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Best 12 Birthstone Necklaces for Mom on Her Special Day

Best 12 Birthstone Necklaces for Mom on Her Special Day

Each year, the world dedicates a special date to shower moms with love and gratitude; this year, Mother's Day falls on May 14. There is no other feeling like a mother's love, so you should pull all the stops this Mother's Day to reciprocate her everlasting love and dedication. Your mother deserves the most personal gift that perfectly captures her value, and a Mother's Day birthstone necklace is one of the most thoughtful presents you can give her.

Birthstones are symbolic presents. Since every month has a unique birthstone assigned to it, gifting your mother a necklace decorated with her birth jewel will make the day extra special for her. Every birthstone tells a story—hand your mom the pen this Mother's Day with a Mother's Day necklace. Whether your mom is an April baby with a diamond as her birthstone or she entered this world in May, you will find the perfect gift in Diamondrensu's selection of birthstones.

January: Garnet

The world begins a new year with one of the rarest and prettiest stones: garnet. Since garnet is not a mineral but a group of stones from the same family, this gemstone is available in hues of pink, purple, pomegranate red, and green, giving you great unique Mother's Day jewelry ideas.

Gifting your mom a garnet necklace is a nod to her confidence and willpower, as this January gem symbolizes determination. Fighting for and protecting their family comes naturally to mothers, and garnet will not only let your mother know you appreciate her vigor but also protect and give her strength.

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Note: This article is about necklaces, but you will find links to loose stones or rings in the product suggestions. We do this to give you an idea of the birthstone’s appearance and our designs. If you fancy a stone or an arrangement, we can incorporate it into a necklace you and your mom will love and cherish for a lifetime. 

February: Amethyst

If your mother is a February baby, she is most likely career-oriented but knows how to balance her work and family life. People with amethyst as their birthstone, just like your mother, are a ray of sunshine, full of optimism and joy. Giving your mother an amethyst Mother's Day birthstone necklace will forever remind her of the love you share. It will also tell her to recognize her sharp wit and comforting aura, making her feel valued and appreciated.

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March: Aquamarine

If your mom's birthday falls in March or her favorite color is the color of the sea, aquamarine jewelry will leave her in awe. This birthstone symbolizes safety, protection, and a fruitful journey ahead in life. The sea has no end; it flows without a stop, just like your mother's hard work and love. Her care and affection are boundless and everlasting, so giving her an aquamarine necklace will add positivity and freshness to her life. This Mother's Day necklace personalized with her favorite quote or phrase will brighten her day.

Aquamarine wearers are great speakers and even better listeners. They believe in open communication and tend to squash misunderstandings from growing. If your mother is a natural problem-solver with a conflict resolution trick up her sleeve at any given time, surprise her this Mother's Day with a unique customized necklace!

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April: Diamond

Diamond seals the deal for April babies. Diamond is everything one looks for in a gemstone. It is reliable, sparkles brighter than the sun, is drop-dead stunning, and has a natural fire to it—all the qualities your mother possesses. A diamond's characteristics reflect in its wearer, making it the ideal stone for designing a Mother's Day necklace.

If your mother shares her birthday with the king of gemstones, she will instantly connect to it. 

Diamond wearers are headstrong and take charge of every situation, no matter how challenging. They are brave and full of life. Your mother deserves to know she is valued and appreciated; a diamond will remind her of your trust in her.

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May: Emerald

Mothers nurture, love, and care. They play a steady role in your growth and development—two attributes that emerald stands for. Your mom is a support system for you, your family, friends, and colleagues; a Mother's Day birthstone necklace with emerald in the center will touch her soul. Furthermore, this green beauty will complement everything in her wardrobe, from dresses and footwear to purses and other jewelry items.

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June: Alexandrite

If you are looking for unique Mother's Day jewelry ideas, look on further! A mother instantly knows your feelings. Her strong intuition makes her trustworthy, empathetic, and perspective. June's birthstone, alexandrite, makes an excellent Mother's Day gift if your mother is quick on her feet and charming. Why Google "Mother's Day necklace personalized" when you can give a gorgeous Alexandrite necklace to your mom, who always has all the answers? Google, who?

July: Ruby

Your mom runs the house with her multi-tasking qualities, the ability to find everything in the blink of an eye, and the skills to keep your home in one shape. She is the household queen, just like Ruby's origin. If a diamond is the king of gemstones, then ruby is the queen. This gemstone stands for royalty, strength, and power. If your mother has a flair for the dramatics, a colorful personality, and a drive for spontaneity, she will adore a ruby necklace this Mother's Day.

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August: Peridot

The best part about giving your mother a Mother's Day birthstone necklace is the versatility of this gift. You can style it how you want, from carving a memorable date on the stone to matching it with other jewelry trends like initial bracelets. Mothers are kind, warm, and gentle, which August's stone Peridot represents. Giving your mom this Mother's Day necklace raises a toast to her kindness, confidence, and understanding nature. A mother's warm presence turns a house into a home like a peridot's green color, resembling the home of the ocean life.

September: Sapphire

If your mother's personality is colorful like a rainbow, a sapphire necklace is perfect. A sapphire will complement her sparkling personality like peanut butter and jelly, even if she is not a September baby. Also known as the rainbow gemstone, you can find sapphire in all rainbow colors except red. You can get this Mother's Day necklace personalized by adding six sapphire stones on a chain, all representing a different VIBGYOR shade.

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October: Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a must for all adventure seekers, whether or not they are October babies. So, if your mother finds herself at home with spontaneity or graced this world in the tenth month of the year, tourmaline will make a great Mother's Day birthstone necklace for her. This colorful stone reflects the wearer's bright and loud personality. Pair it with an equally dazzling pair of tourmaline studs, and you have curated the perfect Mother's Day present.

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November: Citrine

A Mother's Day birthstone necklace made of citrine will add perfect jewelry to your mother's already gorgeous jewelry collection. This yellow or orange stone walks with the joy and positivity your mother brings to your life and family. Citrine wearers are a beacon of light and hope, guiding everyone in the most challenging times. They are social butterflies who prioritize the well-being of their loved ones. If your mother brightens every room she walks into, you can brighten her day with a citrine necklace.

December: Topaz

You will never run out of unique Mother's Day jewelry ideas if you choose Topaz as your center stone. Pairing this December stone with May's gemstone emerald will give your mother the best of both worlds—May's heat and December's chill.

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Final Thoughts

Make your mother smile with the most thoughtful and sentimental present this Mother's Day. While you do not need a particular date to make her feel loved and appreciated, if you believe in traditions, you can celebrate May 14 by giving her a lovely Mother's Day birthstone necklace. Diamondrensu's catalog is brimming with gorgeous birthstones. Choose your favorite metal, your mother's birthstone, and May's stone, and create the perfect necklace for your mother!