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Modern and Traditional Gemstones

Modern and Traditional Gemstones


Gemstones have always been written into the culture, economy, and history of a location. No matter where you pick, there is surely a most popular gemstone, a stone considered the luckiest, and so on. One area where gemstones get plenty of mention is astrology. With the zodiac signs, each person has a birthstone meant for them. The birthstone chart is something you should consult if you need some tips on jewelry that you can wear for more than fashion. 

With technology booming as it is, it is no longer difficult to find certain rare birthstones. Lab created stones and naturally mined ones help meet the demand for precious jewels in the market. At the same time, you need to be aware that there are both genuine and imitation birthstones in the market. You should be able to tell the difference to make wise choices. 

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Genuine Birthstones

According to the birthstone chart by month, everyone has a precious gem assigned to their sign. These can be anything from the rare tanzanite to the luxurious diamond and peridot. Such stones are of high quality and relatively difficult to find on earth. This is why lab created birthstones are a hit. 

One thing to keep in mind about finding a genuine birthstone is that many vendors sell faux stones that are higher in price but lower in quality. No matter how legitimate the astrologer looks, be sure to ask for the necessary information to show that the gems are the real deal. Using birthstones with inclusions or blemishes has been said to bring mixed results regarding their abilities. If you want to stay safe and enjoy the benefits of having jewelry made with birthstones, be sure to find authentic ones. 

Imitation Birthstones

Imitation birthstones are the stones that appear to be the real thing but aren't. Usually, these types of stones are made of materials such as glass or plastic. Regarding durability, imitation stones tend to dull up and chip easily. The only good selling point with imitation is that they are ultra cheap. At the same time, you must not confuse imitation gemstones with lab cultured ones. When it comes to lab-created stones, they are similar to the earth mined ones in quality and durability. 

Benefits of Wearing Your Birthstone

For Healing 

While you may know that birthstones are associated with different zodiac signs, you may not have guessed that they have healing properties too. Wearing birthstone jewelry may help release the blockages in the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. Each stone has its own distinct quality to heal and stimulate you. For instance, wearing the garnet for the month of January helps energize yourself, making you free from negativity.

For Protection 

Many cultures believe that wearing your birthstone lends protection. Since the gems create a strong spiritual connection between you, your loved ones, and the universe, they can help in transferring the positivity and strength of your connection to preserve and protect you. This means that your birthstone will protect all that you love at all times.

For Meditation

Birthstones assist in directing the energy of the earth to you. This helps boost your concentration and allows you to take a more stress free approach to meditation. Many people often claim that meditating with their birthstone helps in relieving negativity and strengthening their spiritual self. 

For Fashion

If you look at the birthstone color chart, you will notice that all kinds of vibrant colors are included. These great colors look stunning with your outfits, and if you need a little something to add to your outfits, birthstone jewelry is the obvious choice. Especially if you want a bohemian style, stacking on birthstone jewelry is a great fashion choice. 

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Birthstone Chart By Month You Need To Know

January's Garnet

The garnet originally became a valued gemstone during the time of the Romans. Its name is derived from granatus. It means seed-like because garnets resemble tiny seeds when extracted from the earth. History has recorded that garnets protected nighttime travelers. It is also a stone that symbolizes passion, friendship, health, love, and emotions.

February's Amethyst

Amethyst is notable for its protective properties, but most importantly, against being drunk or intoxicated. It is also connected to a character from a myth called Amethystos, who got transformed into stone by Artemis. Amethyst is also supposed to stand for security, sincerity, spirituality, and true happiness.

March's Aquamarine

This stone is part of the beryl group. Aquamarine has been used for a long time to protect against poisons and ensure good rest and sleep. Symbolizing happiness and harmony in a marriage, aquamarine often finds itself as a gift to spouses. It is also said to be an excellent aid to navigators. If you intend to embark on a trip shortly, carrying an aquamarine stone or jewel is a good idea.

April's Quartz and Diamond

Quartz and diamond are the birthstones for April. Since diamond is an expensive choice, it is not everyone's go-to gemstone but understand that it represents physical and mental strength, mental clarity, inner resolve, and prosperity. It is a luxury symbol and a choice to represent your growing wealth. 

Quartz is a stone with spiritual properties and extraordinary calming and healing abilities. April has two birthstones associated with it because of the differences between the traditional patterns of assigning birthstones and the modern ones. 

May's Emerald

May has the emerald as its birthstone, and it is undoubtedly a popular stone. It has an interesting cultural association with the Wizard of Oz too. Emerald promotes the opening of the mind, rebirth, and knowledge. Because of their green color, emeralds also represent the rejuvenation and new life of springtime. The stone is a great way to depict success in love and good fortune while gifting jewelry. 

June's Alexandrite and Pearl

June is another month that has more than one birthstone associated with it. Alexandrite is a pricey gemstone by carat. It can be gifted to express love and affection. Along with this, the pearl is another birthstone fit for the month of June. It stands for all things concerning success, happiness, and love. 

July's Ruby

Ruby is a powerful birthstone, and it is deeply intertwined with affection and love. Being a rare gemstone, it is incredibly precious, and presenting someone with ruby jewelry is an effective means to convey that you love them and are attracted to them. The metaphysical aspects of this stone can help you forge beautiful relationships with people. The stone is also said to provide wisdom to those who wear it. 

August's Peridot

Peridot is associated with protection, which is the stone's most popular power. This stone is used to dispel ill will and evil forces. The green peridot is said to be the birthstone color of those born in August. It is also said to bring happiness to marriage and good fortune in life. 

September's Sapphire

Sapphire is a gorgeous stone that comes in different colors. The most popular one, and the one meant for September, is this rich blue-colored beauty. It represents serenity, peace, and calmness. According to traditional birthstone beliefs, it symbolizes faith, trust, wisdom, purity, and loyalty. In the Middle Ages, the sapphire gemstone was used to protect loved ones from harm.

October's Opal and Tourmaline

October is yet another month that has two birthstones, opal and tourmaline. These two stones have great spiritual value and have been treasured for ages. Colonial royalty took a particular fancy to this stone. Its vibrant surface is best suited for the most hip jewelry. If you want a break from regular jewelry, opal is a great pick. October birthstones are also said to bring good luck to those who wear them. 

Natural Ethiopian Opal, 1.88 CT Oval Shape October Birthstone for Custom Jewelry

 Natural Ethiopian Opal, 1.88 CT Oval Shape October Birthstone for Custom Jewelry

November's Topaz

People born in November can ring in financial prosperity by adorning the blue topaz. Even though the gemstone is known for its beautiful orange hues, various colors, such as blue, pink, and yellow, can be found. The topaz symbolizes wisdom, friendship, and longevity. The African culture speaks a lot about using this one-of-a-kind gemstone during healing rituals. 

December's Tanzanite 

December's birthstone is known for fidelity and confidence. Tanzanite is a beautiful and well known gemstone found only in limited reserves around the world. This one-of-a-kind gemstone is known for its mesmerizing deep blue shades and attractive natural violet hues. Named after Tanzania, which is still one of the places where there is a limited reserve of the spectacular blue gemstone, this stone has been garnering attention since its recent discovery. Tanzanite also represents love, so this is your pick for a gift to the beloved. 

In Conclusion 

Finding jewelry that suits you according to the birthstone chart is outstanding. Not only do you get some fashionable jewelry, but you also get all the benefits these precious gems bring along. Diamondrensu would love to accompany you on the journey to find the right jewelry for you.

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