be the most favored birthstone in some Europe like Germany, Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Sweden, and others.

Many folklores have associated these gemstones with good luck, while some anecdotes consider them fortune tellers. With the moon inspiring many romantic tales in both written and oral literature, the moonstone has also found a similar fate. It has held significance in popular culture as the symbol of love, care, protection, and fertility.

Where is Moonstone Found?

The June birthstone is a part of the feldspar mineral group, which forms more than 50% of the Earth's crust. Potassium, sodium, and aluminum silicates constitute the chemical base of Moonstones, and you can find them in several countries.

Some of these finest gemstones came from Switzerland's Mt. Adular, which also became the naming source of the phenomenon of adularescence. When light hits these gemstones, it diffuses and scatters to form a billowy white structure inside them. In some instances, you can also witness a bluish sheen that mesmerizes the onlookers at one gaze.

Myanmar has been one of the finest producers of Moonstones, with Sri Lanka being another Asian country adding to the world's collection. The international market procures these valuable gems from Australia, Austria, Finland, and Norway in Europe, the United States and Mexico in North America, and Tanzania and Madagascar in Africa. 

Moonstone Birthstone Buying Guide

While purchasing these June gemstones, you need to account for various factors, among which the background color (also referred to as body color), inclination, and hue of the sheen hold primal importance. They can be visibly translucent and nearly opaque, while the sheen's color can range from white to blue. You can find moonstones with widely varying background shades, from green, yellow, gray, and even black.


You should ensure you do not go wrong with the June birthstone's color, as it is the most crucial determinant of its quality. The most precious variants depict a colorless background with little or no yellowish or greenish inclusions. You should look for transparent to translucent pieces and avoid opaque ones filled with unappealing elements. A bright bluish sheen on the moonstone's surface is a highly desirable quality. Furthermore, verify that the adularescent effect is not restricted and visible from all angles.


Supreme quality moonstone birthstones depict no inclusions, extending a clear view of the adularescent luster. However, some of the variants can have small cracks-like structures called centipedes. These stress fissures resemble the multi-legged arthropods going by the same name. 


You may come across moonstone birthstones molded as beads, but it is not the most preferred cut. These gemstones' intrinsic characteristics come to the fore best when shaped into a cabochon—a polished surface with no faces. Usually, these cabochons are oval-shaped and are indispensable for achieving a dazzling shimmer or adularescence on the surface.


Moonstones are available in various dimensions, with jewelers fancying 1 to 6 carats for integration into custom jewelry. Variants weighing 15 to 20 carats with a distinct sheen and minimal inclusions are rare but precious. 

Benefits of Wearing the June Gemstone: Moonstone

The moonstone birthstone is a hub of positive feminine energy, allowing you to connect with your soul and convey your emotions freely. You cannot underestimate its healing powers, whether curing physical ailments or bringing emotional stability. Do have a look at what a moonstone has in store for you that will change your life for the better once and for all.

Physical Well Being

  • Reduces the symptoms of PMS and keeps hormonal imbalance in check: If PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) has been your Achilles' heel, reducing your productivity levels, the moonstone can be your savior. Only a PMS-diagnosed woman can understand the irritation caused by mood swings, unprecedented bloating, and greasy hair, among others. If you sport this birthstone, you can get relief from these recurring symptoms and bring your hormones into balance. 
  • Solves infertility issues: Couples finding it tough to conceive can resort to moonstones and have faith in their healing powers. These gemstones can boost the reproductive organs and solve the fertility problems affecting the emotional well-being of the partners. Furthermore, they assist mothers in reducing their physical discomfort during pregnancy and postpartum.

Psychological Healing 

  • Brings solace in times of turbulence: If your emotional stability has gone for a toss, this figurative expression of the moon can restore normalcy. It will keep you at arm's length from anxiety and guide you toward the light from a state of psychological darkness.
  • Helps you embrace change: If you cannot process various changes in your life and around you, which leaves you overwhelmed, a moonstone can come to your rescue. Deriving inspiration from the moon's cyclical changes, these gemstones develop harmonious relations between you and Nature's ever changing colors. It will motivate you to accept your life's new chapter wholeheartedly and not get stuck in the past.

Metaphysical Attributes

  • Enhances your intuition levels: Moonstones grant you increased intuition powers, allowing you to perceive different situations with a better understanding.
  • Fosters generosity and empathy: Even in this fast-paced world where selfishness rules, these gemstones can help retain basic human values. They nurture compassion and render you more empathetic toward others and their daily-life struggles.

Moonstone Birthstone Care and Cleaning

Despite being not too soft, measuring 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, these June birthstones are prone to form cleavages. Feldspar-based minerals depict this phenomenon called cleavage, wherein the gemstone breaks due to a weak atomic bond. And it is for the same reason that they are fused into earrings, pendants, and not commonly in rings.

Given their fragility, you need to be vigilant and careful while handling these gemstones. You can follow these steps to cleanse your most prized moonstone:

  • Take lukewarm water in a bowl and add a mild cleansing solution to it.
  • Dip a non-abrasive and delicate cloth into the mixture, soaking it.
  • Rub the moonstone with a soft cloth without creating any scratches.
  • Wipe it completely dry before restoring it to your jewel case.

You can follow another alternative method to eliminate all dirt and chrome from this gemstone. Here's what you need to do:

  • Take a bowl and fill it with one cup of water.
  • Add three tablespoons of salt to it.
  • If you wish to add more water, maintain a ratio of 1:3 between water and salt.
  • Soak your crystal in the concocted solution overnight
  • Swab it dry the following day.

Here are some cautionary measures you cannot ignore when you own a moonstone birthstone:

  • Do not expose the crystal to high heat or a sudden temperature change. The gemstone will get permanently damaged, and you will face enormous loss.
  • Never use ultrasonic cleaners to remove minute dust particles from the moonstone's surface.

Bonus tip! If your moonstone has turned pale and gloomy, visit your jeweler for a polish and reinstate its glow and shine.

Wrapping Up

As a birthstone, Moonstones' popularity faces stiff competition from pearls and alexandrites. However, this underrated gemstone can herald a wave of optimism in your life, especially if you are June-born. At Diamondrensu, you can procure these gemstones in various forms, such as pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Moreover, you also get customization options through which you can create your dream jewelry piece in a few simple steps.

We also promise 100% money back on non-discounted items if you are unsatisfied with the quality. Adding to your convenience is a free home delivery option, regardless of your geographical location. 

Have any queries? Diamondrensu has 24/7 customer support to tend to your questions. Drop in a message or schedule your call today!