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Interest in Lab Grown Diamonds is Surging and Shows No Signs of Stopping

Interest in Lab Grown Diamonds is Surging and Shows No Signs of Stopping

According to the famous, decades-old phrase, “Diamonds will never go out of style.” But does this apply to all diamonds? Consumer habits have come a long way. Consumers and the industry have shifted their goals from prioritizing luxury over wallets to adopting a more viable approach. Where natural diamonds used to dominate the markets, lab grown diamonds are all the craze now. Purchasing diamonds is an investment, and a lab grown diamond has proved itself worthy of your time and money. If you are curious about the phenomenon that is a lab diamond, which is becoming a consumer favorite stone, hop on the train with Diamondrensu’s gorgeous diamond collection!

Pink Lab Grown Diamond Ring, 0.81 CT Round Pink Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Pink Lab Grown Diamond Ring, 0.81 CT Round Pink Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

The Perfect Storm: Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry

From public to non-public figures, jewelry enthusiasts are gravitating toward lab produced diamonds. Also known as synthetic, cultured, or the best man made diamond, lab diamonds have taken over every sector. Not only the fashion industry but also non-fashion industries have shifted to using lab diamonds. Contrary to the popular notion, a lab grown diamond is not a natural diamond’s substitute. A lab grown diamond is taking the world by storm as a better and more sustainable jewelry item.

A lab created diamond is as real as a mined diamond. Be it a lab diamond’s chemical composition or physical appearance, it is identical to a natural diamond. The only difference between the two is their origin. Unlike natural diamonds that come directly from the earth, lab created diamonds are manufactured in laboratories. However, despite being produced synthetically, a lab created diamond is formed under the same conditions as an Earth mined diamond, giving it the same carbon atom structure, fire, and sparkle. Lab diamonds can be created using two methods:

#1 High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT)

The HPHT method replicates the pressures and temperatures that form natural diamonds and exposes a tiny diamond seed to them. Under high heat and pressure, pure carbon melts to create diamonds, coating a carbon layer on the seeds.

#2 Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)

The chemical vapor deposition method heats hydrogen and methane gasses until they convert into plasma. The newly formed plasma then deposits tiny carbon particles on diamond seeds.

Even though lab diamonds are artificially manufactured, they match natural diamonds in every aspect and have proved economically and ecologically feasible.

#1 Lab Grown Diamonds Are Pocket-Friendly

Natural diamonds might be stunning, but they are also heavy on your bank account. Since natural diamonds are mined from the earth’s surface, their final market price includes the mining costs, such as equipment, tools, machinery, additional workforce, polishing charges, and vendor prices. On the other hand, a lab diamond is 30-40% more affordable than a mined diamond because it excludes mining and labor costs.

#2 Guilt Free Purchase

A rightful concern about mined diamonds is their acquiring process. Mining is the only way to obtain natural diamonds, which is a rigorous, time consuming, and dangerous activity. Earth mined diamond companies employ extra (and sometimes illegal) labor and force them to mine under extremely harsh conditions, endangering their lives. Lab diamonds’ manufacturing process begins and ends inside a laboratory. Therefore, a lab diamond does not involve illegal workforce practices, and you can wear your favorite man made diamond jewelry without any guilt or hesitation.

#3 Ecologically Conscious Choice

You can rest easy knowing you made an ecological and environmentally friendly purchase with lab diamonds. Unlike natural diamonds, a lab grown diamond does not harm the natural landscape or pose a threat to wildlife.

Oval Diamond Solitaire Necklace, 1-1.1 CT Oval Cut Lab Grown Diamond Wedding Pendant, 18 Inches Chain Included

Oval Diamond Solitaire Necklace, 1-1.1 CT Oval Cut Lab Grown Diamond Wedding Pendant, 18 Inches Chain Included

Are Lab Grown Diamonds the Gemstones of the Future?

In a time when the global economy is balancing on a thin needle, and environmental concerns are weighing heavy on everyone’s minds, lab grown loose diamonds hit two targets with one stone. With its financial and ecological nature, a lab grown diamond is lighting up the future with its exceptional sparkle and brilliance. Though lab manufactured diamonds have been around for years, the urgent need to make smart decisions has led to a surge in their demand and popularity. In addition to their environmental and financial benefits, lab created diamonds are the gemstone of the future for a multitude of reasons:

#1 A Variety of Choices

One of the best things about purchasing lab manufactured diamonds is that you can choose from various options. You can expand your search radius with lab diamonds and look for jewelry in any color, cut, or design. For instance, if you are looking for diamond rings but want a little color in your life, natural diamonds might not be your answer, as they are colorless. However, with a Pink Lab Grown Diamond Ring, 0.81 CT Round Pink Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring, you can adorn a radiant diamond ring in pink!

#2 They are Customizable

If you are shopping for a special occasion, like an engagement ring or a wedding band, you can customize a lab grown diamond with a color or design that is meaningful for you or your loved one. In addition to a customized stone, some manufacturers can engrave a special date or phrase on the ring or wedding band.

#3 Quick Service

Even though lab diamonds can take months to manufacture, their production time is nothing compared to natural diamonds that take years to acquire, polish, and produce.

Lab Grown Diamonds: A Growing Industry

The lab grown diamonds industry is reaching high and showing no signs of hitting the brakes. According to industry experts, the reluctance and hesitation surrounding lab produced diamonds are evaporating. More and more people are deboarding the natural diamonds vehicle and boarding the lab diamond train. Factors such as more awareness, sustainability, cost efficiency, and acknowledging lab diamonds as real diamonds have contributed to the lab diamond industry booming. 

Industry Growth

While it is true that some jewelers and diamond dealers are hesitant to work with synthetic stones, the majority of diamond companies, retailers, and manufacturers have begun leaning towards lab diamonds. Per diamond reports, more than 50% of consumers look up lab diamonds compared to the early and mid-2000s, when less than ten percent of consumers knew about the gemstone.

Board the Lab Diamond Express with Celebrities

Given the rising environmental and sustainability concerns, celebrities are doing their part in making the world slightly better by reducing the consumption of mined diamonds. The awareness about lab created diamond jewelry began around 2006 when actor Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie Blood Diamond shed light on the cruelty surrounding natural diamonds. Spanish actress Penélope Cruz also started her own line of lab manufactured diamonds. Singers Lady Gaga and Billie Eilish were also spotted adorning lab diamonds on multiple red carpet appearances.

Millennials’ Changing Shopping Habits

As per the latest reports, approximately 75% of millennials are switching to eco-friendly and sustainable products. As an economical and environmentally conscious generation, millennials prefer sustainable and more affordable diamonds over expensive and mined diamonds.

New Technology

The lab produced diamond industry is investing in the latest and advanced technology to manufacture safe and sustainable diamonds. Scientists and manufacturers are constantly researching new and better ways to produce lab grown diamonds that are environmentally friendly, physically appealing, and meet their growing demand.

1.02 CT Elongated Cushion Cut Yellow Color Lab Grown Diamond

 1.02 CT Elongated Cushion Cut Yellow Color Lab Grown Diamond

Lab Grown Diamonds: A Greener Footprint?

Consumers and the diamond industry have adopted a new motto: green and sustainability. Lifestyle choices have undergone a major transformation and have shifted to an awareness-driven approach. The positive impact of lab grown diamonds on the environment is one of the most significant reasons people are ditching natural diamonds.

The creation of lab grown diamonds loose stones uses less water and energy and releases fewer carbon emissions than earth mined diamonds. Additionally, mining produces waste that causes deforestation and air and water pollution. On the other hand, the waste produced from lab produced diamonds is disposed of using environmentally friendly methods like recycling. According to experts, making lab diamonds:

  • Save over a hundred gallons of water
  • Release approximately 1.5 times less carbon footprint than natural diamonds
  • Protect over 240 tonnes of the earth’s surface
  • 30-40% of your budget

Diamond Jewelry Sales Crashed in 2020

The mined diamond industry experienced a massive plunge in 2020, with its sales crashing and incurring heavy losses.

Covid-19 Pandemic

The onset of the global Covid-19 pandemic halted mining operations due to the social distancing protocols. Since the production of natural diamonds depends on mining, the sales of natural diamonds tumbled by 15-30%.

Switching Trends

Citing sustainability and economic concerns as the reasons, consumers began purchasing lab created diamond jewelry, which reduced the sales of natural diamonds by twenty percent.

Wrapping Up

Buy smart, buy sustainable — buy lab grown diamonds! Calling lab produced diamonds a ‘trend’ would be an understatement and a disservice to their growth and production. These manufactured diamonds stand tall on their own as eco-friendly and financially accessible diamonds, which possess the same glow and radiance as natural diamonds. If you want a pocket-friendly and gorgeous diamond, then Diamondrensu’s jaw-dropping collection of lab diamonds will blow your mind away.

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