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How To Buy Loose Lab Grown Diamonds

How To Buy Loose Lab Grown Diamonds

Do you desire a genuine diamond but find the cost prohibitive? Or do you want the radiance and durability of a natural diamond but don't want it to be extracted from the ground? If the answer to both questions is yes, loose lab created diamonds are the perfect choice for you. The sole difference between loose lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds is in the location of their formation. Both are made of the same element (carbon). As a result, lab created diamonds have the same physicochemical characteristics as natural diamonds.

1.50 CT Oval Cut Diamond, Loose Lab Grown Diamond for Engagement Ring1.50 CT Oval Cut Diamond, Loose Lab Grown Diamond for Engagement Ring

The cost is another distinction between white diamonds that are mined and those made in a lab. The cost of lab grown diamonds is typically one-third less than that of their natural counterparts. Find out more about the cost of lab created versus natural diamonds: Price variations between lab grown and natural diamonds. You'd be shocked to learn how much money a lab diamond can save you. With Clarity sells loose lab diamonds. To learn all the essentials and acquire your ideal lab diamond right away, read our guide: Instructions to Purchasing Lab Diamonds.

Want to purchase loose diamonds? You've come to the right place if you're looking for the ideal loose diamond. We will explain how to choose the greatest stone for your money in this article, among other things.

Why Buy Loose Diamonds?

You might be utilising a configuration that has been handed down through the centuries. You might also be looking at diamond engagement rings. Even if you're replacing a lost diamond for a 10th wedding anniversary gift. You can want a loose diamond for a variety of reasons. But whatever the case, we wish to assist you. As a result, we have gathered all the data you require to make an informed choice regarding your purchase of loose diamonds.

What Is a Certified Diamond?

A certified diamond is one that has undergone quality grading and verification by an independent gem laboratory. The lab will evaluate the diamond using the four c's and award it with a "seal of approval."

IGI Certified Fancy Vivid Blue 3.03 CT Radiant Cut Lab Grown Diamond for Engagement Ring

IGI Certified Fancy Vivid Blue 3.03 CT Radiant Cut Lab Grown Diamond

Why Go With a Certified Diamond?

A certified diamond lets you know that it has been examined by a qualified party.

You may compare diamonds using this knowledge of each stone's characteristics. With this information, you may choose wisely whether to purchase loose lab diamonds or real diamonds. Be sure the engagement ring is actually of the same quality as advertised when looking for the ideal one.

How Do They Grade Lab Grown Diamonds? 

The same certification and grading procedures are used for lab grown and mined diamonds. At Clean Origin, we exclusively collaborate with independent, recognised laboratories around the world. The GCAL and IGI are two of these labs. This guarantees that we receive lab created diamonds of the finest quality.

The lab then generates a formal report after grading the diamond. The characteristics of each diamond are graded in this report. Any inclusions or "birthmarks" generated during the diamond's formation are visible on a "map" of the stone. Each diamond is given a different identifying number in this report.

What Should One Look For When Buying a Loose Diamond?

Choose the stone that is best for you by using the 4 Cs of diamonds.

What are The 4 C’s?

Diamonds are assessed according to the four C's. Each C has unique requirements. The sum of a diamond's 4Cs determines its overall quality.

Diamond shape and diamond cut are frequently confused.

  • Cut
  • Diamond forms include the princess cut, round cut, and oval cut. Nonetheless, a diamond's cut is a measure of the expertise of the diamond cutter. Each diamond's facets are manually planned, mapped out, and cut by the diamond cutter. The cut grade range offered by Clean Origin ranges from "excellent" to "perfect.”

  • Colour
  • When referring to colour in diamonds, what is meant is the lack of colour. Using a scale that goes from D to Z, the colour of a diamond is rated. Diamonds with the letters D and Z are described as being colourless or yellow. The most valuable and rarest diamonds are colourless. Some diamonds could be slightly tinted brown or yellow, making them less expensive.

    We don't have any colours at Clean Origin that are lighter than J. A simple technique to make a small financial savings is to move one hue up or down. To the untrained sight, the little difference is undetectable.

  • Clarity
  • How many inherent inclusions or flaws a diamond has is determined by its clarity. How flawless a diamond is can be assessed using a specific scale for clarity.

    The majority of the time, a diamond's flaws are difficult to see with the naked eye. Thus purchasing a diamond with the highest clarity ratings is not absolutely necessary. Loose lab created diamonds still have various degrees of these "blemishes" since they are produced using a process that mimics what occurs below the Earth's surface. Diamonds with a clean origin range from SI2 to VVS1.

  • Carat Weight
  • Carat, the most well-known of all the "C's," refers to the diamond's actual weight. One or two carat engagement rings are topics that are frequently discussed.

    The size of a diamond has a significant impact on its cost. Yet, if choosing lab grown means that you would save 20–40%, you might simply spend the same amount of money on a diamond that is 20–40% larger! Starting at 0.30 carats, we have a huge selection of carat sizes.

    How Much are Loose Diamonds?

    Almost always, acquiring the centre diamond stone will cost less than purchasing the entire ring. The sort of diamond you buy and the shop where you buy it will affect the price, though. Prices for various diamond shapes vary. Round diamonds could cost more than emerald cut diamonds.

    By purchasing loose diamonds, you can create the engagement ring of your dreams. Nevertheless, you can be motivated to search for something special by designer engagement rings. Loose diamonds are a crucial component of a custom engagement ring's completion.

    Buying Loose Diamonds Online

    Online buying for loose diamonds has a lot of advantages. If you are familiar with diamond grading, finding the ideal loose diamond while lounging at home can be simple. The engagement ring of your fantasies can be created by purchasing a diamond online. Any ring can dazzle if it has the right diamond.

    Diamonds Produced in a Lab when cut properly, all loose diamonds sparkle identically. Even an expert cannot visually distinguish a lab created diamond from a natural one.

    2.01 CT Cushion Cut Lab Grown Diamond, F/VS Loose Lab Diamond for Ring2.01 CT Cushion Cut Lab Grown Diamond, F/VS Loose Lab Diamond for Ring 

    In addition to sharing the same optical characteristics as naturally mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds also have the same chemical characteristics.

    The same materials are used in their construction, and cutting-edge technology is employed to replicate the high-pressure, high-temperature conditions that naturally exist under the ground.

    In comparison to natural diamonds, you pay less for an equivalent diamond with the same optical properties.

    Loose Lab Created Diamonds are Better for the Earth

    Natural diamond mining devastates nearby ecosystems and is not an environmentally friendly process. Natural diamonds are a beautiful alternative, but lab created diamonds provide you peace of mind so you can enjoy your diamond.

    In addition to selecting an ethical lab diamond as your centre stone, you may want to take into account settings manufactured from recycled precious metal. Clean Origin believes that using recycled materials whenever feasible is crucial, in addition to the fact that growing diamonds is better for the environment.

    Conflict Free Diamonds

    Knowing that lab created diamonds are not subject to the same ethical restrictions as mined diamonds gives you peace of mind. Even though the Kimberley process has made natural diamonds much better, there is still a lot of labour abuse that is just not a concern when purchasing lab grown diamonds.

    When you buy loose diamonds online, save money with lab grown diamonds.

    When you choose lab created diamonds, you can acquire high-quality diamonds for a much lower price. By doing this, you can make sure you're getting the best deal on diamond jewellery and engagement rings.

    Know How to Find a Quality Loose Diamond

    The cost of stray diamonds varies widely, even within artificial corporations. While looking for engagement rings and diamond jewellery, you should compare prices to make sure you are getting the greatest deal possible for the carat weight. Check prices before you buy to get the best deal on high-quality loose diamonds.

    At Clean Origin, we take great satisfaction in providing the very best rates. In fact, we never provide discounts because our rates are so competitive year-round. Since our diamonds are priced competitively, we need not.

    Members of our customer support team have extensive experience in the pitch. As a result, we can assist you in navigating the 4 C's and discovering a lab diamond that fits both your budget and the tastes of a loved one. We are aware that looking for loose lab grown diamonds can be overwhelming, but it need not be. We offer everything you need, whether you're seeking the ideal lab created diamond for a family heirloom or an engagement ring.

    How to Know What Loose Lab Grown Diamonds to Buy

    Browse our enormous variety if you're searching to buy a loose lab grown diamond. Consider our coloured diamonds, engagement rings, or diamond jewellery as well. Whether you want to create unique engagement rings or browse our vast selection of diamonds, you can be sure that you will obtain the largest carat diamond you can for the best price.

    Hope the guide is helpful to you guys. For more details visit our website Diamondrensu.

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