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Moissanite: Value and Worth

moissanite stone

What Are Moissanite?

These gorgeous diamond-like stones: are they diamonds? Are they fake? Moissanite are neither diamonds nor counterfeit stones. Made from a special compound, the crystal is held together by strong covalent bonds, like diamonds. What makes moissanite special is its versatility. Ask for as many, and you will get them right away. More information on best moissanite loose stones here

The Discovery

In 1893, at the site of a meteorite strike in Arizona, Henri Moissan discovered crystals. Initially identified as diamonds, the world soon realized that these crystals were not diamonds at all. In fact, in 1904, they were identified as silicon carbide. 

The Creation

Two years before the identification of moissanite as silicon carbide, these lab diamonds had already been invented in laboratories. These stones in nature remain rare, but as it becomes easier to develop them in labs, designers also experiment with them the same way they do diamonds. 

What They Are Worth

Like any other stone, moissanite varies in price. Their worth is dependent on the following factors: 


The logic applies: the heavier the stone, the costlier it is. But moissanite weighs 15-20% lighter than diamonds. That’s why we measure “weight” in terms of millimeters. Although you can order moissanite from Diamondrensu as large as your heart desires, most people prefer smaller stones for reasons we will soon reveal. 


Large stones cost the most, but if you want a large blinding moissanite stone, you can still find something in your budget. 


Just about any diamond cut you can think of can be made on moissanite. As dexterous as they are, they look good in every shape and size. 


Moissanites can take on beautiful colors like blue, emerald green, purple, and even black! A careful process of ion induction infuses them with beautiful colors, so you can buy loose moissanite ‘diamonds’ and pass them off as real diamonds if you wish. 

buy loose moissanite

19.29 CT Emerald Cut Colorless Loose Moissanite


Ranging from FL to I3, the moissanite stone can have inclusions that the naked eye can see. The fascinating detail can entice and hypnotize anyone who lays eyes on your stunning solitaire. 

What to Expect Regarding Price Ranges 

Up to $500

You can get a ring or stud earrings at the lower end of the price range for up to $500. This might make great anniversary presents to brighten your loved one’s day. You can also buy loose moissanite, which allows your loved one to customize the gem as their heart desires or admire it in its simplicity. 

Up to $1,000

Go for fancier rings with three stones, stud earrings, or heavier stones if you have a budget that allows it. For $1,000, you can start browsing engagement rings or even try something extraordinary with moissanite bracelets. 

Up to $2,000

Moissanites of 4 CT TW can be found for under $2,000. These can make standalone pieces or be embedded into jewelry. You can customize a beautiful necklace or larger earrings with this bigger moissanite. 

Up to $5,000

If you really want to shower your special someone with relentless love, invest in a pricier ring that brings glamour into every room. Three-stone engagement rings, necklaces, or anniversary rings are a few of many great ideas. 

buy loose moissanite diamonds

5.13 CT Cushion Cut Moissanite Engagement Ring, Cyan Blue Solitaire Moissanite Ring

Diamonds vs. Moissanite


Moissanites allow light to dance through the stone. When cut skillfully, it traps light and reflects a gorgeous luminescence that dazzles the eye. 


If you’re looking for durability, diamonds win this round. On the Mohs hardness scale, Diamonds are a perfect 10, whereas a moissanite stone is close behind at 9.25-9.5. While diamonds can cut through anything, moissanite is sturdy and durable too. They will be able to withstand the daily wear and tear and continue to shine effortlessly. 


Diamonds are usually singly refractive. Moissanites, on the other hand, are doubly refractive. A property characteristic of sapphires, alexandrite's, and tanzanite's, this enhances the brilliance of a stone. When you look through the side of the moissanite, you see the light from two directions. This makes them sparkle brighter, so your moissanite ring has all the attention even in a darker room. 


Perhaps the best part about moissanite is that it does not fluctuate in price. While diamonds increase and decrease in cost according to availability, moissanite is not limited in reserves. As demand increases, experts can create more extravagant stones and design them according to changing tastes. 


On the GIA diamond color rating scale, moissanite is classified into three grades. D-E-F is colorless, G-H-I is nearly colorless, while J-K has subtle color hues. What’s fascinating about moissanite is how its color changes with size. Larger stones are more likely to reflect yellow and green hues under certain lighting. This gives them a fluent gradient of color, reflecting a poised personality of sophistication. 


Diamonds are usually imperfect. When viewed under magnification, you will see some flaws, and to a large extent, that stands true for moissanite too. However, considering they are engineered in a lab, moissanite has the potential to be much more perfect. Moissanites can be the flawless stone for your flawless hand.

Making the Most Out of Your Moissanite

To prolong the life of your moissanite, take good care of it. Use a mild liquid detergent mixed with water to clean your moissanite. You can leave your jewelry in for a couple of minutes, then use a toothbrush dipped in the same solution to carefully brush away any dirt and depositions. Other alternatives include household ammonia or specialized jewelry cleaners. Always ensure that the solutions you make to clean your moissanite jewelry are diluted. Strong solutions can create a ‘film’ over the surface of the stone, making it appear dull, waxy, and unappealing. 

To keep your moissanite ever-sparkling, clean about once a month or after each wear. 

buy moissanite

1.22 CT Round Brilliant Cut Colorless Loose Moissanite

The Process

The process of making moissanite is very scientific. Silicon carbide crystals are engineered in labs. The crystals are cut into smaller pieces to work with, called preforms. These preforms are shaped using a faceting machine. The faceting machine converts the ill-formed crystal to a shaped, nearly complete moissanite. 

The loose moissanite stones are then polished to perfection so one can appreciate their sparkling clarity and brilliance. Each part of the diamond-shaped stone is selectively perfected:

  1. The pavilion, or the lower half.
  2. The girdle, or the middle portion.
  3. The show-stopping crown steals all the attention.

Moissanite as Investments 

Onto the more important question: Is moissanite a good investment? Unfortunately, these are relatively new inventions, and only time will tell. But here are a few takes on what could happen if you buy moissanite. It is possible that as more people begin to choose moissanite as an alternative to diamonds, supply increases, and its value drops. Moreover, it is doubtful you will want to make it a family heirloom since the stones are not as hard as diamonds. You can get moissanite jewelry or buy loose stones.

On the other hand, as synthetic diamonds flood the market, moissanite production might halt. This means they will become collector’s items and greatly increase in value. 

Either way, the best moissanite loose stones and set stones from Diamondrensu are a daring declaration of love. These symbols of affection are worth the natural, heartfelt smiles they provoke. Outshining real diamonds in clarity and brilliance adds joy and light to life. 

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