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Are You Actually Buying a Sustainable Diamond?

sustainable diamonds

Once you have discovered how harmful and unethical diamond mining can be in some locations, it is natural to seek alternatives. How can you make diamonds sustainable? This needs to be thought about because compromising on the beauty of this luxurious gemstone can be painful for some folks. 

What are ethical diamonds? How can you be sure that a diamond is sustainable? What are how can one purchase such stones? Are sustainably created diamonds as good as earth diamonds? Getting into sustainable jewelry can be overwhelming, but Diamondrensu is here to offer a helping hand. 

Rare Fancy Pink Lab Grown Diamond, 3.04 CT Asscher Cut Lab Grown Diamond

Rare Fancy Pink Lab Grown Diamond, 3.04 CT Asscher Cut Lab Grown Diamond

What is a Sustainable Diamond?

In simple terms, a sustainably sourced diamonds is a gem that is either ethical in its origin, synthesized in a lab using environment-friendly practices, or a recycled diamond. These stones do not require processes that impact the planet negatively or use excess resources in their production. Various dealers like Diamondrensu now offer sustainable diamonds in an attempt to appease a crowd that is aware of the harm that diamond mining wrecks on a social, ecological, and cultural level. 

Sustainable Diamonds vs. Natural Diamonds

To start with, eco friendly diamonds are budget friendly diamonds. When compared to mined ones, you might save around 25 to 40% of whatever you spend on an earth diamond when you buy a sustainable diamond. Apart from being pocket-friendly, these diamonds also bring about a positive impact on the climate crisis that is plaguing the planet. 

For every carat of natural diamond, there are around 250 tons of earth removed, 127 gallons of freshwater used, and unlimited water resources polluted from the acid mine runoff. In addition, copious fossil fuels are consumed, and the resulting air pollution is also apparent. From flooding to underpaid labor to deforestation, there is a plethora of negative impacts as a result of diamond mining.

Many diamond mining sites have strict ethical and eco-friendly practices in place, and international bodies are also auditing these sites. However, numerous mines still have ties to unauthorized organizations, unethical labor practices, and unsustainable mining processes.

Types of Sustainable Diamonds: Recycled Diamonds, Lab Grown Diamonds, Carbon-Negative Diamonds

Just like natural diamonds have various options to choose from, sustainable diamonds also have different types. Depending on your tastes and budget, some may suit you better than others. However, it is always great to be well-informed before making a choice, so here are the different types of sustainable diamonds.

Recycled Diamonds

Recycling is a simple concept to grasp but difficult to execute. Our sustainable diamonds are a great choice if you already have unsustainable diamond jewelry you feel guilty about. Here, diamonds are reset, recut, and reused in a new piece of fine jewelry. Even though the original diamond is not exactly planet-friendly, it is better to make use of its full potential rather than spending resources to find or create an entirely new diamond. 

Perhaps, this is what appeals to a lot of people in the market when it comes to recycled diamonds. In some way, the negative processes involved in obtaining a naturally mined diamond can be offset by recycling another. After all, it is impossible to correct past mistakes, but you can always change the future for the better. 

Lab Grown Diamonds

Years ago, someone wondered, “Can you make diamonds on your own?” Even if it didn’t happen right away, it was possible, and today, we have access to synthesized diamonds in the world. Lab created diamonds are a variant of sustainable diamonds that make up most of the diamonds in the market today. Especially among millennials and Gen-Z, synthetic diamonds are the most popular choice when shopping for sustainable engagement ring.

Despite what many people think, cultured diamonds are like natural ones, except there is no conflict or harm to the ecosystems involved. Created in controlled settings that imitate the billion-years long processes of pressure and heat, synthetic diamonds are usually formed from natural diamonds. Through the processes of HPHT and CVD, sustainable diamonds, free from impurities and inclusions, are produced in large numbers and rapidly too.

Carbon-Negative Diamonds

Ever thought something could be done about the air pollution in your city? Well, someone did and decided creating diamonds from the excess carbon dioxide in the air is the way to go. Pioneered by Aether Diamonds, this trend caught on very quickly (probably because there is too much air pollution). 

According to experts, producing diamonds from the grime in the air takes about 15 metric tons of pollution from the atmosphere for every one carat diamond. That is an impressive set of numbers because not only are these diamonds sustainable, but they also improve the planet. These are the kinds of proactive measures needed today to achieve sustainable development goals. 

Some Planet Friendly Diamonds You Should Consider 

Even while actively looking for ethical jewelry, it might be difficult to come across sustainable diamonds. There is no reason why you should refrain from having gleaming diamonds because of this alone. Diamondrensu has a wide range of collections that can spoil you with choices. Here is a quick sample of what Diamondrensu has in store for you.

Round Brilliant Cut Lab Diamond Pendant, 0.28 TCW DE/VVS Lab Created Diamond Wedding Pendant, Unique Designer Diamond Pendant

0.28 TCW DE/VVS Round Brilliant Cut Lab Diamond Pendant

Unique pendants always add charm to an outfit. This exceptional pendant looks exquisite with an open halo of tiny round cut cultured diamonds, which uniquely encircle the center stone and add an extra allure. The pendant can be paired with other pieces or adorn your neck on its own. Whether a small treat for yourself or a gift to your partner, mother, or sibling, this piece is a great choice. Add a little more flair to the pendant with some customization, and there is no way this will be just another pendant in your collection. 

0.50 CT Round Diamond Earrings for Women, Lab Created Diamond Stud Earrings

0.50 CT Round Lab Created Diamond Stud Earrings

Environment friendly everyday jewelry sounds like a step in the right direction. Now, along with your cloth bags and metal straws, you can include diamond earrings in your list of eco-friendly practices. Unlike some items that are environment-friendly but unappealing in appearance, these lab grown diamond studs are a sight to behold. EF/VS round brilliant cut diamond held in four prongs basket setting takes the elegance of this beauty to a new level. Because the basket setting allows sunlight to pass out from the stones, the natural light gives a unique shine to the stone. In short, these studs are nothing short of utterly captivating. 

0.85 CT Round Lab Created Diamond Ring, Emerald Cut Wedding Band, Diamond Bridal Set

0.85 CT Round and Emerald Cut Lab Created Diamond Bridal Set

Sustainable diamonds are the best accessories for a special occasion. Be it an anniversary or your wedding day itself, this bridal set is sure to be a hit. The engagement ring with the halo setting meets the universal connotation of eventual marriage and love. Along with the unique emerald and round brilliant cut eternity wedding band, you will have a radiant memory of your affection and commitment towards each other. Add your personal touches to the set, and you can have the most unique and stunning bridal set that catches everyone’s eyes. 

1.02 CT Elongated Cushion Cut Yellow Color Lab Grown Diamond

Rare 1.02 CT Elongated Cushion Fancy Yellow Lab Grown Diamond

Never let your quest for ethical lab diamonds and jewelry prevent you from having the best pieces. If the stores don’t carry the designs you desire, design your own! This cushion cut rare yellow lab grown diamond from Diamondrensu is the best choice for crafting simple and sophisticated jewelry. Colored diamonds are rare to come by and expensive too. If affordable elegance with a touch of sustainability is your style, this diamond is worth your attention. 

1 CT Oval Diamond Ring, Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

1 CT Oval Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

Do you know what is better than a huge sparkling rock for your lab made diamonds engagement ring? That’s right an ethical and sustainable sparkling rock. Step into your married life with a promise to take care of each other and have compassion for everyone else in the world. Unlike many naturally mined diamonds, these synthesized diamonds are durable, conflict free, and eco-friendly stones. The center stone is set perfectly in single claw prongs along with the halo pave setting of minimal round brilliant cut lab grown diamonds. This one is a pretty solid choice for a timeless yet iconic engagement ring. 

In Conclusion

Diamond jewelry has a special place in everyone’s hearts. Its radiance is something that appeals to everyone’s tastes, and rightly, they are a girl’s best friend. Thus, it is only sensible that we seek out friends that are beneficial to the planet as well. Environment-friendly gemstones and jewelry is currently in vogue, and why should diamonds hold back?

Enjoy the brilliant fire of your favorite gem without bearing the guilt of using unethically sourced diamonds. The sustainable alternatives are no less compared to mined diamonds, and you can be proud of doing your bit for the world. Go ahead and grab the diamonds you desire from Diamondrensu now!

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