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Tanzanite Gemstone: Meaning & Properties of the Dazzling Blue Stone

Tanzanite Gemstone: Meaning & Properties of the Dazzling Blue Stone


Colored gemstones are a delight. With a bright hue to make your jewelry stand out, colored gems are definitely worth the investment. The Tanzanite gemstone is one such precious stone that you should take note of. Being relatively new to the scene of precious stones, it is not as popular as diamonds or emeralds, but once you get to know more about it, you can't deny that tanzanite is a superior gem. Tanzanite is a great alternative if you have always wanted something like the Heart of the Ocean necklace, but sapphires never worked for you.

Considered one of the birthstones for those born in December, there is much about this stone that we have missed. Diamondrensu is here to give you a brief rundown on everything tanzanite so that you can have another gemstone on your list when you are shopping for another gorgeous piece of jewelry.

December Birthstone Ring, Rare 6.25 CT Emerald Cut Natural Tanzanite Engagement Ring

December Birthstone Ring, Rare 6.25 CT Emerald Cut Natural Tanzanite Engagement Ring

How Much is Tanzanite Worth?

Since its discovery in Tanzania in 1967, the price of tanzanite has fluctuated dramatically due to many factors. This vividly colored stone was supposedly native to the hills of Merelani in northern Tanzania, and due to its rarity, the highest-grade stones were sold at $400 per carat in the 1970s. However, the inconsistent supply of the stone due to the lack of resources meant that the prices varied considerably, mainly due to improper marketing. In the mid-1980s, the rarity of the stone in the mines meant that the gems were sold for over $1,000 per carat.

Soon, more tanzanite deposits were found, leading to improved supplies. When the supply improved, the prices dropped steeply because the gem was no longer as rare as before. Once the overproduction was managed, the prices rose back to $300-$400 per carat. Depending on the color and origin of the tanzanite gemstone, the prices can go up to even $2,000 per carat. Natural purple and blue tanzanite are in high demand, especially in new markets such as China and India. This stone's rare pink and purple varieties are easily worth twice as much as their blue-colored peers. 

With the pandemic negatively impacting the East African economies, tanzanite mining and sales took a plunge in 2020. Large, high-quality tanzanites have been sold for a fraction of their real prices in recent years. In 2022, even though the prices are picking up, it is still 20-30% below the actual worth of these stones. Depending on the cut, color, and carat of the stone, you can find tanzanites within a range of $200-$675 per carat. 

What Color is Tanzanite?

Tanzanite's color is a topic that gets gemologists buzzing. The most commonly mined crystals of tanzanites in Tanzania are brown due to the variation in the mixing of red and yellow hues. For the crystal to be blue, it should contain traces of vanadium, and the blue color is only brought out after being heated at 600˚C for 30 minutes. Depending on the chemical composition, richer tones of blue emerge, and the more desirable the stone becomes. 

In simple words, you can describe tanzanite as a blue zoisite, but it has an exciting property: pleochroism. This means that an object shows different colors when viewed under different lights and from different angles. Tanzanite is trichroic, meaning that it can appear blue, purple, red, or even yellow when it catches the light in different ways. For instance, it may appear as the richest shade of blue under natural light, but under incandescent light, it might appear as a lighter purple. This property of tanzanite makes it exciting for jewelers to work with and results in stunning pieces of art you cannot look away from. 

What is Tanzanite Used For?

Thanks to its color, tanzanite beautifully fills the space as a center stone in jewelry. Be it earrings, necklaces, or bracelets, the stone's color brings everyone's attention to the piece. Even though the stone is durable, it is prone to scratches. This makes it a relatively less common option for rings, but using them in rings is not unheard of. 

The Masaai tribe, who are native to the regions where this stone is mined, associates it with tranquility and empathy. The stone's blue color has led them to associate many other ideas with the stone, such as the ability to help create life. It can also facilitate communication, not only with people around you but also with higher spiritual consciousness. The ability to create new life is also reflected in its ability to help break destructive behavior patterns and start afresh. 

Apart from being a stone meant for those born in December, the blue gemstone is said to aid healing processes and protect caregivers assisting with healing. Truly, tanzanite sounds like a precious stone that you must have at hand. 

Is Tanzanite Rarer Than Diamond?

When it comes to precious gems, diamonds are at the top of the hierarchy, but that does not mean they are the rarest stones out there. Compared to diamonds, tanzanite is around 1,000 times rarer. This is because tanzanite gems are found in one tiny geographical zone, which is not so for diamonds. 

Studies have discovered that these blue gemstones emerged from the same tectonic activity that gave us Kilimanjaro and Tanzania’s Great Rift Valley. This extraordinary event that happened millions of years ago increases the demand and appeal of tanzanite gemstones. With only limited deposits in a select few locations, some geologists theorize that if mining persists aggressively, there will be no more natural tanzanite after ten years. Thus, it is also referred to as a 'one-generation gemstone.'

In short, natural tanzanite is incredibly rarer than diamond. If you want to get one for yourself, let Diamondrensu help you already.  

Some Tanzanite Jewelry We Think You Will Love

3.95 CT Round Natural Tanzanite Engagement Ring, December Birthstone Ring

Was your partner a winter baby? Have you been looking for an engagement ring uniquely meant for your partner? For all those born in December, birthstone tanzanite is a great point to start looking for engagement rings. This 3.95-carat tanzanite ring is truly something different from the engagement rings seen today. 

To begin with, the tanzanite color is eye-catching in how it catches light and sparkles gloriously. In addition, the round brilliant moissanite on the pave and halo makes the ring more elegant and glamorous at the same time. If you want a proposal that warms your partner's heart, we say go for the tanzanite birthstone

Tanzanite Gemstone Ring, 4.29 CT Natural Tanzanite Oval Shape Wedding Ring, Halo/Pave Round Moissanite

Raw tanzanite is a sight to behold, no doubt. But after an expert unleashes their talent on the stone, it results in something breathtaking — like this wedding ring. This ring, with 4.29-carat tanzanite in the center, cut and crafted to amplify the beauty of the natural stone, is a sure way to make your proposal a little more special. 

The oval shape of the gem exceptionally brings out the rich color of the stone. The surrounding brilliant moissanite complements the deep tones of the colored gem and gives you something dreamy. If you want an element of regality to your wedding, this is the ring to fulfill that. 

Trillion Shape Natural Tanzanite Gemstone, 2.47 CT Trillion Cut December Gemstone for Custom Engagement Ring or Wedding Ring

Have you already been looking for the perfect tanzanite jewelry? If you have been dissatisfied with the pre-made fine tanzanite jewelry, it is time to take things into your own hands. With this exquisite trillion-cut loose tanzanite, you can have a custom-made piece that fits your tastes. 

Set it as a solitaire pendant or design a dramatic necklace with moissanite or diamonds and this gorgeous stone. Once you walk into a party wearing such custom-made jewelry, no one can take their eyes off you. The allure of this dazzling blue stone is that strong and will make you look like a million bucks. 

In Conclusion

There are many blue gemstones on the market, but none are as rich in color as tanzanite. Being a rare stone with interesting properties, we believe that this stone has the potential to be your next favorite piece of jewelry. From being adorned by celebrities on the red carpet to being added to family heirlooms, tanzanite deserves all the attention it has garnered throughout the years. 

Tanzanites are a great choice if you are no longer interested in regular precious stones and want something out of the box. Specifically for someone born in December, the tanzanite stone can mean something special. With so many options available today, both natural and manufactured, tanzanite brings the powers of calmness and peace to your life. 

Everything about tanzanite makes it even more suitable to adorn you and your loved ones. So, look no further and shop for tanzanite at Diamondrensu now!