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World's Top 6 Most Expensive Diamonds

World's Top 6 Most Expensive Diamonds

The diamond is one of the most sought-after naturally occurring materials ever made by man. The most prized diamonds are those with exceptional color, clarity, and size. Blue, pink, and red diamonds are the most valuable and scarce diamonds. The most expensive diamonds in the world are generally out of reach for the average person, but that doesn't stop us from admiring them. These stunning objects serve as inspiration for some of the most expensive engagement rings ever made by renowned jewelry designers.

The world has been captivated by these extraordinary jewels because of their unrivaled value and eternal beauty. These diamonds' importance in society and history has only contributed to raising their price. Diamonds have traditionally been considered a royal treasure and are frequently the subject of debate. Today's wealthiest individuals compete for a little portion of nature's uncovered bounty. Check out our list of birthstones by month if diamonds aren't your thing to locate the jewel that's right for you.

Discover 6 of the world's most pricey diamonds, which signify astonishing opulence:


Introduction of the Most Expensive Diamonds in the World

1. Kohinoor Diamond

Kohinoor, often written Koh-i-Nur, is the most expensive diamond in the world. The diamond, also known as the Mountain of Light diamond, weighs an incredible 105.6 carats and is one of the largest cut diamonds ever discovered. The colorless Kohinoor diamond has an oval brilliant cut.

 Kohinoor Diamond

Its history is lengthy and fascinating; it was likely mined at India's Kollur Mine hundreds of years ago, and it went through a number of owners before coming into the possession of Queen Victoria. Many people think that Kohinoor was stolen from India by the British.

Kohinoor is thought to bring men terrible luck. Only female family members have worn the diamond since it was brought to the U.K. The Kohinoor is now one of the numerous diamonds that make up the Queen Mother's Crown, which includes it in the collection of British Crown Jewels. The diamond is valued at nothing.

  • Origin: Golconda, India
  • Carat Weight: 105.6 carats
  • Cut: Oval

It is challenging to put a figure on the Kohinoor diamond because it is such a rare stone, and its actual cost is unknown. There has never been a known Kohinoor diamond price because it has always been traded, stolen, or given as a gift rather than sold.

2. Sancy Diamond

On a list of the most costly diamonds in the world, the Sancy diamond comes in at number two. The 55.23-carat Sancy diamond is a light yellow hue. When referring to the Sancy diamond's cut, it is a "Sheild Modified Cut."

Sancy Diamond

The Sancy Diamond, which is worth millions of French francs, is displayed in a Paris exhibition in 1867. The Astor family acquired ownership of the Sancy diamond after 1906. The Astor family claimed that the $100,000 fancy diamond was sold to the Louvre (a French museum).

Particularly in terms of color, the Sancy is quite unusual. The 4 Cs can be used to analyze the French diamond:

  • Carat: 55.23
  • Color: pale yellow
  • Cut: a shield-like object with two similar surfaces that are symmetrical.
  • Clarity: unknown

The diamond's worth has never been determined because it is also reflected in its incredible past. Currently, the diamond is valued at well over six million euros. It is among the most well-known diamonds in the entire world.

3. Cullinan Diamond

The magnificent Cullinan Diamond is another diamond that is a part of the British Crown Jewels. Its estimated cost of more than $400 million makes it one of the most costly diamonds ever.

Cullinan Diamond

In 1905, the Cullinan mine in Africa produced the Cullinan Diamond. The diamond's original weight was 3,106.75 carats. The stone, which was unearthed more than a century ago, is still the biggest raw gem diamond ever found.

The largest of these diamonds, Cullinan I, was cut from this larger stone. The diamond, which also goes by the name Star of Africa, has a carat weight of about 530. The Sovereign's Sceptre with Cross, which has been used at every coronation since King Charles II's in 1661, is where the diamond is currently set. In 1910, the diamond was added to the scepter.

  • Origin: Cullinan, South Africa
  • Carat Weight: 530.2 carats
  • Cut: Pendeloque

4. Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond sometimes referred to as "the French Blue" or Le Bleu de France, is the third most costly diamond in the world. The Hope Diamond has a dark blue hue as opposed to the previous two diamonds because of the presence of boron. Even though it's unclear exactly when the diamond was discovered, it's generally accepted that it happened somewhere in the 17th century, most likely at the Kollur Mine.

Hope Diamond

This magnificent diamond has an ancient cushion cut and weighs over 45 carats. Over the ages, the Hope Diamond has undergone a number of ownership changes. The diamond has been a member of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History's collection since 1958 and is now there.

Although it is difficult to determine the Hope Diamond's actual value, analysts estimate that it is somewhere in the range of $350 million. As a result, it is among the most expensive gemstones ever found. Only gems like the Cullinan Diamond and the Kohinoor, which have even more extraordinary qualities and an even more extraordinary past, are more expensive.

  • Origin: Golconda, India
  • Carat Weight: 45.52 carats
  • Cut: Antique cushion

5. Centenary Diamond

The Premier Mine in South Africa, where the De Beers Centenary Diamond was discovered, was mined in 1986. This mine produced the third-largest diamond, which is estimated to be worth $100 million. Due to the fact that it was unveiled in 1988 during the De Beers Centennial Celebration, the diamond was given the moniker Centenary. The diamond was displayed at the time in its uncut state.

Centenary Diamond

The 273.85-carat De Beers Centenary Diamond boasts a heart-shaped brilliant cut, the highest color grade (D), and perfect clarity. Strangely, no one is aware of the whereabouts of this gem at this time. De Beers asserts that it is no longer in its control, and the owner at this time is not known.

  • Origin: Cullinan, South Africa
  • Carat Weight: 273.85 carats
  • Cut: Modified heart shape

6. Steinmetz Pink Diamond

The Steinmetz Group of Companies, the diamond's owners and a preeminent organization active in all facets of the diamond business with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, and offices all over the world gave rise to the moniker "Steinmetz Pink."

Over the course of two years, the master cutters of the Steinmetz Group converted the Steinmetz Pink raw diamond into a magnificent oval-shaped diamond with a step-cut crown and a brilliant-cut pavilion. On May 29, 2003, in Monaco, the completed diamond, known as the "Steinmetz Pink," was unveiled in a formal ceremony. Supermodel Helena Christensen momentarily wore the diamond around her neck.

Steinmetz Pink Diamond

The spectacular vibrant pink diamond weighs 59.60 carats and has an internally flawless clarity rating (FL). The diamond's step-cut crown and brilliant-cut pavilion are distinctive features. This diamond is incredibly rare and one of a kind since it combines desirable qualities like color, clarity, and size.

The Darya-i-Nur and the Nur-ul-Ain are the largest pink diamonds in the world, respectively, in terms of weight. It is the third-largest pink diamond in the world overall. It is the biggest fancy vivid pink diamond in the world according to color grading.

  • Origin: South Africa
  • Carat Weight: 59.6 carats
  • Cut: Mixed oval

Final Thoughts: Most Expensive Diamonds in the World

What then makes a diamond pricey? The 4 Cs of diamonds - Carat, Cut, Clarity, and Color - are one of many variables.

But there are also other factors to take into account, such as the location of the diamond mining and its scarcity. Then there are the incredibly rare and unique diamonds, which can fetch millions of dollars.

We hope this article has provided you with some insights into the most expensive diamonds in the world, whether you're looking for an engagement ring or are just interested in how diamonds obtain their price tags.

If a diamond is out of your price range, think about purchasing a somewhat less expensive gem like zircon or moissanite, both of which have stunning glitter.

FAQs about the World's Most Expensive Diamonds

Who is the owner of the world's most costly diamond?

The British Royal Crown is the owner of the most costly diamond in the world. The Kohinoor gem is currently on exhibit as the main diamond of the Queen Mother's Crown at the HM Tower of London.

Which diamond cut has the highest price tag?

The round brilliant cut is the most expensive diamond cut. Compared to other diamond cuts, it might cost up to 40% more. This style of cut uses the rawest materials (up to 60% of the rough stone is wasted) and produces the maximum brilliance.

What is the world's most costly diamond?

The Kohinoor diamond is the most expensive diamond in the world. According to reports, the unusual 105.6-carat colorless diamond is priceless.

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