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The Rise of Lab Grown Diamonds and New Trends

The Rise of Lab Grown Diamonds and New Trends

You can split fashion trends into three categories: hit and miss, one-hit wonders, and everlasting, and diamonds fall under the last category. In fashion, trends come and go, but a diamond’s charm can neither be replicated nor diminished; it is here to stay. Even Marilyn Monroe deemed diamonds as a “girl’s best friend.” However, diamonds, too, are of two kinds: natural and lab grown, and the appeal is gradually shifting from the former to lab grown diamonds. Whether you look at the quality, price, or ethics, diamonds created in laboratories have people swooning over them from every angle. If you, too, find these lab grown gemstones enticing, Diamondrensu’s unique collection of lab diamonds will blow your mind away.

The epitome of elegance and romance, lab grown diamonds are a scientific wonder. Also known as synthetic or cultured diamonds, these lab created stones meet natural diamonds head-to-head and stand slightly taller. Don’t let the “synthetic” in their title fool you, though, because lab diamonds are identical to natural diamonds in every way, barring one. Whether it is their appearance, weight, or sparkle, a naked eye, even if it’s a professional eye, would not be able to distinguish between the two stones unless you tell them because the difference lies in their composition. Earth-mined diamonds have naturally been around for thousands of years, whereas lab diamonds are laboratory manufactured.

The move from mined diamonds to lab created diamonds began in the 1950s when the first batch of cultured diamonds was developed. After years of experimenting in the hopes of creating a diamond that paralleled natural diamonds in every way, lab diamonds finally hit the markets in the 1980s. The jaw-dropping gemstone quickly became a household name due to its affordability and brilliance. Now, decades later, brands, celebrities, and non-public figures have fallen for these technologically sourced stones.

Lab Created Diamond Stud Earrings, 1.54 DEW Round Brilliant Cut Eco Friendly Diamond Halo Wedding Earrings

Lab Created Diamond Stud Earrings, 1.54 DEW Round Brilliant Cut Eco - Friendly Diamond Halo Wedding Earrings

Sustainable Lab Grown Diamonds Are a Millennial Girl’s New Best Friend!

The definition of luxurious items has come a long way. From simply choosing luxurious items according to their quality, millennials’ idea of luxury goods entails quality and controlling the purse strings. A millennial girl’s dream come true, a lab-manufactured diamond lets her display the romance and beauty of a natural diamond without second-guessing her purchase.

#1 An Affordable Beauty

One of the most remarkable qualities of lab created diamond jewelry is that it is a cost-efficient stone. A considerable percentage of the price of earth-mined diamonds comes from mining costs. Mining includes heavy transportation, equipment, and labor costs, which add to the price of natural diamonds. On the other hand, since synthetic diamonds are created in laboratories, their production cost is less, reducing the overall price of the stones and making them 30-40% more affordable than earth diamonds.

#2 This Man-Made Diamond Jewelry Guarantees Perfection

A reason why millennials gravitate more towards cultured diamonds is their perfect composition. Mined diamonds grow in natural climates, which is why dirt and muddy substances merge with them during their formation, making them impure. Synthetic diamonds are entirely controlled by scientists, who create them from scratch, ensuring the diamond does not contain contaminants and is one-hundred percent faultless and pure.

#3 Nature-Friendly Choice

Recent studies highlight that approximately 75% of millennials have begun changing their shopping patterns to support environmentally conscious items. Due to its manufacturing process, this man-made diamond jewelry is an ethical buyer’s choice, as it does not involve mining. Mining is an environmental hazard because it causes air and water pollution, destroys natural landscapes, and is a danger to flora and fauna. Lab diamonds’ HPHT and CVD manufacturing processes ensure they remain environmentally friendly.

High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT): The HPHT production process involves adding a small diamond stone into carbon and pressing it using a cubic press machine. The stone is pressed in a high-temperature environment (2,700°F) until the carbon melts, forming a diamond coating the small diamond.

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD): CVD involves enclosing a diamond seed inside a hot chamber (1,400°F) and filling it with carbon. The gasses are then broken down and ionized into plasma, making pure carbon form a thick layer around the seed. Once the carbon layer settles, lab grown loose diamonds form.

#4 High Resale Value

Millennials have million-and-one things to juggle, including college, work, and social life, and managing expenses becomes more challenging with each passing day. Lab produced diamonds allow you to splurge on a piece of stunning jewelry at a reasonable price and earn bucks reselling it if you ever wish to. Diamonds have an incredibly high resale value, and given lab diamonds’ more affordable price, purchasing them and reselling them will only result in a profit.

#5 Know the Source!

Tracing back the origin of earth-mined diamonds is tricky for various reasons. Billions of natural diamonds have been mined, and determining the source of every diamond is headache-inducing. Keeping track of each stone’s location and formation time is difficult. On the other hand, lab grown diamonds allow you to learn their source and origin since they are manufactured in laboratories.

#6 Bring Color to Your Life

Unlike natural colorless diamonds, you can get colored lab diamonds. Do you or a loved one prefer colorful jewelry? In that case, synthetic diamonds are the way to go! If you are shopping for engagement rings and want uniqueness, you can never go wrong with a 1.03 CT Pear Blue Diamond Ring, Pear Lab Grown Blue Diamond Engagement Ring.

#7 4 C’s of the Best Man-Made Diamond

Laboratory created diamonds perfectly follow the 4 C’s rule that adds to a diamond’s sparkle and beauty: cut, clarity, carat, and clarity. These diamonds have high levels of brilliance and fire, are available in colorless and colored forms, stand tall on the clarity scale due to low levels of inclusions, and provide a pure carat stone at a reasonable price.

1.03 CT Pear Blue Diamond Ring, Pear Lab Grown Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

1.03 CT Pear Blue Diamond Ring, Pear Lab Grown Blue Diamond Engagement Ring

Celebrities with Lab Grown Diamonds

No one is immune to the charm of lab diamonds, not even celebrities. While filming for the 2006 movie ‘Blood Diamond,’ American actor Leonardo DiCaprio was horrified to learn about the dangerous working conditions and harmful environmental ramifications of producing mined diamonds. Soon after, he switched to lab grown diamonds. Leonardo DiCaprio is not the only celebrity who recognized the appeal and value of cultured diamonds. Various other stars also began adorning them, including:

#1 Penélope Cruz

Driven by the idea to move on from items that negatively impact the environment, the Spanish actress was seen sporting a pair of lab created diamonds at 2018’s Cannes Film Festival.

#2 Emma Watson

The Harry Potter actress, also known as the Queen of Ethical Fashion, wore ethically produced lab-manufactured diamond earrings to the 2018 Vanity Fair Academy Awards function.

#3 Lady Gaga

The singer and actress wore lab diamond earrings to the premiere of her 2018 movie A Star is Born.

#4 Zoë Kravitz

Not only is the latest Catwoman a crime-fighting hero, but she also believes in supporting ethically sourced sustainable jewelry. Zoë Kravitz looked stunning in a sequined black dress and a pair of ethereal lab diamond earrings at the 2019 Met Gala.

#5 Billie Eilish

The gorgeous and talented pop sensation started a fashion movement when she paid homage to Marilyn Monroe in a glamorous dress and lab created diamond jewelry on her fingers, ears, and wrists.

Brands Embracing Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab diamonds have not only taken celebrities by storm but have also enchanted automobile, clothes, and jewelry arenas. Their sustainable and ethical nature, and high demand, have led to brands embracing these lab grown diamonds’ loose stones in various forms, from earrings to rings to car parts.

#1 Rolls-Royce

One of the oldest and globally renowned automobile manufacturing businesses, Rolls-Royce has begun migrating to lab diamonds, even using the stones in Rolls-Royce cars. The company’s limited-edition Rolls-Royce Adamas collection’s highlight was the 88 black lab-produced diamonds on the dashboards.

#2 Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret’s 2018 fashion show debuted the brand’s Fantasy piece, which was designed using lab diamonds. Four jewelry experts spent thousands of hours perfectly and beautifully placing 2,100 pear-shaped lab diamonds in the bra’s center. Victoria’s Secret has always prided itself on supporting environmentally conscious products and combating unfair labor practices, and the fashion show was a testament to its grounding ethics.

#3 Pandora

Pandora, one of the most famous jewelers, raised environmental and labor concerns regarding sourcing earth-mined diamonds, citing sustainability and dangerous and illegal labor practices as a cause of worry. With an environmentally conscious approach and plan, Pandora decided to move to lab-made diamonds.

#4 Diamondrensu

A firm believer in embracing ethically sourced gemstones and producing financially accessible products for their consumers, Diamondrensu manufactures lab grown loose diamondsand displays an exquisite collection of laboratory grown earrings, wedding bands, and engagement rings.

Floating Bubble Prong Setting Band, 1.02 DEW Round Brilliant Cut Lab Created Diamond Eternity Wedding Band

Floating Bubble Prong Setting Band, 1.02 DEW Round Brilliant Cut Lab Created Diamond Eternity Wedding Band

Wrapping Up

Lab grown diamonds never run out of ways and points to prove why purchasing them is an excellent choice. From being light on the wallet to being a guilt-free, ethical stone, lab diamonds are an investment every jewelry lover should invest in. If you want to own and wear a sustainable, long-lasting, and immaculate gemstone, browse Diamondrensu’s diverse catalog to find the diamond of your dreams!

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