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Why Moissanite is a Good Choice?

Why Moissanite is a Good Choice?

Moissanite stones are diamond simulants that resemble diamonds in unimaginable ways. These stones are made of silicon carbide. Because of the striking similarity, you cannot distinguish an authentic diamond from moissanite. It would be best to approach a moissanite tester to understand the difference. That is why moissanite is one of the most precious gemstones and an apt alternative to a diamond. So buy loose stones from Diamondrensu that you can customize according to your convenience.

In 1893, scientist Henri Moissan mistakenly supposed the crystals he had found in a meteor crater were diamonds. But in 1904, he recognized the crystals as silicon carbide. Just two years before the discovery of Moissan, Edward G. Acheson synthesized artificial silicon carbide in the lab.

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It is rare to find nature-formed moissanite as most of it is lab-grown and takes two to three months to grow a single stone. Because of this long duration, the end product is in no way inferior to diamond as it fulfills the aspiration in more than one way. There are a few things to consider to buy the best moissanite loose stones.

Reasons to Choose Moissanite

Durability of Moissanite

Durability is an essential matter when considering the correct gemstone. It is a piece of jewelry meant to last a lifetime, after all. Out of 10, moissanite is 9.25 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. Auspiciously, moissanite is the second firmest gemstone on earth and is more resilient and scrape resistant than other prevalent gemstones like rubies, emeralds, or sapphires.


The chemical formula used for moissanite is silicon carbide. Metal cutting saws and bulletproof vests also use the silicon carbide formula. Many people use moissanite saws to slice or cut other materials. Because of such toughness, a moissanite stone will withstand the turbulence of daily wear and the accidental smashing or infrequent rounded force.

Budget-Friendly Moissanite

Moissanite is more inexpensive than diamonds because it is formed in a lab. Rather than going through numerous hands and ceaseless red tape, it is produced on-demand in the precise amount, value, and place. If you compare options like a 3-claw pear-cut solitaire 0.50 ct moissanite with a 3-claw solitaire pear-cut 0.50 ct lab formed diamond, you will notice the difference in the cost is mindboggling.


If you know the right place, it is not hard to find moissanite with minor surface scratches and a good polish. The bright luster of a diamond will be intact in moissanite as well. When you pay for loose moissanite stones, you should keep a clear eye because moissanite with waning color or shine is never worth it. The focal point should be to find high-quality moissanite for a reasonable value.

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People unaware of moissanite trivia do not know that moissanite's shine and quality are such that most people fail to distinguish them from diamonds. So, if someone is trying to convince you to buy loose stones of degraded quality with the explanation of a lesser price, never fall for that trap. Only because you are buying moissanite as a substitute for a diamond does not necessarily mean you have to go for the cheapest option.


Cheap moissanite shines brightly in the store because of artificial lighting and decorative aspects. Eventually, it will not even last for one year. Your goal is to crack a balance of quality and quantity. So, keep that in mind.

The Diamond-Like Dazzle

Because of the soap scum and dirt, diamonds eventually become dull and lusterless. But the soap scum and dirt slowly tone down the moissanite. As a result of the toning down, a diamond-like effect appears on it. So the more you use moissanite, the better it gets. Many people are unaware of the secret trick. Another reason to buy loose moissanite diamonds is only the experts can notice the difference between a moissanite and a diamond.


On the contrary, most people perceive moissanite to be a diamond because a view from the top will give you a glimpse of two lines indicating a double reflection. As a result, moissanite sparkles more than diamond. Also, there has to be a balance between the size of the stone and the price range because the larger the stone, the more light it shall catch. It is an efficient way of creating the sparkling effect of the diamond, but people who are well-learned about gemstones will notice the difference immediately.


But if the size of the stone is moderate, it will keep even the well-learned guessing because one needs a moissanite tester to confirm the difference. The arresting surface of moissanite radiates fiery, rainbow blazes that brightness in the light. While moissanites are categorized as "colorless," the gems can still produce a grayish hue and yellow shine in certain lights. That is how moissanite become different from diamonds. Most people appreciate the rainbow-like color blazing quality.

1.76 CT Triangle Rose Cut Near Colorless Loose Moissanite for Pendant

1.76 CT Triangle Rose Cut Near Colorless Loose Moissanite for Pendant

Why Choose Loose Stones?

  • In a ready-made product, you submit yourself to the makers' vision. But with so many different cuts such as princess, rose cut, round, emerald, antiques, and cushion, you can create jewelry that only you will wear. This way, it will be exclusive and add more panache to your sense of style.


  • Suppose you are someone who has a fixed jeweler but likes moissanite from a different retailer. In that case, you can easily buy moissanite from the retailer where you picked the stone and then customize it the way you want from your favorite or desired jeweler.


  • Loose stones are a better option if you are trying to balance the quality and quantity. They are cheaper than set stones, but the quality is not compromised.


  • People can't think beyond rings whenever the term 'moissanite' is heard. But buying loose stones is the best option if you are collecting several types of moissanite for a bracelet or bridal set.


  • Desires have no limitations, and if you are passionate about collecting different stones, these stones are the best option. Because of the lab-made formation, the option of diversity is limitless here.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Moissanite


  • If you have no prior knowledge of moissanite, go through the filter option according to price, color, shape, and gemstone type to understand your need properly.

  • If you plan to buy loose moissanite, you usually intend to get it customized in a certain way. So describe your vision with clarity and how you want to customize it.

  • It is not every day that one buys moissanite. So read the shipping and return policy properly to avoid misunderstanding or mishaps.

In Conclusion 

Luxury and appearance go hand in hand in the world of beauty. That is why customization is so important in the distinguishment of personality. Designer Alber Elbaz said: "Style is the only thing you can't buy." That is why when you buy the best moissanite loose stones from Diamondrensu, you are not purchasing a style. You are creating it from scratch. You are creating a fashion statement about yourself that will be the mirror of your emotions and personality.

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